"Hot Girl"
Written by Mindy Kaling; directed by Amy Heckerling

Michael sticks pencils in his keyboard while Jan tells him over the phone that corporate has created an incentive program to increase sales. At the end of the month, whoever has sold the most gets a prize worth up to $1,000. Michael can pick the prize, but he can’t win it himself. Later, Michael tries to figure out what influences people the most, but Dwight’s suggestion of sex doesn’t really help him. His second suggestion is torture. Pam lets Michael know that someone is there who wants to sell handbags, but Michael doesn’t want any vendors in the office. That is, until he meets Katy (Amy Adams), who calls “Pam 6.0.” He tells Katy that she can use the conference room all day to sell her purses, even though that means the HR meeting scheduled for that morning will have to take place in the hallway. After a babbling interview about magazines, Michael shows Katy the conference room and lets her know that he’s right next door. He offers to get her coffee from a Starbucks since they don’t have any good coffee in the office.

Kevin asks Pam if she’s jealous because there’s another woman in the office who happens to be prettier than her. Pam says she’s not. Dwight interviews that Katy is everything he’s looking for in a woman. Michael brings her coffee and tells her to make the rounds and get to know her potential buyers while Ryan looks after the bags. As Michael introduces Katy to various people, Pam interviews that it’s nice that he has someone else to interact with. Toby and Katy learn that they went to the same high school, but before they can get too chummy, Michael ruins the moment by announcing that Toby’s divorced and has a daughter. He interviews that he lives by two rules - no office romances, and just do it. Roy, Pam, and Jim eat lunch together and talk about Katy, whom Jim says isn’t his type. Roy asks if he’s gay, then wants to know what his type is. Jim says it’s moms. Katy passes by and Roy notes that if he weren’t dating Pam, he’d be all over Katy. Pam reminds him that they’re actually engaged.

Jim interviews that he’s the person Pam comes to when she’s having problems (and she usually only has problems with work and Roy). Jim then encourages Dwight to pursue something with Katy despite the fact that Michael keeps spending time with her. Katy interviews that guys tend to be her best customers because they buy high-end stuff. Jim tells Dwight to go talk to Katy and buy a purse if the conversation hits a lull. Dwight isn’t sure about getting a purse, but Jim tells him that a lot of men have them. He then alerts Pam to the situation so they can enjoy the moment together. They can’t hear Dwight’s conversation with Katy, so Jim makes up his own dialogue for Dwight and Pam supplies Katy’s. Dwight winds up buying a purse and Jim admits that it’s a nice one. Later, Katy shows Pam some purses and Michael interrupts to ask Katy how her coffee was. He chases Pam off and shows Katy a coffeemaker he bought (apparently with the money that was supposed to go the best salesperson).

Katy learns that her ride home has bailed on her, so Michael offers to give her a ride. She declines at first but he quickly convinces her to change her mind, much to his own surprise. Later, Dwight asks Michael for permission to ask out Katy, even though it’s against the rules. Michael has to admit that it’s not, since Katy isn’t a permanent employee. He adds that he’s giving Katy a ride home but it might turn into something more. Dwight asks him to promise that the ride won’t be anything more than a ride. Michael can’t promise that and also can’t tell whether or not he’s already in love with Katy. Michael returns to the conference room with some espresso, which Stanley guesses is from the coffeemaker that was supposed to go to the best salesperson. “Like he’s gonna win anyway,” Michael says after he’s gone. Dwight works at his desk, his new purse slung over his shoulder.

Michael calls Pam to his office to ask her about that day’s mail, but he really wants to know how women her age feel about futons. Pam shares this with Jim and they have a laugh at Michael’s expense until Roy shows up. He asks if Pam is still mad at him about his comments about Katy, then tickles her until she can’t be mad anymore. Jim, of course, doesn’t like having to be near this display. Pam later interviews, “Jim’s a great guy. He’s like a brother to me. We’re like best friends in the office and…I really hope he finds someone.” Katy shows Angela some purses while Dwight works up the nerve to ask Katy out. She won’t leave the conference room and also won’t go out with him. Michael enlists Ryan to help him with a “special project,” which happens to be cleaning out his car before his ride with Katy. After some thinking, Jim introduces himself to Katy and asks her to teach him about purses.

Ryan continues cleaning the car, finding an almost-empty bottle of cologne that Michael is happy to have. Back in the office, Pam and Jim talk about their weekend plans and Jim admits that he thinks he might be spending some time with Katy. In an interview, Michael waxes poetic about being a ladies’ man and how women are attracted to power. Pam is embarrassed when the camera catches her touching up her makeup. At the end of the day, Michael, Jim, and Katy all head out to the parking lot together and Michael is disappointed to learn that Jim will be giving Katy a ride. As Roy and Pam leave, Pam watches the two of them together. Michael interviews that he doesn’t have a special someone, but his employees are special to him and he’d rather spend time with them than have a one-night stand with them than with a woman he picked up in a bar.


PRANKS JIM AND PAM PLAY ON DWIGHT: Jim convinces Dwight to buy a purse.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Michael: “I’m against violence in the workplace.”
Dwight: “So am I.”
Michael: “Nobody cares what you think.”

Roy: “Well, what is your type?”
Jim: “Moms, primarily. Yep. Soccer moms, single moms, NASCAR moms, any type of mom, really.”
Roy: “That’s disgusting.”
Kevin: “Stay away from my mom.”
Jim: “Too late, Kev.”

“I’m going to be the prettiest girl in the ball.” - Jim, pretending to be Dwight

“You hear stories about Dunder Mifflin in the ‘80s, before everybody knew how bad cocaine was. …MAN, did they move paper.” - Michael

“Do I have a special someone? Uh, well, yeah. Of course. A bunch of them. My employees. If I had to choose between a one-night stand with some stupid cow I’d pick up at a bar and these people, I’d pick them every time. Because with them, it is an every-day stand. And I still know their names in the morning.” - Michael

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