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Season 1

1. Pilot - The Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin is in danger of closing, but Michael Scott can't help using the situation to tease his employees. Jim takes to torturing nemesis Dwight. New temp Ryan should have gotten out when he could.
2. Diversity Day - Michael thinks he can teach about diversity better than corporate's designated teacher. Jim tries not to lose a lucrative deal.
3. Health Care - Dwight lets the power of picking a new healthcare plan go to his head. Jim and Pam can't help having fun on his behalf.
4. The Alliance - In order to boost morale and distract everyone from the potential downsizing, Michael throws a birthday party for Meredith. Dwight tries to make a pact with Jim in case the branch is the victim of downsizing.
5. Basketball - The office workers face off against the warehouse guys. Jim thinks this is his shot to prove he's better than Roy.
6. Hot Girl - The men are excited by new blood when a women comes in to sell purses. Pam is jealous of the competition.

Season 2

7. The Dundies - The annual Dundies awards show makes Jim worry that Michael will embarrass Pam. Of course, he ends up embarrassing himself more. Dwight wants to know who graffitoed the women's bathroom.
8. Sexual Harassment - Todd Packer causes trouble in the office, especially where Michael's e-mail forwards are concerned. Pam worries that her mother's impending visit will be reuined by her coworkers.
9. Office Olympics - Jim and Pam take advantage of Michael and Dwight's absence to host some Olympic games. Michael and Dwight work on a deal for Michael's condo.
10. The Fire - A fire breaks out in the office, sending everyone to the parking lot for the day. Jim starts up some games that lead to a lot of educational spilling. Dwight is jealous of Ryan, but he eventually finds out something that makes him feel a lot better.
11. Halloween - Michael is ordered to fire an employee. Pam and Jim try to find Dwight a new job, but it's ultimately Jim who might be making a change.
12. The Fight - A battle between Dwight and Michael leads to a showdown at a dojo. Michael gets Ryan's phone number and uses it to harass him. Pam isn't as comfortable with Jim as she leads on.
13. The Client - Michael and Jan finesse a client, and Jan is surprised that Michael is actually good at something. Jim finds a script Michael wrote and leads a reading session with his coworkers.
14. Performance Review - Michael takes advantage of performance reviews to get feedback on his relationship with Jan. Dwight thinks it's Friday, not Thursday, so Jim and Pam keep up the charade.
15. Email Surveillance - Pam suspects and Dwight and Angela are more than friends. Michael starts monitoring his employees' e-mails, then crashes a barbecue at Jim's apartment.
16. Christmas Party - Secret Santa turns into Yankee Swap when Michael is disappointed in his Christmas present. This threatens to ruin Jim's plans to give Pam a meaningful gift.
17. Booze Cruise - Michael tries to motivate his employees with a cruise. Roy and Pam set a date while Jim and Katy's relationship falls apart.
18. The Injury - After burning his foot, Michael tries to teach his employees about disabilities. Dwight has his own disability and winds up at the hospital.
19. The Secret - Michael learns of Jim's crush on Pam, so Jim tries to keep his secret contained. Dwight tries to find out why Oscar is really calling in sick to work.
20. The Carpet - Thanks to a present left on his carpet, Michael realizes that not everyone loves him. Dwight is glad to play some pranks with him, but since Michael has displaced Jim, Pam is left without fun of her own. Jim doesn't have fun either, since he's stuck in the middle of Kelly and Ryan's flirtation.
21. Boys and Girls - Jan separates the men from the women while leading a women's seminar. Michael's version of the seminar involves taking the men to the warehouse.
22. Valentine's Day - While at a conference in New York, Michael reveals that he and Jan slept together. Back in Scranton, Pam is upset not to have a present from Roy. Jim really doesn't care about Kelly and Ryan.
23. Dwight's Speech - Dwight is named Salesman of the Year, but he's afraid to give a speech. Jim doesn't want to be in Scranton when Pam and Roy get married.
24. Take Your Daughter to Work Day - Pam tries to connect with her coworkers' kids. Michael is surprised to get along with Toby's daughter. Ryan accidentally gets on Stanley's bad side.
25. Michael's Birthday - Michael wants to celebrate his birthday, even though Kevin is worried about some test results. Pam and Jim are at least focused on what's more important.
26. Drug Testing - The discovery of a joint in the parking lot sends Dwight to an obsessive search. Pam jinxes Jim, but soon learns that it's no fun when he can't talk.
27. Conflict Resolution - Once again, Michael thinks he can do something better than HR can. The full extent of Jim's pranks on Dwight is revealed.
28. Casino Night - Michael throws a charity casino event and finds himself with two dates. Jim considers leaving the Scranton branch, but first he'll have to show Pam how he really feels.

