"Not Pictured"
Written by Rob Thomas and John Enbom; directed by John Kretchmer

Aaron’s murder trial has just concluded (see “Happy Go Lucky”) and he is leaving the courthouse, where he’s greeted by the press. Veronica is, of course, upset, and voices over that Santa and the Easter Bunny don’t exist. Later, at Mars Investigations, Keith tells Veronica that they can’t mope over the not-guilty verdict - they have to move on. He adds that eventually, Aaron will get what’s coming to him. A little while later, they receive a fax reporting that Meg’s father is offering $20,000 to anyone who can capture Woody. Veronica thinks Keith should go after him, but Keith doesn’t want to leave town since Veronica is about to graduate. At the Hut, Wallace rereads Jackie’s goodbye note (see “Happy Go Lucky”) and Veronica tries to cheer him up with cake. A guy shows up to see Veronica and she shows him the Little League team photo he’s in. She confirms that he was on Woody’s team and asks if she can get more information. At the Mars residence that night, Keith gets a call from Vinnie (last seen in “The Quick and the Wed”), which amuses Veronica. Keith goes to see Vinnie, who happens to be in lockup at the sheriff’s department, since he was caught breaking into Woody’s house. He thinks he and Keith should team up to track down Woody. He informs Keith that he’s uncovered all of Woody’s records, so they have a huge advantage. Keith agrees, if they split the reward 50-50 and don’t do anything until after Veronica’s graduation.

Back at Mars Investigations, Keith and Veronica start going through Woody’s records and discover that Woody was treated for chlamydia. This makes Veronica take notice (see “Look Who’s Stalking”). Woody also has a heart arrhythmia that he takes pills for every day. Keith suggests that they use Gia’s cell phone code to forward her calls to get in touch with Woody’s lawyer. Veronica is sure that Gia still uses the factory default code. That night, she dreams of what her life would be like if Lilly had never died. Lianne (not seen since “Leave it to Beaver”) is still living with the Marses and Keith is still the sheriff. Lianne makes pancakes to celebrate Veronica’s graduation and Veronica is pleased to see her parents happy together. Keith is pleased as well since Lamb has to wear the Clete the Crime-Fighting Canine costume to a bunch of elementary schools. At Neptune High, Veronica catches up with Logan and Duncan (not seen since “Donut Run”) and complains that she’s received the wrong cap and gown. The ones she has belong to Wallace (whose last name she mispronounces) and Dick and Duncan tell her a fake story about Wallace getting frostbite in a robbery-gone-wrong at the Sac-N-Pac. Logan, who appears to be dating Veronica, tells her that she’s very gullible.

Veronica tracks down Wallace and they exchange caps and gowns; apparently if Wallace hadn’t been friends with Veronica, his vision wouldn’t be as good. She tells him that she enjoyed high school and he comments, “Oh, you’re one of those.” Veronica spots Lilly nearby and asks her about Vassar. Lilly has broken up with her boyfriend because she fooled around with his ex. Lilly is confused about the Lilly Kane Memorial Fountain, then asks if Veronica smells bacon. Veronica wakes up to find Keith cooking her graduation day breakfast rather than Lianne. Later, Keith watches Woody’s lawyer, who gets a message from his assistant to call Gia. He does so, unknowingly reaching Veronica instead. While Keith monitors the call, she tells the lawyer that she wants to get a message to Woody from his doctor. The lawyer promises to get in touch with Woody, then calls the Quail Creek Lodge to leave a message for Mr. Underhill. As the call is forwarded, Keith gets the phone number. Later, Veronica and Keith head to Neptune High for graduation, where he tells her that he’ll be heading to the Quail Creek Lodge in Nevada right afterwards. He promises to call as soon as he’s captured Woody. Graduation begins and Clemmons reads off the names of the students. Wallace gets cheers from Alicia and Veronica. Mac tells Veronica that Cassidy has gotten them a room at the Neptune Grand for that night. Veronica advises her to close her eyes and think of England.

