"A Trip to the Dentist"
Written by Diane Ruggiero; directed by Marcos Siega

A man is sitting in a café in Havana, reading The Globe and Mail. It’s a bearded Duncan, who fled Neptune in “Weapons of Class Destruction,” and he’s about to be joined by Keith. He senses that his parents sent Keith and asks if he thinks he killed Lilly. Keith says that he doesn’t know, but that Koontz is innocent. At Neptune High, Dick shows off his new surfboard, which he calls his child. Logan tries to talk to Veronica but Weevil keeps him away, announcing that he won’t hurt her the way he hurt Lilly. They fight and Logan orders Weevil to stay away from Veronica. Weevil notes that he’s not the one she’s running from. At home, Veronica gets out of the shower and hears Backup barking at the door. She finds Logan outside and tries to get him to leave, but he won’t. He begs her to tell him what he’s done wrong so that he explain or apologize. She reveals that she knows he had GHB at Shelly’s party (see “M.A.D.”), where she was drugged and raped (see the pilot). Logan tries to get her to tell him what he can do to make things up to her. Veronica vows to find out what really happened and make the culprit pay, even if it was Logan. At school the next day, Veronica considers her situation - there were about a hundred people at Shelly’s party, and most of them don’t care about her. However, she notes that she does have an in with the 09ers.

Veronica runs into Meg and asks her about the party, wondering if Meg saw her there. Meg reveals that she did - she saw Logan and some others doing body shots off of her. In fact, she wanted to help Veronica, but her date, Cole, didn’t want to. However, just before they left, someone rescued Veronica and took her somewhere else. Meg admits that she doesn’t know who helped her and encourages Veronica to let go of what happened. At the airport, Celeste and Wiedman meet Keith and Duncan’s plane as it arrives in Neptune. Celeste thanks Keith for getting Duncan, but when Keith reminds her that she’s supposed to pay him, she tells him that she made a deal with Veronica (see “Hot Dogs”) and doesn’t owe them anything. Celeste gives Duncan his medication, but he gets around taking it by claiming that he can’t on an empty stomach. At school, Veronica approaches Luke (see “You Think You Know Somebody”) and tells him that she knows he went to Tijuana with Logan and Sean (see “An Echolls Family Christmas”) to get GHB. He claims that he gave it to Dick. In a flashback to the party, Luke, Logan, Sean, Dick, and Casey (see “Drinking the Kool-Aid”) drank shots and watched Beaver (see “M.A.D.”) flirt with a girl. Madison (see “Return of the Kane” and “Silence of the Lamb”), Dick’s girlfriend at the time, noted that Veronica was there; after she walked off, Luke gave his GHB to Dick so he could have some fun with Madison.

In the present, Luke admits to Veronica that Dick had two doses of GHB, so he assumed Dick would take one and give the other to Madison. However, he doesn’t think that happened. In another flashback, Luke passed Veronica’s car outside the house and saw Madison spray-painting it. In the present, Veronica confronts Madison, asking what she ever did to her. Madison says that Veronica made out with Dick at Shelly’s party, adding that she made out with a lot of other people as well. In another flashback, Veronica sang along with the music at the party, then came on to Dick, who made out with her before she moved on to Casey. In the present, Veronica is horrified at the news and Madison tells her not to blame it on being drunk. Veronica tells her that she wasn’t drunk, she was drugged. Veronica arrives home to hear Keith and Alicia fighting about Wiedman confronting her in “M.A.D.” Veronica apologizes, but Keith sends her out of the room; as she leaves, she announces that Wiedman bugged her first. Later, Keith tells Veronica that Duncan is back and asks what deal she made with Celeste. He explains that she won’t pay them for finding Duncan, but he’ll work things out with her. Keith suggests that Veronica get a different job, since her life would be a lot more normal if she weren’t working for him. She tells him that he’s the best father in the world and she never would have gotten through everything in the past year without him. “If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have to,” he replies.

At school, Veronica finds Casey and asks him if he remembers anything interesting from Shelly’s party. She asks if she hit on him and he assures her that she didn’t, but admits that things got a little ugly. He flashes back to Dick singing along to the music (instead of Veronica) and making the first move on her. He sent her in Casey’s direction, but Casey declined to take advantage of her. In the present, Casey advises that Veronica not try to find out what she doesn’t remember about the party. In another flashback, Dick made Veronica drink shots while she told him and Sean that she needed to leave. Casey tells Veronica that the guys tried to get her to make out with Shelly and that they were feeding her shots to keep her from sobering up. In the present, Veronica meets up with Wallace and apologizes for having him bug Wiedman’s office (see “Betty and Veronica”), telling him that she had no idea Alicia would get in trouble for it. He tells her that he did it willingly and could have refused. He notes that he’s never asked why he does certain favors for her because he knows that she would never explain. He then adds that Logan used one of the absence slips he got for her and wants to know why some guy he doesn’t like is taking advantage of his kindness. Veronica lies that it had to do with the investigation of Lynn’s death, but Wallace is upset that she’s not coming clean.

