"Postgame Mortem"
Written by Joe Voci; directed by John T. Kretchmer

In the locker room during a Hearst basketball game, Coach Barry (see “Hi, Infidelity”) yells at his players for not playing well. He’s especially frustrated with his son, Josh, and tells him to grow up and do what he knows he needs to do. Fed up, Josh walks out, leaving Wallace to take his place. After the game, Wallace and Veronica eat ice cream to try to console themselves over the team’s loss. Veronica notes that Wallace is getting a lot of playing time even after he had to take off the first semester. However, Wallace doesn’t like that this angers Mason. He’s also not sure he’s a better player than Mason; he thinks Mason is just always on the coach’s bad side, so he doesn’t get to start. Wallace tries to change the subject by asking Veronica how she’s doing with her breakup (see “There’s Got to Be a Morning After Pill”), but Veronica doesn’t want to talk about it. At home the next morning, Veronica finds breakfast waiting for her with a note - if she eats, she has to help Keith send out invoices. At Hearst, Dick and Logan’s economics professor tells Dick to tell Logan that if he misses another class, he’ll fail. At the Neptune Grand, the hotel manager and Jeff the bellhop try to get back some room-service carts Logan has failed to return. Dick arrives and aids them by locking Logan on the balcony, having told him to go look at the fire from a meth-lab explosion in Veronica’s neighborhood.

After the room has been cleaned out, Dick tells Logan that a girl he met is bringing her sister over that night and they’re going to party. Veronica heads to Mars Investigations and accidentally interrupts a meeting Keith is having with Cliff, Josh, and his mother. Coach Barry was found murdered by the PCH and Lamb suspects Josh. Josh and his mother have hired Keith to find out who really killed Barry. Josh tells everyone that after the fight with his father, he went to an overlook on the highway that his father goes to after losses. Josh wanted to talk, but when he arrived, he thought his father had already left because his car wasn’t there. He spotted his father’s body, dead from a gunshot wound, and tried to call the sheriff’s department but couldn’t get a cell-phone signal. He headed home to tell his mother and brother Bobby so they wouldn’t have to hear the news from Lamb. Cliff thinks that someone else found Barry’s body and called in the crime because Lamb arrived shortly after and found Josh’s bloody clothes, as well as Barry’s NIT ring. Josh claims that Barry left the ring for him in his locker after the game. Cliff notes that the PCHers have been responsible for a number of carjackings along the highway and could have killed Barry; Mrs. Barry agrees that they’re to blame and Josh is innocent. Keith asks Josh if anyone might have a grudge against Barry, and Josh names Mel Stoltz (see “Spit and Eggs”), but Mrs. Barry says Mel only wanted Barry fired, not dead.

After the Barrys leave, Keith and Cliff discuss the case but can’t decide whether or not Mrs. Barry is covering for Josh. Keith wants to question Bobby, but he’s severely autistic and wouldn’t be any help. At the Neptune Grand, Dick complains about how messy Logan has been and tries to get things cleaned up for their guests. Melinda, Dick’s new object of desire, arrives with her sister, Heather, who is not as hot as Dick described, as well as about 11 years old. “Which one’s yours?” Logan quips. At Hearst, Veronica tracks down Weevil, asking him to help her get a meeting with whoever is running the PCH gang now. Weevil reminds her that he’s on parole and is staying away from the gang life, so she offers him some money. At the Neptune Grand, Melinda and Dick decide to head to a beach party, but Logan refuses to babysit for Heather. Dick doesn’t care and heads off with Melinda anyway. Logan goes to bed, leaving Heather alone with the TV. Keith impatiently waits for a meeting with Mel at Stoltz Industries, finally barging into his office and asking for his alibi at the time of Barry’s death. Mel says that he would have been fine with Barry being fired, since his team hadn’t won a title in six years, but he was in one of his private planes, flying home from Seattle at the time of the murder.

