"There’s Got to Be a Morning After Pill"
Written by Jonathan Moskin, David Mulei, Phil Klemmer, and John Enbom; directed by Tricia Brock

Veronica wakes up in Logan’s bed and gets dressed as Logan tells her he wishes she didn’t have to go. Outside, she notices snow and sees the mountains of Aspen in the distance. When she turns around, she sees Logan and Madison going at it. A phone call from Logan wakes Veronica up for real, but she begs off of talking to him by noting that she has to go to work. He says he’ll see her at their date that night and tells her not to change. Veronica voices over that she hasn’t slept in a while because she keeps picturing Madison and Logan together (see “Poughkeepsie, Tramps, and Thieves”). In the library, Bonnie (see “Lord of the Pi’s” and “Spit and Eggs”) tracks Veronica down and asks for her help, having heard about her from Tim. Bonnie explains that she got pregnant, but then someone slipped her RU-486 and she miscarried. Veronica carefully asks who the father was, and Bonnie tells her it was either Dick or Tim. She went to Dick first and asked him to help her pay for an abortion, but he wanted to see a paternity test first. Tim, however, was great and he and Bonnie wound up getting back together. He found about her pregnancy when he spotted a balloon bouquet from her happy parents (who found out from their family doctor, thanks to a violation of doctor/patient confidentiality). Veronica promises to find out who slipped Bonnie the pill, and Bonnie asks her not to let Tim know that she hired Veronica, since she’s afraid he’ll think Bonnie doesn’t trust him.

Veronica heads to the Neptune Grand that night and immediately asks Logan if he and Madison had sex in Aspen. He admits it, telling her he knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it if he told her. She’s, of course, upset because of what Madison did to her at Shelly’s party (see “A Trip to the Dentist”) and can’t believe that Logan would sleep with her. He reminds her that they were broken up at the time, but Veronica thinks he still slept with Madison at least partly because he knew how much it would bother her. She declares that unless Logan can get the image of himself with Madison out of Veronica’s head, she’s never going to get past this. Keith stops by the O’Dells’ house with Backup and mentions to Mindy that both her minivan and Dean O’Dell’s Volvo were on campus the night of Dean O’Dell’s death (see “Spit and Eggs” and “Poughkeepsie, Tramps, and Thieves”). She tells him that Dean O’Dell needed the van to drive around his son’s drum kit while Mindy was out of town. On campus, Veronica finds Dick and tells him that she knows about Bonnie’s pregnancy. Dick says that he wanted a paternity test because he wasn’t about to give her money for a kid that wasn’t his. He then starts taunting Veronica for messing with the heads of Neptune’s rich bachelors (first Duncan, then Logan). In retaliation, Veronica blurts out that Logan and Madison hooked up in Aspen. Dick is obviously stung by the news and tries to recover by pursuing a girl named Nadia.

In Bonnie’s dorm room, Veronica meets her roommate, Phyllis, who has also been Bonnie’s best friend since the seventh grade. She admits that she doesn’t care much for Tim, but she admires how he acted after he found out Bonnie was pregnant; he bought her What to Expect When You’re Expecting and some prenatal vitamins. Veronica is suspicious of Tim giving Bonnie pills, but Phyllis doesn’t think that he would have given her RU-486 since he was noble enough to offer to marry her. Phyllis mentions that Bonnie’s father is religious, then turns on the TV and shows her Reverend Capistrano’s sermon broadcast. That evening, Veronica goes to Tim’s office in hopes of taking a look at what’s on his computer, but first she has to throw a hissy fit to get a janitor to let her in. Unfortunately, Tim’s computer is password-protected, so she can’t get in yet. That night, Veronica frets over her Madison visions again, then discusses Nish and Mindy’s claims about Dean O’Dell’s Volvo with Keith. While Nish said that she egged the car on campus, Mindy told Keith that she had the car at the Neptune Grand. Veronica is unable to give an opinion and tells Keith that she and Logan broke up (again). On campus the next day, Veronica bugs Tim about having received the wrong grade until he agrees to print out a grade report.

That night, Veronica stakes out Madison’s house and gets to see her receive a new car for her birthday. This does remind her, however, that she needs to get a birthday present for Mac (see “Silence of the Lamb”). Thanks to a camera placed in Tim’s office, Veronica is able to view his hands typing his password, “Dick Tracy.” She gets into his computer and sees that he’s investigating Dean O’Dell’s death and has folders with information on suspects and witnesses. One of the witnesses is someone Veronica is unfamiliar with, Anthony Martin, who heard the gunshot while on his way home from the Pi Sig party. Since Anthony was drunk, he couldn’t determine the time of the gunshot. Veronica stops by Anthony’s dorm room and leaves him a message to call her (well, if he wants a good time). At the Neptune Grand, Logan mopes to sad music and has to admit to Dick that he slept with Madison. Dick tells him that was an “uncool” thing to do, and that he’s pathetic for moping. Veronica heads to Capistrano Ministries (using the alias Hester) and meets a guy named Thurman who tries to turn her away. Reverend Capistrano, however, is happy to talk to her even when she tells him she’s pregnant. When he starts talking about his own daughter’s unexpected pregnancy, he’s visibly upset over the miscarriage. Veronica then goes to the Neptune Women’s Clinic and speaks with a doctor who tells her that there’s no way a guy could have come in and asked for RU-486 for his wife or girlfriend. A girl who came in for the pill would have to take it in the office, though it’s possible that she could palm it or hide it under her tongue. Veronica guesses correctly that the doctor can’t give her the name of anyone who came in recently for RU-486.