Lamb arrives at graduation and approaches Weevil, announcing that he’s under arrest for killing Thumper. Weevil begs him for ten minutes so his grandmother can watch him graduate, but Lamb doesn’t budge and leads Weevil away in cuffs. Mac is called, followed moments later by Veronica, who receives cheers not only from Keith, Wallace, and Mac but also from a number of students. Clemmons isn’t as surprised as she is, telling her that he’s not sure if things will be easier or harder once she’s gone. After the ceremony is over, Keith gives Veronica an envelope, which she jokingly guesses contains a pony. It actually holds two tickets for a trip to New York City. Veronica sends Keith after Woody and he tells her to have fun that night. Things don’t start off well when Dick passes by, slapping her butt. Just as Veronica is about to leave, Alicia catches up to her and shows her a note that Wallace left her - he’s heading to Paris to find Jackie. Jackie, however, is in a diner in Brooklyn with a little boy and her mother, who advises her to remember that life there is a lot different than at “Terrence Cook vanity camp.” Jackie is surprised to receive a call from Veronica, who has put things together - Jackie’s grades weren’t high enough for her to get into the Sorbonne, and she did so well at the Hut (see “Nevermind the Buttocks”) because she has waitressing experience. Jackie promises that she never lied to Wallace about her feelings. Veronica warns her that Wallace is on his way to Paris but has a four-hour layover at JFK, giving Jackie enough time to meet up with him and tell him the truth.

Logan heads to the Neptune Grand, where he runs into Aaron, who is now living there. Aaron thinks Logan should be nicer to him now that he’s back in charge of the Echolls’ money. At the Quail Creek Lodge Woody watches The Dukes of Hazzard and is interrupted by Keith. After some fighting, Keith tasers him and calls the local sheriff’s department. After Woody has been cuffed, Keith blasts him for using him (see “Look Who’s Stalking”). Woody promises that he had nothing to do with the bus crash, though Keith notes that he doesn’t seem to care too much about children. Woody tries to excuse his behavior by saying that the boys he molested needed him since their fathers neglected and mistreated them. Later, Keith calls Veronica at home to tell her that he got Woody and they’re heading back to Neptune on Woody’s plane. He adds that Woody still denies being involved in the crash, so they need more evidence. Veronica tells him she’s still working on figuring out who the third kid on the tape is. As Keith boards the plane, Veronica heads to Woody’s restaurant and studies a picture of his Little League team. She finds the name of the last boy she needed to identify and wonders and where he is. Before she leaves, she notices a line of names listed under “not pictured.” Among them is the name Cassidy Casablancas.

Veronica quickly calls Mac, but she’s already at a graduation party at the Neptune Grand and doesn’t hear her phone ringing. Veronica has to leave a message telling her to get away from Cassidy. She then calls Cassidy’s friend Hart. At the Neptune Grand, Cassidy does some drinking, then invites Mac to check out the room he’s gotten for them. Corny catches them on their way out and tells them that Keith caught Woody and they’re heading back on the plane. As Cassidy and Mac go at it in bed, Veronica calls Mac’s phone again but still can’t reach her. When she arrives at the Neptune Grand she runs into Logan and asks if he’s seen Cassidy and Mac. He quickly realizes that something is wrong, but before she can tell him anything, Dick tells Veronica that Mac and Cassidy are in a room alone. In said room, Mac assures Cassidy that just because he couldn’t perform doesn’t mean they won’t have fun. As she heads to the bathroom for a shower, Veronica calls the front desk and tries to get a call through to Cassidy’s room. She can’t, however, because he’s put a block on the phone so they won’t be disturbed. Veronica text messages Mac but Cassidy intercepts the warning that he’s a killer. He pulls out a gun and writes back, telling Veronica to meet him on the roof. On her way up, Veronica encounters Aaron in the elevator. He waxes poetic about freedom, stating outright that he did, in fact, kill Lilly.

Up on the roof, Veronica comes face to face with an armed Cassidy, who tells her that Mac is in “a better place.” He demands her bag, which contains her taser, and asks her what she thinks she knows about him being a killer. She fills in that Woody molested him, Marcos, and Peter; the latter two wanted to come forward with the news. In a flashback, Peter and Marcos try to convince Cassidy to join them in accusing Woody; they’re in a language lab, which explains the French in the background and the reason the conversation was taped. Veronica has guessed that Cassidy got the explosives from Moran. Hart told her that Cassidy was in charge of explosives for a movie they made, and he knew Moran, who was Dick Sr.’s mechanic. In a flashback, Cassidy detonates the explosives from the limo as it nears the bus. Veronica continues that Moran told Weevil he knew who blew up the bus, so Cassidy convinced the bikers that Moran was the culprit and got them to kill him to avenge Cervando. In flashback, the bikers beat up Moran but Cassidy is the one who hits him with his car to finish him off. He then writes Veronica’s name on Moran’s hand to turn the attention to her and dumps the body in the ocean. On the roof, Veronica continues that Cassidy didn’t hire her to catch Kendall cheating on Dick Sr. (see “Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang”); he was just mad about the way his father treated him and used Veronica to punish him.

