"Just Like Gwen and Gavin"
Written by Daniel Palladino; directed by Stephen Clancy

In the middle of the night Lorelai and Luke are woken by the church bells as the town is summoned to a town meeting. Luke wants to go back to bed but Lorelai makes him go to the meeting so they won’t miss anything important. At the meeting, Taylor speaks to everyone via TV from his sister’s house in Maine, where he’s snowed in. He tells them that he might not be back in time for the Winter Carnival, which is that coming weekend, so he thinks they’ll have to cancel. Instead, Kirk is elected to take over and everyone goes back to bed. Later in the morning, Lorelai tells Luke that being woken up so early allowed her to get a lot of things done. She’s also decided to run a booth at the carnival. Rory arrives at her apartment to find flowers from Logan, who has already sent her a bunch. Paris doesn’t like this because she’s afraid people will think they have money and try to rob them. Shortly afterwards, Rory receives a fruit delivery, also from Logan. In Stars Hollow, Luke meets up with April in the park and they share awkward conversation. They try to think of something they can do together and April suggests that she come hang out at the diner. He isn’t thrilled about the idea but invites her to come by the next day.

At the inn, Kirk bugs Lorelai about her carnival booth, which he criticizes as being unorthodox. She promises that she won’t embarrass him but he reminds her of a number of promises she’s broken. Lorelai tries to talk to a guest who’s there with the New England Maple Syrup Council, but Kirk is under the impression that he can be helpful by hanging out next to her. He also wants to find out if the guest would pay to have his fortune told by a dog. Paris harasses writers at the Yale Daily News, then shows Rory her new magnet board, which allows her to see where everyone is at all times. Rory declines to tell her that she’s crazy. As she heads to class, a guy pushing a coffee cart informs her that Logan has hired him to follow her around all day. She’s not happy about the situation but allows him to tag along with her. Luke calls Anna and tries to get out of his visit with April, but Anna makes him stick with it. Rory runs into some fellow Yale Daily News journalists at a pub, catching them discussing an overthrow of Paris. Rory tries to make it clear that she shouldn’t be excluded because of her friendship with Paris, then joins the discussion. She also offers everyone coffee from her personal cart.

In Stars Hollow, Lorelai encounters an incognito Taylor, who explains that he wants to see how people handle the carnival without his help. She promises to keep his secret. She then runs into Zach, who is ticked about the breakups of his band and his relationship with Lane. Lorelai tries to encourage him by telling him that he’ll move on, but he interprets to mean that Lane has already moved on. Lorelai finds Kirk putting up a tarot card-reading booth right next to hers; he wants people to feel satisfied that they’ve actually had their fortunes read. Luke calls and tells Lorelai that he needs to talk to her about something, but she has the Maple Syrup Council to deal with, among other things, and won’t be able to stop by the diner that day. Luke is pleased by this, since it means she won’t run into April before he can tell her about her. Nearby, Zach spots Mrs. Kim talking to a guy about Lane and gets upset. April arrives at the diner and shares more awkward conversation with Luke before offering to do some things to help out. At the inn, Lorelai and Sookie observe the Syrup Council’s tasting and are grossed out. Logan shows up unexpectedly and tries to get Lorelai on his side so she can help him win Rory back. Unfortunately, it seems to work. Lorelai winds up at the diner after all and encounters April, who announces that Luke is her father.

Luke finds April filling Lorelai in and takes Lorelai outside, where she attempts to process the news. She’s especially surprised that Luke has knows about his daughter for two months and hasn’t said anything. She tells him that she needs to leave so she can deal with everything. At the Yale Daily News, Rory learns that Paris has given everyone a cap with a number on it so that she doesn’t have to remember anyone’s name. Rory pulls her into the hallway and tries to tell her that people are getting uncomfortable with the atmosphere. She tells her about the meeting at the pub, leading Paris to go back into the newsroom and tell everyone to stop trying to “Howell Raines” her. Rory heads home and finds Logan waiting for her with pastries and a letter from Lorelai. After reading it, Rory agrees to go to dinner with Logan. Later, she heads to Stars Hollow, where Lorelai informs her that Luke has a daughter. After hearing all of the details and Lorelai’s fears that Luke doesn’t trust her, Rory says that if Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale could get past the revelation that he had a teenaged love child, Luke and Lorelai can get past this. Lorelai decides that Luke will probably be able to relate to them.

At the Winter Carnival, Kirk checks kids’ tickets to make sure they aren’t counterfeit while Taylor poses as a German tourist. Lorelai and Rory have fun with their Doggy Swami booth; Lorelai is grateful for the distraction. Lane and the guy from earlier, Joe, run Mrs. Kim’s booth, which mostly consists of telling people that they’re going to Hell. Zach stalks Joe as Miss Patty spots Taylor and notes that he’s finally lost it. Zach and Joe face off at Babette’s bottle booth and Zach finally lets out his anger. He then confronts Mrs. Kim, who informs him that Joe is Lane’s uncle. “I am not going to get in your way,” she tells him. Lane pays a visit to the Doggy Swami, learning that she will “sing songs of gemstones.” Luke drops by and apologizes to Lorelai for not telling her about April when he found out about her. She points out that she can help him, since she raised Rory. Luke says that everything is happening quickly and the wedding is approaching a little too fast for his tastes. She offers to postpone and he quickly agrees. He’s relieved but she is less than thrilled with their new plans.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “What are they saying?”
Luke: “There was a clown beating?”
Lorelai: “Not again.”

Babette: “Hey, you guys hear the bells?”
Luke: “No, we were just on one of our spontaneous 3-in-the-morning strolls, saw everybody in here and wondered, hey, what’s up?”
Babette: “Really?”
Luke: “No!”
Babette: “He’s cranky at 3 in the morning.”

Taylor: “I got lucky last night and caught a plane out of Maine.”
Lorelai: “Even with the rain in Spain?”

“Welcome to the S.H., b%$@#!” - Zach to Joe

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