"You’ve Been Gilmored"
Written by Jordan Nardino; directed by Stephen Clancy

The Gilmores are back together for Friday night dinner (see “Friday Night’s All Right for Fighting”) and Lorelai is pleased that everyone is being civil. Richard brings up Yale and Emily says that she wasn’t sure they could talk about that. Lorelai reminds her parents that they were going to try to put everything behind them. She tries to restart the conversation but Richard and Emily stick with exactly what they’d said before. After some arguing, Emily asks after Luke and pesters Lorelai to tell her when they’re getting married. Instead of telling her that the wedding has been postponed, Lorelai tells her that the date is still June 3rd. Emily notes that they haven’t seen Luke for a while, so she wants Lorelai to bring him to the next Friday night dinner. Of course, she also gets involved with the wedding plans. Back at home, Lorelai makes frozen pizza, since she didn’t eat her dinner, which she thinks Emily and Richard ate very slowly. Rory asks her why she told her parents she was getting married on June 3rd. Lorelai says that she was cornered and didn’t want to admit that it had been postponed.

Rory emerges from her room in Yale sweats and Lorelai suggests that she get some for Christopher. She notes that she hasn’t heard from him for a while and wonders what he’s up to. Rory thinks he’s doing what he promised, which was paying her tuition and staying out of everything else. Lorelai thinks that Rory should invite her father to Yale for lunch and spend some time with him. At the Yale Daily News, Rory learns that Paris has been officially kicked out but refuses to emerge from her bunker, so no one has been able to give her the news yet. Rory volunteers and informs Paris that she’s been fired. She encourages her to walk out with her head held high, telling her that she’s better than the others and doesn’t need to be the editor anyway. Paris exits the bunker and resigns, then leaves. One of the staffers moves her location magnet to “out” and everyone cheers. At the inn, Luke complains about having to go to Friday night dinner and tries to find a way to make the meal go faster. Lorelai doesn’t want to skip having drinks because being drunk makes things easier. Instead, she offers to fake an illness during dessert.

Michel is upset that Luke has fixed some things around the inn, since he likes Parker, the usual handyman. He wants to make a list of things for Luke to do, since he and Lorelai always make a list for Parker. At the Yale Daily News, the staffers attempt to vote on a new editor but can’t get a majority rule after three days of trying. Someone suggests Rory and she’s elected to the position. When she heads home to her apartment, she finds all of her things piled up in the hallway and a lock that her key doesn’t fit. Paris is furious that Rory is the new editor and thinks that Rory worked with the staffers to overthrow her. At the inn, Michel picks on Luke and practically cries over Parker’s absence. Rory calls Logan from her building hallway to complain that there are no places left to live. He offers to let her move in with him; she already hangs out there a lot and has a couple of drawers. She agrees and he tells her he’ll send Colin and Finn over to get her things. At the inn, Lorelai confronts Michel about yelling at Luke and finally learns that he’s upset because he misses making a list with her for Parker. Lorelai tells him that they’ll go that afternoon and do their normal routine.

Rory shows Christopher around Yale; he asks to see her apartment and she takes him to her new place, surprising him by telling him that she lives with Logan now. Logan isn’t thrilled that she’s brought him over without warning but he and Christopher quickly bond over getting thrown out of numerous boarding schools. Rory asks Christopher not tell Lorelai about her living situation yet. At home, Lorelai gives Luke the list she and Michel made, which he’s not very happy about. At Friday night dinner, Luke and Lorelai drop hints about her having eaten bad shrimp but Emily and Richard don’t seem to catch on. They’d rather know about the couple’s living arrangements and insurance. They also share stories about acquaintances who have run into unfortunate circumstances. Richard thinks Lorelai could be a target because she’s doing well for herself, and when he and Emily learn about April, they wonder if she’s not some sort of con artist. Luke and Lorelai escape dinner intact and try to stop themselves from giving into Richard and Emily’s paranoia. Luke assures her that Anna isn’t a con artist after his money. “You’ve been Gilmored,” Lorelai tells him.

Christopher calls Lorelai to tell her that Rory has moved in with Logan. Lorelai is surprised and tells Christopher that he can feel however he wants to about Logan. Rory calls and Lorelai puts her on hold to tell Christopher, who begs her not to rat him out for spilling Rory’s news. Rory tells Lorelai where she’s living and Lorelai pretends to be surprised. She figures out that Christopher already told her and Lorelai says that Rory shouldn’t be mad because Christopher is trying to be a good father. Rory asks Lorelai for her opinion on the new living arrangements but Lorelai isn’t sure what to say, since she’s never lived with a guy. She says that she hopes Rory hasn’t really moved in because of a housing shortage. Rory admits that she loves Logan and Lorelai says that she wants her to be happy. She then asks for advice on living with a guy before she officially moves in with Luke.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “5, 4, 3, 2--.”
Richard: “I love shrimp! Who else loves shrimp?”
Rory: “Me!”

Rory: “No. Not again.”
Lorelai: “I’m telling you, there’s a story in there somewhere.”
Rory: “Yeah, the story is you calling yourself Mrs. Clooney for two-and-a-half hours.”

Sheila: “Well, I’d vote for Rory before I’d switch to Andrew. Sorry, Andrew.”
Bill: “And I’d vote for Rory before I’d switch to Cathy. Sorry, Cathy.”
A.K.: “And I’d vote for anybody over Casey, because Casey’s an idiot and he didn’t even show up.”
Bill: “He’s in the back.”
A.K.: “Sorry, Casey.”

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