On the way out, Veronica hears from Anthony and goes to his dorm room, where he’s not very helpful, except in helping her figure out that the shot was fired around 2:20 in the morning. Veronica meets up with Weevil in a classroom and asks him if he remembers telling her criminology class about having someone’s car crushed (see “President Evil”). He wonders if she wants Logan’s car crushed since they broke up, but she actually wants him to steal and crush Madison’s new car. Weevil is happy to help, since Madison once lost a hubcap and told the principal Weevil stole it for drug money. At home, Veronica tells Keith that Dean O’Dell was shot around 2:20, but Keith is more concerned over the letter he’s received that contains a picture of Veronica leaving the women’s clinic. She assures him that she wasn’t there for an abortion and fills him in on Bonnie’s mystery. Keith and Veronica study a bookmark that came with the picture and head to Good Word Press to find out who sent the photo. Undercover as Carson and Nancy Drew, they ask an employee to tell them who takes photos outside the Neptune Women’s Clinic. As Veronica is looking through binders of photos, Thurman enters and recognizes Veronica. She also recognizes someone - the binder of photos contains one of Nadia leaving the clinic.

At the food court, Veronica confronts Dick about Nadia (whose last name he claims is Comaneci), but he’s not forthcoming. Veronica tracks Nadia down, but Nadia says she just kissed Dick at a party, then gave him a fake name. Mindy calls Keith and tells him there’s someone in her house and she’d like him to come check things out. When Keith arrives, he knocks out the intruder, who happens to be Steve (see “President Evil”). Steve complains that Mindy’s Porsche has been repossessed and Mindy has stopped giving him payments, so he came over to steal some stuff. He quickly leaves, and as Mindy puts her son to bed, Keith checks in on Dean O’Dell’s less-than-talkative son. Keith and Mindy discuss Steve and his possibly meth habit before Keith starts to leave, but she asks him to stick around for a little while. He heads off to get a drink and winds up in the garage, where he finds eggshell on Dean O’Dell’s Volvo. A drunk Logan calls Veronica and leaves a voicemail message about how she shouldn’t judge because everyone does bad things. He adds that he loves her and wishes he could take back what happened with Madison. In the morning, a newspaper article alerts Veronica to the fact that Thurman is the CFO of Reverend Capistrano’s ministry. She wonders if Bonnie was given RU-486 so that her father wouldn’t be shamed by having a grandchild born out of wedlock. She calls Bonnie, who admits that she doesn’t trust Thurman much and agrees to sneak her into his office during that morning’s church service.

As Veronica is heading out, she checks her messages and listens to the beginning of Logan’s. On her way to Bonnie’s dorm room, she gets a call from Weevil, who tells her he’s crushing Madison’s car that afternoon. At Bonnie’s dorm, Veronica is surprised to run into Reverend Capistrano, but she quickly announces that she thinks Tim gave Bonnie RU-486. She’s spotted the same bookmark she received from Good Word Press in Bonnie’s copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Bonnie is a step ahead, though, since Phyllis gave her the book, not Tim. Phyllis admits that she gave Bonnie the pill since she didn’t want her to throw her life away for a baby and a shotgun marriage. Bonnie is furious and tells her where to go. Reverend Capistrano tries to calm her down, telling her that she should try to forgive Phyllis because anger will tear her soul apart. Veronica is obviously listening because that afternoon she goes to see Weevil and tells him she changed her mind about crushing the car. (She suggests putting an open can of tuna in the air-conditioning vent instead.) “You’re going soft, Mars,” Weevil notes, almost echoing Wallace’s note in the pilot that Veronica is a marshmallow.

THE TITLE IS A PLAY ON...: A line from Maureen McGovern’s song “The Morning After,” “There’s got to be a morning after.”

THE DEAN O’DELL CASE: Nish claimed that she egged Dean O’Dell’s car on campus, but Mindy supposedly had the car parked at the Neptune Grand all night. However, there is eggshell on the Volvo.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “You do your hair like that to cover up the three 6s on your scalp, right?” - Veronica to Dick

“I just feel like you have this wadded-up Maxim magazine where your heart is supposed to be.” - Veronica to Dick

“Your lack of opinion concerns me.” - Keith to Veronica

TA: (after Weevil fixes a thermostat) “Thank you so much.”
Weevil: “Oh, no problem. And the next time I need some literature compared, I know you’ll be there for me.”

Veronica: “They sit up in a building with their telephoto lens and take pictures of people in their most private, personal moments. That’s disgusting.”
Keith: “Uh, honey, that’s how we pay the rent.”

Keith: (reading a pamphlet) “‘Does everyone go to heaven?’”
Veronica: “Actually, what does it say? I’ve got Intro to Theology next semester.”

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