"Green-Eyed Monster"
Written by Dayna Lynne North; directed by Jason Bloom

Veronica is at Mars Investigations, checking on Meg at the hospital (see “Normal is the Watchword”). She learns that she has been moved from the ICU and makes plans to visit. A woman named Julie enters and tells Veronica that she wants to hire someone to investigate her boyfriend. Veronica takes down information on the boyfriend, Collin, and tells Julie about the different packages she can purchase. She leaves as Keith enters and tells Veronica that he doesn’t have time to take on any new cases. Veronica pretends to call Julie and tell her that they can’t help her. She voices over that Julie is willing to pay her more money than she could ever make at the Hut. Later, Veronica meets with Julie at said Hut and learns that, though she’s rich, she’s trying to hide her wealth from Collin. He’s been getting phone calls late at night and has been making up strange excuses for leaving the house, which is why Julie is suspicious. He also seems to have a picture of a woman on his bar. At the Fennels’ house, Wallace tells Alicia about Jackie. “Are you hittin’ that?” Wallace’s little brother asks. Outside, Alicia sees Nathan (see “Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang”) drive by. Veronica watches Collin at a track and gets a call from Julie, who notes that he has a bunch of phone calls on his cell phone from the same number. Alicia takes Keith a sandwich at Mars Investigations and asks to borrow a gun. She explains that the guy who saw her in Chicago is her ex-boyfriend and she’s worried that he’s in town. Keith doesn’t want to give her a weapon so he tells her he’ll spend the night at her house.

The next morning, Keith and Alicia try to keep Wallace and his brother from realizing that Keith spent the night; Keith pretends that he was just in the neighborhood and has brought donuts. At school, Veronica asks Wallace if Keith did the “a.m. donut fake-out run.” Jackie joins them and Veronica is still unhappy to see her and Wallace together. Keith catches Nathan lurking around the Fennels’ house and takes photos of him. Keith encourages Nathan to leave town. Nathan replies that Alicia took something from him and he wants it back. After school, Veronica heads to the hospital and is surprised to see Duncan there. She’s even more surprised when Meg’s parents appear and mention that, much to their annoyance, Duncan has been there to see Meg every day since the accident. Lizzie (see “Like a Virgin”) tries to play peacemaker but the Mannings think Veronica is the reason Meg was on the bus. As Veronica and Duncan leave, he tells her that she shouldn’t be surprised that he’s been visiting Meg. Veronica follows Collin to a house, where he’s greeted by a woman. She calls Julie and lets her know where Collin is. Just as Veronica realizes that Collin is participating in a Hebrew lesson, Julie arrives, ready to burst in and confront him. Veronica quickly stops her and gets her to realize that Collin is converting to Judaism for her. In the middle of the night, as Veronica lies in bed wondering why Duncan keeps going to see Meg, Julie calls her and asks if she thinks Collin is still in love with the woman in the picture. Veronica agrees to upgrade her package and run more surveillance, but she asks Julie if she really wants to keep digging when she might wind up causing a problem.

Keith pays Lamb a visit at the sheriff’s department, telling him that Nathan is a drug dealer named Carl Morgan who is wanted for questioning about an armed robbery in Chicago. Lamb doesn’t seem to care about him. Weevil approaches Veronica at Neptune High and she makes fun of his earrings. She suddenly remembers that Lamb told her an earring was found at the Road Hog, the last place Moran was seen alive (see “Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang”). He pretends not to know what she’s talking about, so she threatens to call the sheriff’s department. Weevil admits that a little while before Moran’s death, he got a call from someone telling him that Moran was responsible for the bus crash. Apparently he was hired by an Irish gang, the Fitzpatricks, to get back at Cervando for hustling one of them out of money. Weevil doesn’t think that the Fitzpatricks were behind the crash, since they would be more likely to go after Cervando directly. Veronica borrows Weevil’s phone to get the number of the person who made the anonymous call. She then calls Wallace, who’s at Jackie’s, and asks him to help her out. Jackie is unhappy that he’s leaving her to go help Veronica and says that she might have to have a talk with her. Wallace warns that Veronica isn’t someone to mess with; Jackie contends that she isn’t either. Veronica and Wallace meet up outside Collin’s house and Veronica mentions that she saw Jackie with another guy at the Hut (again, see “Cheatty Cheatty Bang Bang”). Wallace isn’t concerned, since the two of them weren’t really dating then. He notes that she shouldn’t assume so much.

Veronica pretends to be a bimbo college student with a flat tire so that Wallace can videotape her and Collin together. She asks to go inside to use Collin’s computer to send in a midterm, which Collin agrees to. Inside, Veronica admires the view and Collin keeps his distance, mentioning that he has a girlfriend. Veronica copies some of Collin’s files while he tells her that he’s house-sitting for a friend. She notices all of the posters for Nicolas Cage movies and Collin reveals that that’s who he’s house-sitting for. Worried that he can’t hear anything, Wallace goes to the house to get Veronica. She gestures for him to stall, so he pretends that he’s selling pens and candy. His ploy doesn’t play out, but fortunately Veronica finishes and they rush off. Later, Veronica takes Chinese food to Duncan’s hotel suite. She asks him why he didn’t tell her that he was visiting Meg. Duncan doesn’t want to answer. Later, Veronica looks through Collin’s files and discovers that he looked up Julie’s genealogy on the Internet. In the middle of the night, Veronica and Duncan are woken up by a knock at the suite door. Veronica panics, thinking it’s Keith, but it turns out to be Lizzie. She has brought Meg’s computer to Duncan, since her parents have just discovered its existence and wouldn’t be happy that she had a secret laptop she kept at school. Lizzie wants to transfer all of the files to another computer, then return the laptop so her parents can get it and not see the apparently important files. She is less than thrilled to discover Veronica in the bedroom, but Veronica assures her that she knows someone who can help.

