Written by Daniel Palladino and Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Lorelai has spent the night on Sookie and Jackson’s couch (see “Driving Miss Gilmore”), and the family is trying to keep quiet so they don’t wake her up. Sookie tells Jackson that she and Lorelai had some tea before she went to bed, but Lorelai didn’t say anything about what was bothering her. Sookie is sure it’s about Luke, and she’s worried about her friend. Taylor walks through town, greeting people, and comes across a troubadour (Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers) singing on the sidewalk. At their apartment, Rory takes pictures of Logan, who’s getting ready for graduation. He doesn’t really want to go to the ceremony, especially because it means Rory will have a run-in with his parents. Back in Stars Hollow, the Sparks sing near Taylor’s market. Another troubadour greets Taylor, who isn’t enjoying all the music. He heads into the diner to complain to Luke, and Kirk explains why there are so many musicians around - Neil Young discovered the town’s troubadour, and now all of the other troubadours in the East Coast are coming to Stars Hollow to get discovered. Taylor heads back outside, interrupting Mary Lynn Rajskub’s song, and announces that the town will soon be kicking out all the musicians.

Outside her house, Lorelai calls Rory, who called her earlier and wants to know where Lorelai was all night. Lorelai explains that she was at Sookie and Jackson’s, though she doesn’t elaborate as to why. Rory tells her that Logan just graduated and she’s trying to avoid his parents. She tells Lorelai that she’ll be at Friday night dinner tonight, but she may have to leave early because she and Logan have plans. Lorelai goes inside to find Miss Patty with Paul Anka; Babette was supposed to be there but had to leave. Once again, Lorelai says that she was at Sookie’s house but doesn’t explain why. As Miss Patty leaves to teach a cardio striptease class, Luke shows up and Lorelai asks Miss Patty to tell him she’s not home. Luke has been looking all over for Lorelai and finds it strange that her Jeep is at the house but she’s not there. Miss Patty tries to distract him by talking about dancing. It works, and Luke leaves. Lorelai tells Miss Patty they just had a fight, and Miss Patty tells her it’s good to freeze him out, but not for too long. Mitchum accompanies Logan to his apartment, where Rory is running late for Friday night dinner. She’s frustrated that some of Mitchum’s business associates stopped by to talk to Logan and Mitchum at dinner about business.

In the hallway, Rory confronts Mitchum (who didn’t even know she was at the graduation ceremony) about monopolizing Logan’s time on his last night before he leaves for London. Mitchum claims not to want to interfere in Logan’s personal life, but Rory blames him for sending Logan to London. Mitchum tells her that he’s sending Logan to Europe because it’s time for him to grow up and stop hanging around with his immature friends. Rory can’t argue with that. Back in Stars Hollow, Taylor thinks he’s succeeded at ridding the town of troubadours, but tons of musicians, including Yo La Tengo, prove him wrong. Lorelai goes to Friday night dinner, where Rory is talking to Finn on the phone about plans for Logan. Lorelai and Rory notice a covered display, which turns out to be a model of the science building Richard and Emily want to donate to Yale in Rory’s name. Rory is nervous about how prominent her name would be on the building, but Lorelai just teases her. Suddenly, Christopher arrives, having been invited by Emily and Richard, who of course failed to mention this to Lorelai and Rory. As Rory heads off to see Logan, another guest arrives; she’s the daughter of a friend of Emily’s named Lynnie (AKA Jan Levinson-Gould), and it quickly becomes clear that she’s been brought over so Richard and Emily can set her up with Christopher.

As Sonic Youth plays in Stars Hollow, Taylor tries to get a police officer to arrest everyone, but the police force in Stars Hollow is unsurprisingly less than prepared for such a task. Taylor warns Miss Patty not to give the musicians any food since that will make them stick around. The troubadour complains to Taylor about letting others take over his turf; he got ripped off on his tour and never even met Neil Young. The guests at Friday night dinner discuss Gigi, and Emily gushes about how nice Christopher and Lynnie look together. Christopher sneaks off to join Lorelai in a bathroom, thinking Lorelai was trying to summon him to follow her. He wants to escape the set-up, and he’s frustrated with Lorelai for not doing anything to help the situation. She replies that she didn’t know he wanted rescuing; after all, Lynnie and Christopher are both single and might want to date. Christopher tries to remember how he snuck out of the house when they were in high school, and Lorelai points out that since he’s an adult now, he’s allowed to just walk out the door. She promises to help out now that she knows Christopher isn’t interested in Lynnie. Back at the table, Lorelai asks Lynnie, a psychologist, to analyze a dream of hers about a walrus, then babbles about other topics so Christopher doesn’t have to talk.