Logan mopes at the Neptune Grand, waking up in the morning to find that Heather is still there. Dick calls to tell Logan that he and Melinda are in Las Vegas and possibly in love. Logan orders him to come back to Neptune, but Dick says they’re staying, guilting Logan into keeping an eye on Heather by reminding him that he slept with Madison (see “Poughkeepsie, Tramps, and Thieves”). Veronica and Weevil wait around for the PCHers, Veronica noting that if they show, they probably didn’t kill Barry, which is bad for Josh. If they don’t show, they probably killed Barry. Unfortunately for Josh, the bikers show up, led by Arturo (see “Versatile Toppings”). Arturo denies involvement in Barry’s murder by noting that his car wasn’t good enough to try to steal. Plus, the gang doesn’t use guns, opting instead to use nails to puncture tires, then intimidate people into handing over their keys. At the Neptune Grand, Heather gets Logan to show her how to hook up his Game Cube, and they end up playing video games together. She talks about how much she loves Neptune (her family comes to visit every year) and how a place called Zip’s has the best ice cream. Logan prefers Amy’s and she says she doesn’t believe it’s better, leading him to remark that she’s a woman, so of course she doesn’t believe him. Heather asks if Logan is upset over a girl; he says he guesses he is. She then asks for a change of “extra-small clothes,” since she’s starting to smell like Logan.

Veronica drops by the Barrys’ house and asks Josh to show her where his father’s body was found. As he takes her to the spot, they talk about their relationships with their fathers and Josh says Barry was both his best friend and worst enemy. At the sheriff’s department, Mason tells Lamb that he drove past Barry fighting with someone on the PCH right before his murder. He drove by quickly, but he’s sure the person Barry was arguing with was Josh. Josh and Veronica go to the cliff where Barry was found and Veronica notes that it looks like a car went over into the water. When they get back to the Barrys’, Lamb is there waiting to arrest Josh for murder. At the Neptune Grand, Heather sees a picture of Veronica on Logan’s computer and says that she’s pretty. Dick calls again and tells Logan that he and Melinda got married. Logan demands again for him to return to Neptune, but Dick says he’s on his honeymoon. When Logan hands up, Heather tells him she’s leaving to meet a guy she met on the Internet. Logan tells her she’s not going anywhere, not realizing until she clues him in that she’s lying. She asks who was on the phone and he replies, “Just your brother-in-law.” Veronica visits Josh in lockup and tells him they found Barry’s car in the water. She asks if Mason has a reason to lie about Josh, but Josh thinks Mason just disliked Barry because he wouldn’t let him start. He informs Veronica that Mason has both a temper and a gun, but Lamb doesn’t care. She offers to bring Josh whatever he needs, and he asks for peanut butter cookies, a book, and a hacksaw.

At Mars Investigations, Keith makes some calls and finds out that Mel’s alibi holds together. Mindy stops by and Keith tells her that he’s removing himself from Dean O’Dell’s case because he found eggshell on the dean’s Volvo. He also got a hold of Mindy’s cell-phone bill and saw that she called Landry around 1:30 in the morning, which she wouldn’t have had to do if they’d been together, as she claimed they were. She tells him she went to the lobby to buy Landry toothpaste and called to ask him what brand he wanted. Keith calls Landry, who gives the story. Even after all this, Mindy still wants Keith on the case, since Lamb isn’t doing anything. Logan and Heather return to their video game at the Neptune Grand and Heather asks why Logan and Veronica broke up, since it’s obvious Logan still loves her. He tells her that he screwed up and apologized, but Veronica ignored him. Heather encourages him to call her again. Elsewhere in the hotel, Keith talks to a security guard who can’t help him. He does offer to connect him with someone with the valet service who can run license plates. At Hearst, Veronica tracks down Mason and asks him what he told Lamb about the night Barry died. She’s not sure how Mason could have seen both Barry and Josh if he was driving past them and they were facing each other. Mason can’t believe she suspects him of killing Barry over not starting him, but Veronica notes that people have killed over that sort of thing before.

