"A Vineyard Valentine"
Written and directed by Daniel Palladino

At the inn, Sookie stresses out about food for Valentine’s Day and debates making burritos. She and Lorelai discuss their plans for the holiday, and - surprise, surprise - Lorelai reveals that Luke doesn’t think the day is that special. A zydeco band arrives, since Lorelai wanted to audition them for the wedding and never cancelled. At Rory and Logan’s apartment (see “You’ve Been Gilmored”), Rory gets ready for class while Logan lounges. He thinks they’ve seen less of each other since she’s moved in and asks her to go away for the weekend. Rory wants to spend time with Lorelai, so Logan tells her to invite her and Luke along. At the Yale Daily News, Rory does the editor thing, then calls Lorelai, who’s still dealing with the band in the background. Rory assures Lorelai that she’ll get married soon enough, but Lorelai is upset that Luke is spending more and more time with April. Rory invites her and Luke to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend. Later, Luke and Lorelai pack for the weekend and Lorelai reads a pamphlet about everything they can do on the trip. She proceeds to find all of the double entendres related to the island. Luke asks where they stand with Logan, since their attitude towards him changes a lot, and Lorelai says that they’re supposed to have a truce. Luke wonders if Rory and Logan will break up while they’re there. Lorelai tries to stay optimistic but gets a little down when Luke tells her that April’s bike is in her garage.

Luke and Lorelai meet up with Logan and Rory at the Huntzbergers’ house on the Vineyard, where Luke officially meets Logan for the first time. Rory gives a quick tour and alerts them to some abnormalities in the house. Once Luke and Lorelai are in their room, Luke wonders if they’re supposed to stay there for the night. He proceeds to complain that Logan correcting Rory is a sign that he’s snotty. He thinks there’s so much tension between them that they could break up over the weekend. Lorelai creeps out of the room and asks Rory if they’re allowed to leave or if they have to stay in their room. They note that it’s weird to all be together in someone else’s house. In the morning, Lorelai realizes that Luke has brought along a lot of stuff he didn’t need to bring, such as a First Aid kit and camping supplies. He sends her to the kitchen to make sure it’s okay to go in before they head to the beach. After some time outside, Rory tells them she and Logan are heading to the gym and Lorelai decides that she has to tag along and see whatever happens. There, Rory and Lorelai spend more time exercising their mouths than anything else. Luke and Logan play basketball and are overly polite to each other. Afterwards, they find Rory and Lorelai, who are getting massages from guys who work in the laundry service. Back at the house, Luke complains about Logan and he and Lorelai bicker a little.

In the kitchen, Lorelai finds Rory cooking and teases her. Rory lets her help and sends Luke outside to help Logan cook lobsters. Logan tells Luke that he’s going to give Rory her Valentine’s gifts at dinner and Luke reveals that he doesn’t have anything for Lorelai, since it’s not Valentine’s Day yet. Logan tells him he can give her one of the gifts he got for Rory. In the kitchen, Rory tells Lorelai that she and Logan are planning to go to Asia for a few weeks after school is done for the year. Rory notes that it’s kind of strange that Luke and Logan could be the ones they’re going to spend the rest of their lives with. At dinner, the guys give out the gifts, which the women love. Later, Lorelai brings up the wedding, telling Luke that she’s had to cancel a lot of things and has lost a lot of their deposits. He promises her that they’ll get married. In the morning, the two eat a breakfast Logan and Rory prepared for them and talk about visiting the beach when they were younger. Luke suggests eloping on the Vineyard over the summer. Mitchum suddenly arrives and blasts Logan for being unreachable. He sends him to London for business and says that as soon as he’s graduating, he’s living there for a year. Rory worries that this will ruin their trip to Asia, but Logan tells her to keep planning everything. Back in Stars Hollow, talk of April invades Luke and Lorelai’s lives again and she leaves him at the diner. At home, she receives a number of phone messages from family members and friends congratulating her on the wedding.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Bill: “And Professor Wallace wants a correction to the interview we printed with him. He wants to clarify that he, in fact, referred to his department’s problems with the advisory board as a, quote, us and them thing, unquote.”
Rory: “What did we print?”
Bill: “S&M thing.”

Lorelai: “And not that I’m hunting for my own compliments, but that celery I cut, huh?”
Rory: “Let’s hear it for the celery chopper!” (everyone applauds)
Lorelai: “Oh, this is so spontaneous and unexpected! Not quite loud enough.”

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