"Friday Night’s All Right for Fighting"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Kenny Ortega

Lorelai tries to sneak out of the bedroom early in the morning without waking Luke but doesn’t succeed. He asks why she’s being evasive and she admits that she’s meeting Sookie to get flowers for the wedding, since she hasn’t yet told Sookie that it’s been postponed (see “Just Like Gwen and Gavin”). Luke asks if she needs help canceling things, but she declines. At the flower mart, she gives Sookie the news, adding that Luke has a daughter. Sookie is shocked and wonders if Jackson could have a child out there that she doesn’t know about. She tries to convince Lorelai that Luke will figure things out and the wedding will be back on track. Lorelai decides to wait before canceling all of her arrangements, in case Sookie is right. At Yale, Logan hangs around the coffee cart so he can talk to Rory and attempt to win her back. She agrees to a date later in the week. At home, Lorelai gets a call from Richard, who is confused as to why Rory’s tuition check was returned to him. She calls Rory to fill her in and notes that sooner or later, Richard and Emily will find out that Christopher is now paying her tuition (see “He’s Slippin’ ‘Em Bread…Dig?”). Rory reluctantly agrees to let them know. She flips through the Yale Daily News and spots an empty space that reads, “Photo to come - Paris to approve.”

Rory rushes to the newspaper office, where Paris is haranguing a writer and later complains that people don’t want to write their names on paper cups and reuse them. Rory confronts her about the lack of a photo in the paper, but Paris won’t budge on her decision. Lorelai calls her parents to tell them that Christopher is paying Rory’s tuition. Emily is furious but Lorelai tells Richard that it’s nice that Christopher is trying to be a good father for once. She adds that they’re grateful for all of the help Richard and Emily have already provided. Later, Lorelai visits Rory at school and learns that Rory and Logan will be going out that night. She tells Rory how the call to Richard and Emily went and says that she wants Rory to have a relationship with them. She then adds that they’re going to Friday night dinner the next night. Rory drops by the newspaper office and learns that a bunch of people have quit, so that night will be the first night in history that the paper doesn’t come out. Paris is in her little bunker, determined to get the paper out herself, no matter how much work it requires. Rory quickly puts the few writers left to work. Sookie takes Paul Anka for the night and Lorelai gets a message from Luke that April is stopping by the diner, so he won’t be able to see her until later that night. She heads to Taylor’s shop, where a bunch of townies gather at the window to spy on and gossip about Luke and April.

At the Daily News, Rory learns that the paper is losing its spot at the printer’s, so she charms her way into getting it back. After fighting a few more fires, she’s surprised when Logan shows up for their date and even more surprised when he offers to help her out. At home, Luke goes on about how great April is and hopes that she’s not embarrassed to have him for a father. He brings up everyone staring from Taylor’s shop and Lorelai plays dumb. At the Daily News, everyone finishes up the issue but learns that they’ve lost their printing time to another paper. Logan lies to the person in charge that they’ve already sent in the issue, dragging things out until Rory can actually send it. Paris comes out of her bunker, happy about the news, and everyone ignores her. Rory thanks Logan for the save and apologizes for not being able to go to dinner. He’s not fazed, since he brought food with him. The next night, Rory and Lorelai head to the elder Gilmores’ for dinner, neither of them thrilled to be spending their evening in that way. Inside, Richard acts normally but Emily is irritated at having her painting session interrupted. Rory thinks that Emily is avoiding her and realizes that she never actually said she wanted them to come to dinner. Richard tries to convince her and Lorelai that nothing strange is going on.

The first fight of the evening starts when Lorelai brings up Christopher and Rory’s tuition. Rory tries to explain things but Emily thinks it’s funny that Christopher is only now starting to act like a father. Rory says that she didn’t want Richard and Emily to have to pay for her school anymore, adding that Christopher offered to pay. Everyone starts to split up but Lorelai makes them stay until they work out their issues. Later, at dinner, everyone argues about Rory’s screw-up, her moving out, and whether or not she’s spoiled. Emily wants her to admit what she’s done wrong and apologize. Lorelai defends Rory and brings up the fact that Emily wanted to buy a plane after she moved out (see “The Prodigal Daughter Returns”). Later, they argue about the Mitchum situation, and after that, Lorelai reenacts her conversation with Richard and Emily when they agreed to get Rory to go back to school. After enjoying some sorbet, Richard and Emily fight about the airplane in the next room. Later, they tell Lorelai and Rory what Emily said to Shira at the USO function (see “We’ve Got Magic to Do”), and even later, Rory and Emily fight about the DAR, which Emily wants Rory to quit. Lorelai and Richard sit quietly, discussing Luke. Later, Lorelai and Emily fight about her teenage pregnancy, and at the end of the evening, everyone collapses, exhausted. Lorelai and Rory leave, confident that Friday night dinner has been officially reinstated.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “Luke has a kid.”
Sookie: “A kid like a goat?”

Lorelai: “And he’s trying to handle it the best way he can.”
Sookie: “Drinking?”

Rory: “Maybe people don’t want to reuse a paper cup.”
Paris: “Well, then hopefully people who don’t want to reuse a paper cup won’t mind buying SPF 5000 for their grandkids when the rainforest is gone and the ozone layer’s a doily and the human race is bursting into flames.”

“He’s totally fine having his personal freedom slowly stripped away, as long as he’s completely unaware that it’s happening. Just like a true American.” - Lorelai, re: Paul Anka

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