At home, Keith finds Veronica baking cookies for Josh and asks, “Did you suffer a blow to the head?” She admits that she’s not sure she believes Josh is innocent, but she wants Josh to believe that she believes he is. Keith thinks this might be a good time, since he’s confirmed Mason’s alibi that he was with his girlfriend. Veronica gets a little emotional and asks Keith to not get himself murdered because she doesn’t know what she would do without him. He tries to console her, then tells her that he didn’t quit the Dean O’Dell case after all. He adds that according to the valet service, the Volvo was checked out at 1:51 a.m., 20 minutes after Mindy called Landry, and returned at 2:59 a.m., 40 minutes after Dean O’Dell was shot. Veronica goes to the Neptune Grand and talks to Logan’s friend Tina (see “Hi, Infidelity”), who reports that the last time Landry was there was the night Dean O’Dell was killed. She adds that Landry and Mindy ordered room service around midnight (delivered by Jeff) and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang at 2:02 a.m. Elsewhere, Heather excitedly tells Logan that she called in a song request to a radio station. In the kitchen, while heading over to interrogate Jeff, Veronica overhears the dedication (from Logan to her) and the song, Nick Lachey’s “What’s Left of Me.” She turns off the radio and gets back to the task at hand.

Upstairs, Heather tells Logan he’ll thank her for this, then asks him to show her where the workout room is. Jeff takes Veronica to the room Landry and Mindy shared the night of the dean’s death, adding that he heard a fight inside that night. He left and came back later, when a woman answered the door. Veronica asks if it was the woman Jeff heard yelling, but he reports that the people fighting were both men. Veronica and Jeff wind up in an elevator with Logan and an excited Heather, who recognizes Veronica (who herself recognizes the shirt Heather is wearing as her own). Heather bugs Logan to tell Veronica how he feels, then asks Veronica if she heard the radio dedication. Logan hurries her off the elevator before she can spill too much about his feelings for Veronica. Back in the suite, Logan blasts Heather for being so young and naïve and having such high expectations of love. In criminology class, Landry tells Veronica that she’s made it to the next round of the FBI internships he recommended her for. He adds that Dean O’Dell wrote her a recommendation and gives her a copy. She tells him this reminds her of a scene from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, testing him and confirming that he’s seen the movie. At home, Veronica shows Keith the letter, which heaps praise on her. Keith tells her they should honor Dean O’Dell by finding his real killer.

Dick calls Logan on his way home from Vegas and asks if he knows a good lawyer. “I know a lawyer,” Logan replies, echoing Veronica in “Rashard and Wallace Go to White Castle.” Melinda tells Logan that Heather has been acting strangely since their father left, so he should make sure she takes her Prozac. Later, Logan makes things up to a hurt Heather by inviting her for ice cream. Mindy stops by Mars Investigations, where Keith asks her questions she can’t answer about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. When she finds out that the Volvo was checked out, she says she’s being framed. Mindy won’t answer his questions about the two men fighting in her room, so she fires Keith from the case and starts to leave. Keith tells her he’s still going to investigate because he liked Dean O’Dell. Logan and Heather return from their ice-cream outing to find Dick and Melinda in the suite, fighting over nothing. Logan and Heather make plans to meet up again for video games and Logan happily teases Dick about his already-failing marriage. Veronica brings Josh a book that’s hollowed out and contains cookies. Josh asks her to find Mason’s gun, but Veronica says it was probably thrown in the ocean. Dick and Logan head to economics class, Logan trying to make things up to the professor with an apple. In criminology class, Landry is interrupted by Lamb, who has arrived to arrest Veronica for aiding and abetting Josh’s escape from lockup.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “It’s a sad state of affairs when I’m the academic on the balcony.” - Dick to Logan

“Don’t worry about the sheriff. He has a long and proud history of being wrong.” - Keith

Keith: “Lamb’s going after the kid?”
Cliff: “Well, he was thinking very hard about it, or he really had to pee. It’s hard to tell with that man.”

“I believe her. I’ve believed many things that turned out to be lies, but, well, you know, why even ask me?” - Cliff

“I don’t know what to say. Gang kids are usually quite punctual.” - Weevil

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