Mac comes to the suite and transfers all of Meg’s files to a jump drive, which she gives to Duncan. In the morning, Veronica winds up alone with the drive and starts to look at the files. Julie calls and Veronica tells her that Collin was a gentleman when she met him. Julie realizes how jealous she’s become and, after they hang up, Veronica decides not to look at Meg’s files after all. Keith leaves the Fennels’ house and discovers that his car has been booted. He calls Lamb, who tells him that Nathan isn’t a drug addict - he’s a detective. Veronica meets with Julie at Mars Investigations and tells her that Collin’s only flaw is that his house and car aren’t his. She tells Julie about Nicolas Cage and adds that the picture on the bar is of Lisa Marie Presley. Julie is upset that Collin was looking for information on her and that he lied about having a trust fund. Keith interrupts the meeting and, after Julie leaves, blasts Veronica for lying to him. She tells him that she needed the money and thought she could handle the case on her own. “Believe it or not, at 18, you can’t handle everything. And you don’t get away with it all either,” he tells her. He also knows that she’s spent the night with Duncan. “You’re just not as clever as you think you are,” he says. Veronica goes back to Collin’s files and calls Julie, who has just broken up with him. Veronica tells her that Collin didn’t start looking into Julie’s family history until after he’d bought an engagement ring. Julie is still upset that Collin lied. Veronica points out that Julie lied about having money, but apparently it’s worse to lie that you do have money.

Keith heads to the Fennels’ and takes a look at Alicia’s files, taking some with him. Veronica does laundry at home, taking a good look at the handkerchief Collin gave her. She recognizes the monogram as a crest from a bottle of scotch. She sends Julie a bottle and explains that Collin’s family is pretty rich - according to an article, he just doesn’t like to flaunt it. At Mars Investigations, Keith starts to realize that he could use some help with organizing his files. That evening, he heads to Veronica’s bedroom and tells her that he wants her to work a couple of days a week at Mars Investigations. Veronica does a search for the person who called Weevil anonymously and discovers that the call was made from Logan’s house. She confronts Logan at school, filling him in, but he has no idea who Moran is. He does recognize the date the call was made as the same day he threw a party supposedly celebrating the lives of the students who died in the bus crash. He tells Veronica that Weevil and the bikers crashed the party, which was later broken up by Lamb and some deputies. Veronica notes that there are five numbers registered to Logan’s house but the call came from one she doesn’t recognize. Logan is apathetic and suggests that the pool boy did it. At Mars Investigations, Keith looks through Alicia’s files, which shows that she used to be known as Cherie Parker Saunders and Cherie Woods. He makes a call and learns something that upsets him. Nathan heads to the Fennels’ house, where Wallace is working on a car outside. He shows Wallace a photo of himself with Alicia and tells him, “I’m your father.”

THE SCHOOL BUS CASE: The earring found out the Road Hog belonged to Weevil.

Weevil received an anonymous phone call telling him that Moran was behind the crash. He was supposedly hired by a gang called the Fitzpatricks, who wanted revenge on Cervando for taking money from them.

Meg kept a secret laptop at school that, according to Lizzie, contained secret files their parents would not be happy to know about.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “The only way I’d ever make two grand in a week working at the Hut is if they installed a pole.” - Veronica

Julie: “Aren’t you awfully young to be doing this?”
Veronica: “It’s amazing, I never get tired of that question.”

“The next time I shoot you, it won’t be digitally…unless I hit you in the finger, and then we’ll have a big laugh about it.” - Keith to Nathan

Julie: “What if I get an upgrade? What comes after silver?”
Veronica: “Psycho.”

Lamb: “Who let you into my office?”
Keith: “That’s funny, I was wondering the same thing.”

Keith: “He’s buddies with a dealer I’m tracking. There’s no bounty on him; nothing in it for me.”
Lamb: “Mm, nothing but the joy of giving.”
Keith: “It’s not a present, Sheriff. It’s kind of your job…for now, anyway.”

Weevil: “Heard you took a ride downtown behind a 187. So, did you flop for the cops or did the local Wapner hook you up with some ankle bling?”
Veronica: “You know the deal, cuz. Every time a kitty cries in this town, Onetime tries to put a case on me. Speaking of bling, what’s up with the hoops? If I rub your head, do I get three wishes?
Weevil: “You rub my head and you might want to make seeing tomorrow your first wish.”

“Do you own those clothes, or did you make a stop at Dirty Coeds R Us?” - Wallace to Veronica

“See, when you assume, you really just make a a%$ out of you.” - Wallace to Veronica

“My day is complete. Veronica Mars has accused me of evil.” - Logan

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