Season 3

29. Gay Witch Hunt - Michael accidentally outs Oscar, who reaps the benefits. Jim finds his new branch just as crazy as the old one.
30. The Convention - Michael and Dwight reunite with Jim in Pennsylvania. Ryan and Kelly take Pam with them on a double date.
31. The Coup - Angela plays Lady MacBeth to Dwight's MacBeth in an attempt to get him Michael's job. Jim and his new coworkers play "Call of Duty."
32. Grief Counseling - The death of Michael's old boss leads Michael to try to get his employees to talk about sad times. Jim tries to find chips for Karen.
33. Initiation - Dwight takes Ryan on his first sales call to initiate him as a salesman. Jim has fun at Karen's expense.
34. Diwali - Michael uses Kelly's family's Diwali celebration to teach his employees about Indian culture. Ryan meets Kelly's family. Jim, Andy, and Karen work late.
35. Branch Closing - The Scranton branch is ordered to close, so Michael tries to cheer up his employees. Jim continues to torture Dwight even from a different state.
36. The Merger - The Stamford employees arrive at the Scranton branch and Michael tries to get the new coworkers to bond. Jim has a new ally in the fight against Dwight.
37. The Convict - One of the Stamford employees is an ex-con, and while Michael is nervous, the others are mostly curious. Andy looks for a new girlfriend.
38. A Benihana Christmas - Suddenly single, Michael tries to cheer himself up with some Asian waitresses. Pam and Karen fight Angela by throwing their own Christmas party.
39. Back from Vacation - Michael returns from Jamaica with a photo that accidentally gets out. Pam tries to help Jim and Karen, who are in the middle of an argument.
40. Traveling Salesmen - The salespeople team up for sales calls, leading Andy to bug Michael about Dwight, Jim and Dwight to work together, and Ryan to embarrass himself in front of Stanley. Karen learns of Jim's crush on Pam. Dwight quits, but Angela will have her revenge.
41. The Return - Everyone realizes that Andy is a lot more annoying than Dwight, who has a new job at Staples. Without Dwight around, Pam and Jim take to torturing Andy. Karen gets confirmation that Jim isn't over Pam.
42. Ben Franklin - Jim hires a Ben Franklin impersonator instead of a stripper for Phyllis' bachelorette party. The guys hire their own stripper but no one really enjoys her. Karen assures Pam that she's okay with her history with Jim.
43. Phyllis's Wedding - Phyllis borrows heavily from Pam's plans for her own wedding. Michael comes close to ruining the whole thing a number of times (of course). Jim sics Dwight on nonexistent wedding crashers.
44. Business School - Michael speaks at Ryan's business school and learns what he really thinks of Dunder Mifflin. Dwight faces off with a bat in the office. Jim tries to make Dwight think he's a vampire. Pam has an art show.
45. Cocktails - Michael and Jan make their relationship public. The office employees spend some downtime together. Dwight is a fifth wheel at a party. Karen plays a huge joke on Jim. Roy doesn't react well to the news that Pam kissed Jim.
46. The Negotiation - Darryl wants a raise, which makes Michael want one, too. Roy attacks Jim and gets fired. Dwight saves Jim from Roy and Angela wants to know exactly what happened. Jim tries to thank Dwight, but Dwight doesn't want any praise.
47. Safety Training - After being shown up by Darryl during safety training, Michael tries to teach his employees about depression by pretending to attempt suicide. Dwight shuns Andy. March Madness withdrawal has everyone in the office placing numerous bets.
48. Product Recall - Thanks to Creed, a bunch of paper goes out bearing an obscene watermark. Andy learns his girlfriend is in high school. Kelly teaches customer service and tries to help Angela be nicer. Jim and Dwight impersonate each other.
49. Women's Appreciation - Michael takes the women to the mall after Phyllis is flashed. Dwight and Andy team up to find the flasher. The other men hang out in the women's bathroom.
50. Beach Games - After being recommended for a corporate position, Michael makes his employees compete to take his place. Pam tells Jim she misses spending time with him just as Jim decides to try for the same corporate job as Michael. Angela offers to help Dwight sabotage Andy.
51. The Job - Jim, Michael, and Karen interview for the corporate job. Michael names Dwight his successor, and Dwight names Andy his number two and Pam his secret assistant. Jan flips her lid.

Season 4

52. Fun Run - After hitting Meredith with his car, Michael believes the office is cursed. Jim and Pam are dating but trying to keep quiet about it. Dwight mercy-kills Angela's cat. Michael organizes a fun run for rabies awareness.
53. Dunder Mifflin Infinity - Ryan's new ideas for Dunder Mifflin don't sit well with Michael. Angela breaks up with Dwight, who teaches us all the similarities between business and relationships. Jim and Pam go public. Kelly tries to get Ryan back. Creed is 29.
54. Launch Party - The new website launches and Dwight tries to sell more paper by phone than through Internet orders. Michael kidnaps a pizza-delivery boy. Andy makes a move on Angela. Pam and Jim play yet another prank on Dwight. Phyllis tries a new tactic with Angela.
55. Money - Oscar tries to help Michael with his money problems (which Jan caused). Jim and Pam spend the night on Dwight's beet farm. Andy finally breaks Angela down. Kelly and Darryl have relationship issues.
56. Local Ad - Michael has everyone make a local TV ad. Dwight plays "Second Life." Andy tells Dwight all about his progress with Angela.
57. Branch Wars - Karen steals Stanley from Scranton, so Michael, Dwight, and Jim go to Utica to get revenge. Pam, Toby, and Oscar form a Finer Things Club. Andy wants in.
58. Survivor Man - After being excluded from Ryan's wilderness retreat, Michael decides to try it solo. Dwight keeps an eye on him. Jim tries to abolish birthday parties, to no one's delight.
59. The Deposition - Michael is deposed in Jan's lawsuit against Dunder Mifflin. Kelly smack-talks Pam when Darryl beats Jim in a game of ping pong. Toby finally gets some retribution.

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