"The Injury"
Written by Mindy Kaling; directed by Bryan Gordon

It’s a normal day at the office when Michael calls in and tells Pam that he needs help because he’s hurt himself. He wants Pam to come pick him up and bring him to the office, which she finds strange, since he’s injured. Jim turns on the speakerphone so everyone can hear and asks Michael to explain what happened. He announces that he burned his foot on his Foreman grill. In an interview, Michael explains that he likes to wake up to the smell of bacon, but since he doesn’t have anyone to cook it for him, he puts bacon on his grill at night. He wakes up, plugs in the grill, and goes back to bed. However, this morning he accidentally stepped on the grill and it clamped down on his foot. Pam and Ryan beg off of going to get Michael, but when Dwight approaches and learns that Michael is in trouble, he quickly heads out to go get him, much to Michael’s dismay. Pam asks why Michael didn’t call his girlfriend, and Michael has to admit that he made her up. They all hear tires screeching and a crash outside and run to the window to see Dwight, who hit a pole with his car, throwing up, then driving off without his bumper. Later, Michael arrives at the office on crutches with his foot wrapped in ice and bubble wrap (which Jim enjoys popping for a few moments). “So where are you shipping your foot?” Jim asks.

In Michael’s office, Dwight points a fan at his foot while Michael asks Pam for his messages. She offers him some aspirin but he refuses. Dwight tells Pam he’ll take over tending to Michael, since he’s the assistant regional manager. However, he trails off in the middle of his sentence. Later, Dwight types at his desk and the camera guys capture him naming a new folder by typing his name over and over. Ryan brings Michael food, but Michael didn’t receive the side of yams he wanted. Pam messes with an MP3 player at her desk, telling Dwight that Roy got it for her for Christmas (see “Christmas Party”). He tells her about a Russian site where she can download songs for two cents apiece and jokes around with her about the songs all being in Russian. As he leaves, he calls her Pan. Michael summons Pam from the conference room, trying to get her to come rub butter on his foot. She refuses, so he starts hitting the window blinds with a crutch and demanding Ryan. Pam and Dwight mess around with her MP3 player and Jim interviews that they’re friends now. Pam interviews that they’re not, then realizes that she’s wrong. Michael calls his mom and complains that no one is helping him out; he refuses to call Jan to come see him, not wanting to make a big deal out of everything. (Apparently Pam and Michael’s mom have been chatting about their split.)

In the break room, Dwight finds Angela at the vending machine and slaps her butt, then runs away. Michael tries to get into the kitchen so he can head into the bathroom, but Ryan and Toby are reluctant to help him. Michael takes a fall in the restroom and asks for Ryan’s help, but Toby tells Michael that Ryan is dead. At the reception desk, Jim notes to Pam that Dwight is acting weird, but Pam says he’s just being helpful and nice. “And that isn’t weird?” Jim points out. Michael emerges from the restroom and asks everyone if they know what it’s like to be disabled. Phyllis announces that she had scoliosis when she was a kid, but Michael hasn’t heard of that. Creed says that he was in an iron lung as a teenager. “How old are you?” Michael asks. He says that he’s the only one there with a legitimate disability, though he’s sure Stanley knows what it’s like. Stanley tells him neither of them is disabled, so Michael holds up his foot and asks Stanley what it looks like. “Mailboxes, Etc.,” Stanley replies. Michael blasts everyone for leaving him in the bathroom, then calls a meeting in the conference room. As he heads off, Dwight looks at Creed and says, “Dad?” In the conference room, Michael hangs up photos of people he thinks are disabled, but he’s put up a photo of Tom Hanks in Big that confuses everyone.

Billy, the wheelchair-bound property manager of their office park, arrives, having been summoned by Michael to speak to the group about disabilities. This doesn’t go over well, as Billy doesn’t think his situation is as big of a deal as Michael does. Jim interviews that he wants to clamp Michael’s face in a Foreman grill. Billy takes questions from the group and calls on Dwight, who doesn’t seem to realize that he has his hand raised. As Jim walks Billy out, Billy tells him that he thinks Dwight has a concussion. Ryan brings Michael some pudding, though he wasn’t able to find the yams Michael wanted. Later, Michael announces that he feels better, thanks to Ryan’s pudding and kindness. (It was actually thanks to the aspirin Ryan put in the pudding.) Before Michael can celebrate too much, Dwight slumps over and Jim announces that they need to get him to the hospital. Angela tells Michael to go with him, since he’s Dwight’s emergency contact (see “The Fight”), but Michael doesn’t want to go. Meredith offers up her van and Michael gets Jim to come along. Jim starts to take Dwight outside, grabbing a spray bottle from nearby to spray his face and keep him awake. Pam helps and says goodbye to Dwight, knowing that things will be different when he comes back. He calls her adorable and they share a hug.

Outside, Michael calls shotgun, though Jim thinks he should sit in the back of the van with Dwight. Jim gets Dwight in the van by telling him they’re going to Chuck E. Cheese, an idea Michael doesn’t like. During the drive, Dwight finds a bottle of booze and Jim sprays him with water to keep him from drinking it. Michael gets involved and Jim has to spray him as well. At the hospital, Michael tries to fill out Dwight’s paperwork, which leads to the revelation that Jim knows Dwight’s middle name is Kurt. Michael originally writes “bringing someone to the hospital” under “reason for visit,” then changes it to reflect Dwight’s reason for being there. As Dwight is examined, Michael tries to turn the attention on himself again but fails. He wants a CAT scan, but the doctor tells him that’s not necessary for a burn. Michael is even more disappointed when Dwight gets in a “that’s what she said” joke. As Dwight heads in for a CAT scan, Michael has to abandon his electronic equipment, including the camera. Jim calls Pam to let her know that Dwight is okay, and she passes the news on to Oscar, making sure Angela overhears. Michael tries one last time to get himself a CAT scan of his foot, but he gets caught.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Jim: “So where are you shipping your foot?”
Michael: “Ha ha ha. So where are you shipping….”
Dwight:Your foot?”

“Phyllis…Oscar…Ryan, who is supposed to be dead.” - Michael

Michael: “You people are jerks. Imagine if you had left Stevie Wonder on the floor of that bathroom instead of me.”
Phyllis: “Oh, we wouldn’t. We love Stevie Wonder.”

Dwight: “Where are we going?”
Jim: “We’re going to Chuck E. Cheese.”
Michael: “Chuck E. Cheese? I’m so sick of Chuck E. Cheese.”
Jim: “We’re going to the hospital, Michael.”
Michael: “I know. I’m just sayin’….”

Michael: “Give me the bottle or you’re fired.”
Dwight: “You can’t fire me, I don’t work in this van!”

Michael: “Dwight, what is your middle name?”
Dwight: “Danger.”

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