Colin and Finn take Logan to his apartment, wanting to go out and hit one more bar. Logan wants to wait for Rory to come home so he can spend the rest of his last night in the States with her. He’s surprised to discover that Rory has planned a party for him and decorated the apartment in the ‘60s London style. Back at the elder Gilmores’, Emily complains to Lorelai that the whole evening was a waste of time since Christopher and Lynnie aren’t leaving together. Lorelai is just happy that she has something to complain about other than her daughter. On her way to her Jeep, Lorelai overhears Lynnie talking to a patient on the phone and learns that she does sessions whenever people need her. This leads to an impromptu session in Lynnie’s car where Lorelai talks about marriage, Max, Christopher, and Luke. She explains that she’s not sure she ever really loved someone before Luke, and she proposed to him because on top of everything else she liked about him, she realized how much he cared about Rory. Lorelai says that she’s ready to get married and have more children, but she’s sick of being patient, and she’s not really happy right now. Lynnie tells her that she’s the only person who can make her wait, so she needs to decide what she wants. Lorelai is worried that she’ll lose Luke if she pushes him too hard, but Lynnie points out that she doesn’t seem to really have him right now. “Some things are just never meant to be, no matter how much we wish they were,” Lynnie says.

At Logan’s party, Rory and Logan amuse themselves by watching Colin and Finn hit on a girl they don’t realize just got back together with her boyfriend. Logan tells Rory to tell him not to go to London, and though Rory obviously wants to do so, she can’t. Lorelai heads to the diner and tries to convince Luke to elope with her. She reminds him that he liked the idea when they were on Martha’s Vineyard (see “A Vineyard Valentine”), and that they already have a plan, they just have to put it in motion. Luke tells her they can’t just run off and get married, but she goes on about all of the plans they’ve made and the things she’s given up for him. Luke says he has April to consider, and Lorelai tells him that Anna said everything would be fine once she and Luke got married (see “Super Cool Party People”). She announces that she’s not going to defend herself for going to see Anna, since she’s stayed out of everything for months, and now it’s her turn to speak up. She wants to get married now, or it’s over. Luke says he can’t just take a jump like this, so it’s over. As Sam Phillips sings outside, Lorelai goes to Christopher’s apartment for some comfort. The next morning, Logan wakes Rory up as he’s leaving to go to the airport. She wants to go to the airport with him, and now she’s not quite as strong about his departure as she was the day before. Still, she has to let him go. At Christopher’s, Lorelai wakes up naked in Christopher’s bed, thinking about what happened between them the night before.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “Logan looked great, very dignified. He didn’t trip. He remembered to wear pants.”
Lorelai: “He’s quite a catch, that guy.”

“Stop imagining me in tights, Patty.” - Luke

Richard: “You can call a Gilmore many things, but you can’t call him a welsher.”
Lorelai: “What are the things you can call him, just for future reference?”

Lorelai: “Hey, what’s it called when you’re afraid of spiders?”
Lynnie: “Arachnophobia.”
Emily: “You have arachnophobia?”
Lorelai: “No.”
Richard: “Thank goodness.”
Lorelai: “What’s it called when you’re afraid of people who are afraid of spiders? ‘Cause that one I’ve got.”

Emily: “Well, that was a complete waste of time.”
Lorelai: “What are you talking about?”
Emily: “I’m talking about Christopher and Carolyn leaving separately.”
Lorelai: “Well, come on, Mom. What did you think? They were gonna throw down and consummate it right here in the foyer?”
Emily: “No, I didn’t think they were gonna throw down and consummate it in the foyer. I just thought they could go out for some coffee.”
Lorelai: “You served them coffee.”
Emily: “So what?”
Lorelai: “So you can’t be shocked when you serve people three cups of coffee and then they don’t feel like going out for coffee. Not everyone is me.”

Lorelai: “Hey, where’s the weirdest place you ever had a session?”
Lynnie: “Skull Mountain at Six Flags.”
Lorelai: “So, not this.”
Lynnie: “Nope, not this.”
Lorelai: “Well, not only have I screwed up your night, but it’s not even a good story.”
Lynnie: “It’s still a pretty good story.”
Lorelai: “Yeah, that’s good, ‘cause I like to entertain. You know, I should have been a monkey in Washington Square Park with, like, a snappy hat.”

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