Veronica continues that she’s figured out how she wound up with chlamydia - when Dick sent Cassidy into the room at Shelly’s party (see “A Trip to the Dentist”), he raped her. Cassidy taunts that Dick doesn’t know he knows how to keep a secret. Veronica replies that now it’s all out and she’s already told Keith everything. Cassidy calls her bluff, revealing that he’s put a bomb on Woody’s plane and just has to dial a phone number to detonate it. He tells a tearful Veronica that she has one minute to call Keith before he blows up the plane. She frantically dials her father but gets no answer. Once her minute is up, Cassidy detonates the bomb and Veronica watches the plane explode in the sky. As Cassidy taunts her, Veronica secretly text messages Logan and tells him to meet her on the roof. Cassidy starts tasing her, telling her he’s going to throw her off the roof and frame Aaron. Logan arrives and Cassidy tries to shoot him but misses. Veronica joins the fight and grabs the gun, getting Logan to back away from Cassidy. Logan tells her not to shoot but Veronica cries out that Cassidy killed Keith, raped her, and caused the bus crash. Logan talks her down and takes the gun from her as Cassidy climbs up on the ledge. Logan yells for him not to jump, but all Cassidy replies is that his name isn’t Beaver. He asks why he shouldn’t jump, and when Logan can’t give an answer, he does.

Veronica and Logan head back to Cassidy and Mac’s room, finding Mac upset and wrapped in a shower curtain because Cassidy took her clothes. Elsewhere in the Neptune Grand, Aaron enjoys a romp in the sack with Kendall, who then goes to take a shower. Aaron finds a movie starring himself on TV and is enjoying watching himself when someone fires a silenced gun right at his head. The assassin is Wiedman (last seen in “Rat Saw God”), who then calls Duncan, who’s in Australia with Lilly. “CW?” Duncan asks. “It’s a done deal,” Wiedman replies. At JFK, Jackie meets up with Wallace and comes clean - her mother is a waitress, not a model; she had a one-night stand with Terrence that resulted in the conception of Jackie; Jackie has a two-year-old son her mother has been raising; and she returned to Brooklyn because she didn’t like the person she’d become. Wallace, however, needs to go home because his life is Neptune. At the Mars residence, Logan stays with Veronica while she sleeps, dreaming about a puppet show Keith put on for her when she was a child. She wakes up to the smell of bacon again but this time Logan is the cook. She remembers the events of the previous night before and starts to cry, but before she can get too upset, Keith appears and she happily reunites with him. He explains that Lamb wouldn’t let him fly on Woody’s plane so he rented a car and drove home.

Kendall pays a visit to Woody’s lawyer, who tells her that since Cassidy’s death will be ruled a suicide, she won’t collect on his life insurance. However, all of his Phoenix Land Trust holdings are in Kendall’s name - he’s made $8 million so far, in part because he bet against incorporation. At Mars Investigations, Veronica and Keith prepare for their New York trip; Veronica is meeting Keith at the airport because Logan wants to talk first. Outside the office, Veronica and Logan quickly fall back on old habits, making up for lost time and getting in enough kisses to sustain them for Veronica’s weeklong vacation. Veronica assures Logan that everything will be fine when she comes back; Logan isn’t sure but knows that Veronica is never wrong. Kendall interrupts, having come to see Keith with a “business proposition.” In the office, Kendall tells Keith that she needs him to do something for her. He tells her he’ll be back in a week, but she needs him right now. She thinks he’ll change his mind when she shows him what’s in her briefcase. At the airport, Veronica waits for Keith and finds that she can’t get a signal on her cell phone, so she can’t call him and find out what’s keeping him.

THE SCHOOL BUS CASE: Cassidy crashed the bus to shut up Peter and Marcos. He got the explosives from Moran

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Dream Dick: “Guess who’s going commando.”
Dream Duncan: “Must we?”

Veronica: “I don’t know if I like the idea of you running around a place full of armed, drunk businessmen.”
Keith: “That's why I rarely go to Texas.”

Clemmons: “Anything I should know in case I get another one like you someday?”
Veronica: “Don’t keep all your passwords taped on the bottom of your stapler.”

“They’re probably up there making love. Or playing Dungeons and Dragons. Or both, at the same time. They’re both, like 12th-level dorks.” - Dick re: Cassidy and Mac

Keith: “You all packed?”
Veronica: “Vagabond shoes and all. And pepper spray, for if we run into that Trump character.”

Kendall: “I have a business proposition for your father.”
Veronica: “Okay, but I’m warning you, he doesn’t carry much cash.”

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