"Happy Go Lucky"
Written by Diane Ruggiero; directed by Steve Gomer

Aaron is on the stand at his murder trial, painting himself as a good guy who never did anything wrong and certainly never had sex with a minor. He tells everyone that after he and Lilly fought the day of her death, she stole his Oscar and he followed her home to get it. Duncan arrived and freaked out, and Aaron implies that he was the one who killed Lilly. After court is out for the day, Veronica complains to Keith about Aaron’s testimony. He tells her that if the jury believes that Veronica and Logan saw the sex tapes (see “Leave it to Beaver” and “One Angry Veronica”), they’ll convict Aaron. He warns her not to get riled up on the stand, but she assures him that she’s “unrileable.” She also only wants to be in court when the verdict is read and, presumably, Aaron is put in prison for life. At lunch at Neptune High, Gia brings Veronica cupcakes to thank her for saving her from Lucky (see “Look Who’s Stalking”). She hopes that Veronica isn’t upset about what’s happened between Woody and Keith; Veronica assures her that she isn’t and they make plans to study for their health final at Gia’s house. Wallace and Jackie arrive to steal Veronica’s cupcakes and Wallace brags that he has an easy week ahead of him, unlike Veronica, who has to ace all of her finals and hope that Angie (see “I am God”) does badly on one of hers. Jackie thinks it’s interesting that Veronica is working so hard to go to Stanford, where Angie will be, when she could just stay in Neptune with Keith, Wallace, and Mac. Wallace points out that Jackie herself is leaving the country, though Jackie reveals that she might wind up staying.

Weevil approaches Veronica and asks for her help in studying for algebra. He needs at least a B on the final in order to graduate, and he’s desperate to walk because his grandmother is ill and he promised her he would. Veronica reluctantly tells him she can’t help him, since she has enough on her plate. Suddenly, shots ring out and students take cover. Lucky appears with a gun and Veronica quickly grabs Gia and gets her down on the ground. Lucky announces that the school fired him, then asks where Gia is. Nearby, Jackie quietly tries to call 911 but Lucky catches her and she starts crying. As Veronica watches anxiously, Wallace sneaks up on Lucky and tackles him, managing to briefly get the gun away. Lucky grabs the gun again and aims straight at Wallace’s chest, but when he pulls the trigger, nothing happens - the bullets are blanks. A security guard doesn’t care, though, and kills Lucky. Later, Woody gives a press conference announcing that Lucky was a disturbed man. He was a batboy for the Sharks and was let go after some players complained about him. Veronica and Keith watch at home and Keith says he’d like to put Veronica in a big protective bubble. He then tells her that he found a bunch of e-mails Lucky sent to Woody from different e-mail addresses, but the attachments in them were trashed. He has Woody’s password, so if he can get to his computer, he can get the original e-mails. Veronica points out that she’s going to Gia’s to study and can sneak a look at the e-mails. At the hospital, Jackie tells Terrence about the non-shootings at school and how Wallace was such a hero. Terrence is upset that Jackie’s life is so chaotic, but she says her life is actually better than it’s ever been.

Logan visits Aaron in prison and Aaron tries to convince him to lie about the sex tapes on the stand. His excuse is that Logan will have to admit that he destroyed state’s evidence. In the Neptune High parking lot, Veronica encounters Cassidy and his friend Hart (see “Mars vs. Mars”), who are wondering why someone scratched “Amber is a b^%#$” into Cassidy’s car. When Cassidy complains about the money and time it’ll take to fix the car, Veronica gets an idea. That night, Veronica and Gia get together to study and Veronica suggests that they take an online practice test. As they begin, Veronica pretends that her computer isn’t working and heads to another room to use Woody’s. In one of his e-mails she finds an audio file of two boys talking while another voice in the background speaks French. One of the boys says that they have to tell people what Woody did to the three of them. He thinks some of the other Sharks have to know about it and the truth will come out eventually. The other boy agrees as the first says that Woody is a pervert and what he did to them was wrong - they were just kids. Veronica sends the e-mail to Keith just before Woody arrives and manages to act both casual and creepy at the same time. At home, Veronica plays the recording for Keith, who realizes that one of the boys mentioned three people; with that reference and some gaps in the conversation, there may have been a third person in the room. Veronica remembers that Lucky was a batboy for the Sharks, so Woody may have molested him. Veronica wants to stay up and help Keith decipher Lucky’s ramblings, but he wants her to go to bed.