Veronica corners Sean and lets him know that she knows he tried to get her and Shelly to make out. She threatens to tell a deputy that he had GHB at the party, but Sean claims that Dick was the one giving her shots. In a flashback, Dick took Veronica to a bedroom with Sean and Beaver close by. Beaver expressed concern about Dick hurting Veronica, but Dick told him that he wanted Beaver to do something to her instead. Beaver refused and finally kicked Dick out, claiming that he would go for it. Dick tossed some condoms onto the bed and left with Sean. In the present, Veronica positions her car near Dick’s surfboard to make him answer her questions. He claims that he didn’t have GHB at the party, then admits that he had some but didn’t give it to her. She tells him that she knows he took her into the bedroom for Beaver, but Dick says that he found her there. In a flashback, Dick walked in on Veronica coming on to Beaver. In the present, Dick tells Veronica not to blame him for her getting drunk and turning into a slut. In return, she drives over the surfboard. Veronica tracks down Beaver, who tells her that nothing happened between them at the party. He says that Dick was supposed to hook him up with another girl, but she left early with Logan. In a flashback, Beaver stopped Dick from doing anything to Veronica and Sean was the one who tossed over the condoms before leaving. Beaver tried to make sure that Veronica was okay, then ran out of the room and got sick in front of Carrie (see “Mars vs. Mars”) and another girl. (For the real story, see “Not Pictured.”) In the present, Beaver promises that the last time he saw Veronica, she was unconscious. She sarcastically thanks him for just leaving her there.

At Mars Investigations, Veronica does some therapeutic cleaning and gives Keith a fax regarding something he wants to pick up in Vegas. He tells her that he’s going after someone he’s been tracking all year and suggests that she stay with a friend while he’s out of town. She decides to stay put, assuring him that she’ll be fine on her own. At the Echollses’, Aaron cooks crab cakes, which he’s forgotten that Logan is allergic to. Logan challenges him to remember when his birthday is, but Aaron fails the test. Aaron grabs him angrily but quickly backs off and notes that he’s trying to be a better father. Logan replies that when he turns 18, he’s collecting Lynn’s inheritance and leaving home. Veronica tracks Carrie down at the diner where she works and asks if Carrie saw her. A flashback reveals that Carrie accidentally walked in on Veronica having sex with Duncan. Veronica runs to the Kanes’ house and asks Duncan for details, but he says that he doesn’t remember anything that happened that night. She accuses him of raping her and he bitterly notes that she’s now called him a rapist and a murderer. He asks her why she’s acting like she wasn’t there, telling her that they agreed that night to never talk about what happened. In a flashback, Duncan found Veronica alone in the bedroom and, when she woke up, they had sex. In the present, Veronica asks Duncan why he just left her there. He says that when he woke up, he realized what he’d done and immediately left. He confirms that the sex was consensual but tells her it was wrong because they’re brother and sister. After Celeste told him, he tried to cut her out of his life, but he loved her too much.

Veronica notices Celeste watching nearby and leaves. She heads to Wallace’s house, where she breaks down and tells him everything that she’s been keeping quiet about all year. She then brings out her laptop and shows him all of her files in Lilly’s murder investigation. On her way out of the house, Veronica chats with Alicia and asks her not to blame Keith for her mistakes. Alicia worries that she ruined things before he went to Vegas, but Veronica assures her that she knows how Keith feels and that things will be all right. In Vegas, Keith calls an escort named Cheyenne and sets up an “appointment” with her. At the Mars’ apartment, Veronica apologizes to Logan for suspecting him of hurting her, but he’s just glad that she’s all right. She admits that she had consensual sex with Duncan, then tells him that she’s glad he’s there. In Vegas, Keith meets Cheyenne and tells her he wants to talk about Koontz. He’s been looking for her for a year because she was on the phone with Koontz at the time that Lilly was killed. Cheyenne refuses to come forward, since Koontz confessed and she doesn’t want to have to reveal what she does for a living, especially to her five-year-old son. Keith tells her that the person who really killed Lilly is the one who should be in jail. In Neptune, Logan takes Veronica to his house for dinner, but they’re both shocked by a surprise birthday party thrown by Aaron and a bunch of 09ers.

Logan makes sure his friends know that he’s not going to hide his relationship with Veronica anymore by kicking Dick out of the house for speaking badly about her. Duncan decides to leave as well, not wanting to watch his best friend with his ex-girlfriend/possible half sister. Madison asks Veronica if she and Logan are dating, but her attention span doesn’t last long. She gives Veronica a drink, but Meg warns her not to drink it, since Madison gave her “a trip to the dentist.” She explains that Madison spits in the drinks of people she doesn’t like. Veronica corners Madison and asks if she gave her a trip to the dentist at Shelly’s party. Madison blows off the seriousness of the situation and a flashback reveals that she did what she was accused of doing. Outside, Duncan grows violent when he can’t get into his car, smashing it up and scaring Meg. She asks if he’s still in love with Veronica, but he doesn’t answer. After the party, Veronica and Logan head to the Echollses’ pool house and make out. He confesses that he secretly gave Duncan GHB at Shelly’s party to get him to have some fun. He explains that Duncan hadn’t been happy since Lilly’s death, and Logan just wanted him to loosen up. Veronica notes that he couldn’t have known what would happen, but he blames himself for her believing that she’d been hurt. Logan opens an air conditioning vent (a trick he claims he taught Lilly) and grabs the key to the liquor cabinet. After he leaves to raid it, Veronica notices electrical wires running around the room and discovers a hidden video camera. Not too long after, Weevil arrives and takes Veronica home. There, she enters the kitchen and is shocked to see both Keith and Lianne there.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I know. Of all the countries under military dictatorship in all the world.” - Keith to Duncan, upon finding him in Cuba

Veronica: “Uh, I heard you went to TJ with Sean and Logan and scored some GHB.”
Luke: “Wow, that was like, ah, that was like a year ago. I don’t have any now.”
Veronica: “I was gonna spike your juice box and have my way with you.”

Veronica: “You wrote ‘slut’ on my car last year at Shelly’s party. Why?”
Madison: “Because ‘whore’ had too many letters.”

“Well, I’m gonna go drink some bleach now.” - Veronica

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