"We’ve Got Magic to Do"
Written by Michael Zinberg; directed by Daniel Palladino

Luke and Lorelai arrive at the diner after some shopping and Lorelai gets a call from Sookie telling her that the stove at the inn is on fire. Fortunately, there isn’t much damage, but Lorelai is worried that she’s jinxed, since this isn’t the first fire she’s had to deal with at an inn (see “A Tale of Poes and Fire”). At the inn, Jackson and Luke check out the damage while Sookie tells Lorelai and Michel how scary the fire was for her. (Michel thinks she’s being overdramatic.) The guys tell them that they’ll have to shut down the kitchen for a little while and have a professional fix things. They also need to have an insurance person check things out before a professional will come in. Emily holds a DAR meeting at her house to discuss an upcoming get-together. The women decide that it’s too late to fix things, but Rory thinks that the week before the event is enough time to turn things around. Rory is elected to take over the planning, which she agrees to do. Luke and Lorelai eat dinner at Sookie and Jackson’s house, where Jackson and Sookie uncharacteristically criticize Davey for no reason. Sookie realizes that in order to fix the kitchen, Lorelai will have to deal with Richard. Lorelai sees Luke eating quietly in the midst of the chaos in the house and looks a little sad.

At the elder Gilmores’, Emily complains to Richard that Rory has changed the entire menu for the upcoming event. She’s also changed the theme to the USO and possibly changed the location. Richard encourages her to ask Rory about her plans, but Emily claims that she wants to stay out of things. She adds that Rory isn’t serving salmon puffs, a fate worse than death in the DAR. Richard tries to assure her that Rory will handle everything well, since she’s incredibly capable. At the inn, Sookie tries to rally her kitchen staff into proving that they don’t need a stove to make good meals. Richard arrives with an insurance inspector, which makes Sookie happy. Lorelai asks Richard if his and Emily’s big plan for Rory is working out; she notes that it obviously isn’t if Rory still isn’t back in Yale. She asks about the Huntzbergers, noting how horrible they were to Rory (see “But I’m a Gilmore”), which Richard doesn’t believe. Rory meets with some party planners at the pool house and makes good use of her DAR-appointed assistant. Rory gets a call from Logan, then a visit from Paris, who is panicking because she’s suddenly broke. Her parents ticked off the IRS one too many times and all of their money has been frozen. Yale has already been paid for through the end of the year, but all she has is a trust fund, which won’t kick in until she’s 25. Rory suggests that she get a job, then offers to let her help serve food at the USO function. She then spots her some money.

Lorelai comes home to find Luke cooking dinner for the two of them and Paul Anka. He spots a flier on the fridge for a dance recital at Miss Patty’s; it’s her annual show where all of her students perform. Luke offers to go but Lorelai knows he’ll hate it and tells him that he’s already doing a lot of things he hates just to be with her. She encourages him to go camping or fishing instead. During dinner at the elder Gilmores’, Rory text messages her assistant to make sure everything is in order for the USO function. Emily is surprised to hear that the function is sold out and they’ve had to turn people away. Just before the event starts, Rory takes care of last minute details as Paris expresses how excited she is to be part of the working class. Sookie and Lorelai head to the recital at Miss Patty’s; it starts with a cheesy rendition of “Magic to Do” from Pippin. Rory oversees the USO function as Paris checks with guests to see if she’s doing all right. Emily and Richard arrive and are impressed with the job Rory has done. They decide to start off the dancing. In the forest, Luke is bored. Later, Rory makes the rounds to make sure everything is all right. Her assistant informs her that a group has arrived who didn’t RSVP. Rory is shocked to see that Shira is part of the group. Panicking, she heads to the kitchen and complains about Shira, then decides that she needs to keep things professional and give her a table. She does so, keeping things absolutely polite.

Emily learns which table Shira has been seated at and panics. She informs Rory that Shira has been placed at the “slush table,” the table for people who show up unannounced. Rory doesn’t know how to fix the situation, since there are no other available tables, so Emily says that she’ll handle things. She warns that if she doesn’t, the seating faux pas will be the only thing people remember from the evening. Rory notes that Emily keeps talking about the Huntzbergers, not just Shira, and Emily points out that Mitchum has arrived. Rory panics again and heads back to the kitchen, telling Paris that she can’t face Mitchum after what he said to her (see “Blame Booze and Melville”). Paris complains back about the ruling class. At Miss Patty’s, Kirk does a performance piece he did 20 years earlier. It’s frightening. Lorelai spots Luke returning from the forest and goes over to the diner to talk to him. He tells her that he only went because she wanted him to, but he actually likes doing things with her. After they decide to do whatever they want to do, Luke says he’ll go back out to the forest. At the USO function, Richard encounters Mitchum in the restroom and asks him what happened with Rory’s internship. Mitchum says that Rory turned out not to be such a great journalist, so he told her. Richard is, of course, furious about this. Emily finds him and he tells her that everything Lorelai said about the Huntzbergers and the way they treated Rory was right. After he goes outside, Emily quietly insults Shira and tells her that Rory and Logan will stay together as long as they want to.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Jackson: “So did anybody see that new show on TV last night?”
Lorelai: “The one where they were solving crimes by cutting people’s bodies open and poking their organs?”
Jackson: “No.”
Sookie: “The one where they’re solving crimes from 30 years ago by going to graveyards and cutting open bodies and poking their organs?”
Jackson: “No.”
Lorelai: “Oh. The one where people are missing and then they find their bodies and cut them open and poke their organs, and that’s how they solve crimes?”
Jackson: “No.”
Lorelai: “What else is on?”

Emily: “Richard, listen when I talk to you!”
Richard: “I’m sorry, Emily. It takes a second to emerge from Samuel Beckett. He’s a strange man.”

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