The next morning, Veronica is put on the stand for Aaron’s trial and is questioned about her relationships with Duncan, Logan, and Lilly. Aaron’s lawyer, Lavoie, paints the picture that after Veronica found the sex tapes, she propositioned Aaron, telling him she’d give him the tapes if he did some things for her. The lawyer then pulls out the big guns, announcing that Veronica is currently being treated for an STD (see “Look Who’s Stalking”). Keith is not thrilled to hear this news. After court is out, Keith asks Veronica if she’s okay as Lamb silently gloats. He’s then called in to see a judge who tells him that Lobo (see “Versatile Toppings”) has come forward to reveal that he was with Terrence at the time of the bus crash. Lamb points out that if Lobo testifies at Terrence’s trial, Terrence’s gambling problems will be brought to light, but Lobo thinks the jury will listen to his attorney and CFO, who were also with Terrence that day. Lamb has no choice but to give up the case. At Neptune High, Cassidy attempts to help Weevil study but they don’t communicate well. Mac overhears and offers to help Weevil if he’ll still fix Cassidy’s car. At Mars Investigations, Veronica finds Keith calling former batboys to find out if any of them were molested. He reads through some of Lucky’s e-mails, and when Lucky mentions leaving “presents” for Woody, Veronica remembers Lucky calling a bomb a present in “Look Who’s Stalking.”

Keith rushes to Woody’s office to warn him that he might want to get the bomb squad over to his house. Woody realizes that Veronica was snooping around his house and notes that most adults don’t send their kids to spy on people. Keith replies that “most adults keep their hands off of other people’s children.” Woody tells Keith that his accusations are wrong, and if he tries to come forward, Woody will ruin him and his family. Keith replies that Woody doesn’t scare him, since he’s not a 15-year-old boy. Jackie and Wallace head to Jackie’s house, where she’s delighted to find Terrence home from the hospital and cleared of all charges. Before the three can celebrate together, Lobo shows up and tells Terrence that he’ll now be working at the casino as a greeter until he’s paid off his debts. At Neptune High, Logan tells Veronica that her testimony at the trial was great. She asks him if Lucky ever mentioned anything about Woody from the time he was a batboy. Logan says he didn’t, but last summer he caught Lucky wearing a catcher’s mask and bleaching his feet. Apparently he wore the mask whenever they were “going into battle.” Back at the trial, Keith takes the stand and testifies about the events of “Leave it to Beaver.” Lavoie asks Keith if Veronica ever lies to him, bringing up Keith’s ignorance of the fact that Veronica was caught breaking into the Mannings’ (see “Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner”) or that she manipulated Leo in order to get into the evidence room at the sheriff’s department (see “Silence of the Lamb”).

Lavoie tries to imply that since Veronica was able to manipulate Leo then, she might have been able to manipulate him into giving her the sex tapes so Logan could destroy them and deflect blame from Duncan. Fed up, Keith grabs Lavoie by the tie and threatens him. At Neptune, Mac and Weevil study while Cassidy stands by and mocks Mac’s teaching methods. Weevil suggests that they get a room and work out their sexual tension. Back at home, Veronica tells Keith that she did some digging (all legally and at school, so he knew where she was) and found out about Lucky’s bleaching/catcher’s mask incident. Keith remembers seeing a painting of a catcher’s mask on the surveillance video of Woody’s house. While Keith calls Inga to alert the bomb squad, Veronica reviews the video again and sees the camera linger on a photo of Woody’s Little League team, also called the Sharks. She recognizes two of the players as two of the kids on the bus, Marcos and Peter. The bomb squad heads to Woody’s house, where Lamb tells Woody that a bomb was found under his car. The next morning, Jackie asks Terrence about his new job, but Terrence won’t give her any details. She announces that she’s not going to Paris after all, but he coldly tells her that it’s best that she go. At the sheriff’s department, Keith and Veronica play the audio recording for Lamb, explaining that the two boys talking are Marcos and Peter. Keith shares that they think Woody killed them to keep them from coming forward. Lamb tells them that there was also a bomb in Woody’s car, planted by Lucky, whom Woody suspects of causing the bus crash, since he wasn’t at work that day.

