"He’s Slippin’ ‘Em Bread…Dig?"
Written by Daniel Palladino; directed by Kenny Ortega

Rory and Lorelai are happily hanging out at home, enjoying Lorelai’s huge new bathroom. Rory notes that she hasn’t seen much of Paul Anka, but Lorelai says he just wants to make sure Rory isn’t going to break his heart. Rory goes over her to-do list for the day, having already done a couple of things. Downstairs, she finds Paul Anka on the coffee table and wonders how she’s supposed to approach him. Lorelai tells her to put sugar on her toes so he can lick it off. She retrieves a hatbox full of notes she made to herself while Rory was gone of things she didn’t want to forget to tell her. They start going over them on their way to Luke’s. Of course, there are a couple they can’t decipher. When they arrive at the diner, Lorelai announces Rory’s entrance with a drumroll that Luke and Rory both think sounds more like a helicopter. Lorelai shows Luke one of her notes, hoping he can help decipher it, but he just complains about the restaurant they were in when she wrote the note. Rory asks if there’s anything new in Luke’s life; he tells her there’s nothing (see “The Prodigal Daughter Returns”). Lane approaches and invites Rory to a Hep Alien showcase that will be taking place in front of a label representative. Lorelai is jealous of the girls’ unjinxing routine and wants to learn it. Rory notes that a lot of Zach’s songs have girls’ names. She agrees to videotape the showcase and reveals that Logan won’t be coming.

Lorelai takes Rory to the inn to surprise Sookie with their reunion. Sookie notes that this means Lorelai and Luke can set a wedding date. She’s also very happy that Rory will be around for Thanksgiving. Michel is also happy to see Rory, though he pretends his glee just came from surprise. At Hep Alien’s apartment, the band tries to decide on their set list for the showcase; Lane notes that it’s full of songs named after girls. She seems jealous that he’s never written a song about her. Zach’s excuse is that nothing rhymes with Lane, though he already has a song called “Lorraine.” At the inn, Rory and Lorelai continue going through the notes and Lorelai reveals that Christopher called. He wants to see her to discuss something that he says is good news for both girls. They wonder what he wants to talk about and whether or not he’s in cahoots with Richard and Emily on something. They decide that the only way to find out is for Lorelai to meet with Christopher. At the diner, Luke lets Liz use the oven to make Thanksgiving dinner for a bunch of Renaissance Faire people. She tries to get help from a customer, which leads Luke to help out instead. Hep Alien visits Sophie’s music store for picks and Brian reveals that he’s writing a song called “Lane.” Lorelai meets Christopher at a restaurant and catches him up on Rory’s life. He tells her that his grandfather died, leaving him a ton of money. He’s set aside a bunch for Gigi and wants to buy something for Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai doesn’t want anything but promises to ask Rory if she does.

Hep Alien, minus Zach, sets up for their showcase, sharing memories of past experiences in the club. Zach shows up late and decides to change the setup. He adds that he’s brought along a guy named Joel to play tambourine. Lane pulls Zach aside and chastises him for not treating their band like a democracy. He tells her not to be negative before the showcase. Paris calls Rory from the Yale newsroom and learns that Rory is returning to school. Paris isn’t surprised. Rory asks for help with finding a place to live and possibly getting back on the newspaper staff. Paris tells her that she’s changed things at the newsroom so that no one is allowed to have conversations or go home for Thanksgiving. Lorelai returns from the restaurant and passes on Christopher’s news. Rory considers letting him pay for Yale, since that would help her get out from under Emily and Richard’s thumb. The girls compare horror stories from having to live with them. At the showcase, Zach starts acting like a diva and winds up throwing out the set list. Things get off to a horrible start and Zach yells at Brian, telling the others to get off his stage if they have a problem. Fed up, Gil tackles Zach. While they’re fighting, the crowd starts booing and throwing things, so the curtain is closed. Outside, Lane blasts Zach for being an idiot and letting the rest of the band down. He decides that it’s true that people in bands shouldn’t date.

Rory and Lorelai meet with Christopher at the restaurant and tell him that they would like him to pay for Yale. He’s thrilled to. After Rory leaves the table to take a call, Christopher asks Lorelai what happened to Richard and Emily paying for school. She just says that it’s a long story. He spots her engagement ring and congratulates her. At the diner, Liz experiences a cooking crisis that Luke isn’t thrilled to have to deal with. He decides that he needs to come clean to someone and tells her about April. Liz is excited but realizes that he hasn’t told Lorelai yet. He’s afraid that the news will wreck things now that they’re so happy. The two discuss Anna and Luke tries to convince himself not to worry about things. At the Dragonfly, Sookie cooks for a number of people, including the refugees from Liz’s ruined meal. Lorelai fills Luke in on Christopher’s offers, thinking he might be upset that she met with him. Luke is just happy that Christopher is taking care of his daughter. Rory gets a call from Honor, who tells her that Logan (aka “young Seacrest”) is saying that they broke up. Luke sneaks out for a minute to call April, but he decides not to leave a message on her answering machine. Everyone gathers for a slightly less than stellar Thanksgiving.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “Got to Gypsy’s shop before it opened. There was only one other annoying early bird ahead of me, but I bribed Gypsy with a pack of Rolos and she took me first.”
Lorelai: “She is such a Rolo whore.”

“Yay! I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘yay’ before. Sounded weird.” - Luke

Luke: “This is not what I call not being intrusive.”
Liz: “Okay, I know this. Two nots is a double negative, which makes it a positive, and - you know what, this is where I always lose my train of thought.”

Sophie: “Doesn’t make me want to be violently ill.”
Lane: “High praise.”

“You can crush people with money. You want some people-crushing money?” - Christopher

Rory: “Well, you know what they say - weird sound check, good gig.”
Lane: “Who says that?”
Rory: “Well, just me. But I’m hoping it’ll catch on.”
Lane: “See those two guys? Those are the label guys.”
Rory: “Oh. I’ll be careful not to hurt them when I start violently slam-dancing.”

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