"Boys and Girls"
Written by B.J. Novak; directed by Dennie Gordon

Jan as at Dunder Mifflin to lead a workshop for all of the women. Pam interviews that Jan has reiterated many times that Michael is not allowed to attend. He interrupts anyway and starts talking about equality until Jan kicks him out. Later, Dwight tells Jim that having all of the women in the same room is a bad idea as their cycles will all get into sync with each other’s. Michael calls all of the guys together for their own workshop, but Jan asks them to go somewhere else. Dwight suggests the warehouse, and Michael decides this is a good idea since it will allow them to see real men working. Toby stays behind without anyone noticing. As the guys head to the warehouse, an obviously different world from theirs, Dwight says to the camera, “Remember on Lost, when they met the Others?” Michael greets Darryl and Roy, nicknaming Roy and Pam “Ram.” Kevin tells Jim that he bets Roy has heard about Jim’s crush on Pam and that Roy will beat him up. (Kevin has Jim’s back just in case, though.)

Michael tries to get the guys to unite, saying that he doesn’t see them as white-collar vs. blue-collar. In the conference room, Jan has the women go around the table and say something they’re good at. Meredith almost slips and says she’s an alcoholic. Angela second-guesses Phyllis’ statement that she’s good with spreadsheets. Pam interviews that she’s not sure she fits in with the other women; the person she has the most in common with at the office is Jim. In the warehouse, Roy talks to Jim about the rumor, but he’s okay with it since he thinks it’s over. Plus, he’s glad Pam has a friend at the office so she doesn’t whine about work when she gets home. Kevin seems happy that he didn’t have to get into a fight. Darryl asks if the warehouse guys can go up to the office and see how it runs; Michael changes the subject by asking to help unload a truck. He then finds an inflatable doll with his face on it

In the conference room, the women talk about where they’d like to be in five years. Meredith would like to be five years sober (well, four-and-a-half, really). Kelly doesn’t want to be a kid schlepping her kids around in a minivan - she wants an SUV instead. Jan interviews that one of the reasons for the workshop is to find out which women might be valuable to the company in the future. She’s not pleased with what she’s come across. In the warehouse, Dwight tries to come up with a topic of conversation so the guys can bond. Jim and Ryan aren’t helpful. Michael gets on a forklift and knocks over some shelves, saying that they’ll get someone to clean it up. Darryl notes that the warehouse guys are the ones who will have to clean up. Later, Michael gathers the guys in a circle to gripe and bond over being guys. He doesn’t seem to realize that there’s a woman who works in the warehouse.

In the conference room, the women talk about their dreams and Pam talks about a house she’s always wanted. She mentions that she likes to draw and would like to someday do something with art or graphic design. Jan mentions that the company offers a design training program in New York on the weekends. Pam tries to come up with a reason not to participate, but Jan gives her a brochure and tells her, “There’s always a million reasons not to do something.” In the warehouse, Darryl complains about Michael coming in and doing unsafe things. Michael shushes him, which leads to Roy complaining about how Pam shushes him. The women start talking about clothes, a topic that seems to excite Phyllis. She interviews that she’s happy about the day because she loves girl talk. Angela is less pleased, as she’s not getting anything out of the workshop. She also thinks that if Jan follows her own advice of dressing for the job you want, not the one you have, “Jan aspires to be a whore.”

The guys continue complaining about women, and Jim is surprised to hear Dwight complaining about a woman asking him to drive her to church on Sundays. Darryl doesn’t think Michael can feel the warehouse guys’ pain about not having much money since not only does he make more money but he doesn’t work as hard as them. Darryl notes that that wouldn’t happen if they had a union. Michael quickly tries to shoot down the idea but gets sucked into the camaraderie. He heads upstairs to share the news with the women, asking Jan what the pros and cons are. Jan tells him the cons are that everyone there will lose his or her job. Michael tells her the guys are waiting to hear from her, but she thinks he needs to get out of the mess he made himself. He’s upset about having to destroy their day of bonding. He reminds Jan that they have a history, but she doesn’t care and sends him back to the warehouse.

Ryan, Jim, and Stanley unload a truck and Ryan suggests forming an assembly line to make it go faster. Stanley tells him that like up in the office, they’re just trying to run out the clock. The women talk about understanding sports metaphors and Kelly asks Jan about getting to second base with Michael. As Jan hems and haws, Angela and Pam giggle and Kelly winks at the camera. Jim returns to the office and Pam slips out to talk to him about the design program, which he encourages her to take part in. As Michael tries to cheer everyone up with fake snow/Styrofoam peanuts, the women talk about Jan’s divorce. Jan heads to the warehouse and, realizing that Michael hasn’t said anything, announces to the guys that they can’t form a union.

Roy seemingly shoots down Pam’s participation in the design program and she interviews that sometimes dreams don’t come true. Jim finds out and tells Pam that she should take a chance on something so she won’t always be a receptionist. She tells him she’s fine with the choices she’s made, but he’s not so sure. In an interview, she cries about her dreams being dashed. Michael messes with the forklift again, then orders pizza for everyone and apologizes to the guys for the way Jan acted. When they agree that she can be mean, he tells them to watch it since they have a relationship. At the end of the day, Michael heads back to the office, interviewing that it’s nice to have everyone together because the sexual tension keeps things interesting. Jim watches Pam doing her receptionist duties and smiles to himself a little. In the warehouse, Michael and Dwight make snow angels in Styrofoam peanuts.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Toby, come on over. You’re a guy…too. Sort of.” - Michael

“Now, you may look around and see two groups here. White-collar, blue-collar. But I don’t see it that way. And you know why not? Because I am collar-blind.” - Michael

Dwight: “Michael wants us to bond. So we need topics for conversation.”
Jim: “Ponies.”
Dwight: “No.”
Ryan: “How about rainbows?”
Dwight: “No.”
Jim: “Flowers.”
Dwight: “No.”
Ryan: “Makeup.”

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