Logan takes the stand at Aaron’s trial and tells the jury about the sex tapes. Lavoie gets Logan to admit that he erased the tapes, but Logan has cut a deal and will receive immunity. At Neptune High, Weevil begins his algebra final as a woman and two boys enter the sheriff’s department. The boys were the ones who saw Weevil grab Thumper in “Plan B,” and they’re there to look at photos and make an ID. Later in the day, Weevil goes to get his final back and is thrilled to see that he got a B. The boys ID Weevil, but before Lamb can get a warrant for his arrest, Keith arrives and announces that Lucky wasn’t working the day of the crash because he was in a padded cell in a hospital. Lamb tells Sacks that he’s on his way to get Woody, but Sacks reveals that the verdict has come back. Veronica studies in the hallway before a final while Wallace celebrates that he’s finally done with school. He tries to get her to share a nice moment and tells her, “It was worth getting taped to a pole” (see the pilot). He tells her he’ll miss her, then heads off to clean out his locker, telling her, “This conversation never happened!” Veronica heads to her final and watches Wallace clean out his locker before she begins. She receives a text message from Keith telling her that the verdict is in and has to decide whether to take the final or head to the courtroom. Ultimately, she leaves to hear the verdict. Wallace goes to Jackie’s house and learns from Terrence that she’s already left for France. At the courthouse, Keith asks Lamb if he’s caught Woody yet. He hasn’t - Woody has taken off in his private plane and there’s no flight plan recorded. The news doesn’t get any better when the verdict is announced: Aaron is not guilty of murder or statutory rape.

THE SCHOOL BUS CASE: Marcos and Peter were molested by Woody as kids. Keith and Veronica suspect that Woody placed the bomb on the bus to kill them so they couldn’t rat him out.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Could you guys tone down the adorable?” - Veronica to Wallace and Jackie

“They keyed the wrong car? How’s Amber gonna know that she’s a b%$@#?” - Veronica

Cassidy: “So you know quadratic equations, right?”
Weevil: “Do I look like someone who knows quadratic equations?”

Cassidy: “All right, look, so this equation here: what do you think that we should do first?”
Weevil: “Am I a five-year-old girl?”
Cassidy: “Okay, so let’s say that you and your buddy, you want to buy a 12-pack of a certain item. Say, like, um, like spark plugs, for x dollars, and you want to find out how many of another item, like, um, I dunno, like oil, right, like oil that you can get for the same amount, except oil is y times as much as--.”
Weevil: “If this is your idea of terms I’ll understand, I’m going to kill you.”

Keith: “Can you fly to New York, stop by NYU real quick, find Rick Pickett, and see if he was one of the batboys Woody molested?”
Veronica: “You know I don’t fly coach.”

Weevil: “Okay, you put another X on that paper and we’re gonna have a problem.”
Mac: “I’d put little smiley faces, but I don’t know if that’s gonna sell ‘wrong.’”

Cassidy: “Are you saying you’re smarter than me?”
Mac: “No, I wasn’t. Here’s what that would’ve sounded like: ‘I’m smarter than you.’ Hear the difference?”
Cassidy: “You don’t really believe that.”
Mac: “Then why’d I get it tattooed on my hip?”
Cassidy: “Well, if this is what you need to do to feel better about yourself….”
Mac: (to Weevil) “If I get you an A, will you shiv him?”
Weevil: “Hey, I got an idea: how ‘bout you two geniuses go work out your aggression in some coat room, and then come back here and teach me algebra, huh?”

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