"Valentine’s Day"
Written by Michael Schur; directed by Greg Daniels

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Pam likes to celebrate the holiday in the office because it’s a lot like grade school. She notes that last year, Jim got her a horrifying/funny card with Dwight’s head on it. Phyllis gets flowers from Bob Vance, which makes Pam note that since she and Roy are saving for their wedding, she made him promise not to get her anything too big. Michael tells Dwight that since he’s heading to New York for a meeting with the new CFO, he wants Dwight to run things at the office. Dwight asks if Michael will see Jan in New York; it’s Valentine’s Day and they did sleep together. Michael interviews that Jan sent him an e-mail warning him not to say anything about their relationship while he’s in New York. Jim interviews that since he broke up with Katy, he hasn’t been seeing anyone else, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting anyone a Valentine’s Day present. He’s planning to have some friends over to play cards and win a lot of money from them.

Dwight finds a box on his desk that contains a bobblehead doll that looks exactly like him. He and Angela both hide the fact that the gift is from her. As Michael goes to get pizza in New York, Jim runs into Kelly, who tells him that she and Ryan finally got together. Jim doesn’t care and tries to leave, but she makes him stay so she can talk his ear off. In an interview, Ryan beats himself up for getting together with Kelly the day before Valentine’s Day. Michael heads to Times Square, calling it the heart of civilization. Phyllis gets more flowers from Bob, possibly making some of the other women jealous. Michael takes the subway, then goes to Rockefeller Center, where he’s so excited about seeing Tina Fey (it’s not her) that he misses seeing Conan O’Brien. Later, the camera guy gives him the news and Michael kicks himself for missing Conan. Dwight thanks Angela for the bobblehead, then realizes he hasn’t gotten her anything. Michael gets lost in New York, then heads to his presentation.

As Jim hears from a friend who won’t make their card game, Phyllis gets a huge teddy bear from Bob. In New York, Michael meets Josh Porter (Charles Esten) and Craig. At the office, Dwight pulls Pam into the break room and tells her he needs to get a present for his girlfriend. She encourages him to do something so that his girlfriend knows he cares. In New York, Craig and Josh complain about Jan and Michael defends her, letting it slip that they hooked up. At the office, Kelly gushes more about Ryan, but things get awkward when Ryan interrupts her conversation with Jim. Kelly asks if Ryan wants to do something that night, but he has plans with his friends. Elsewhere, Pam delivers candy and more flowers from Bob to Phyllis. Meredith sneaks herself a gin and tonic. In New York, Jan arrives at the meeting with David, the new CFO, and Michael and Jan exchange innocent pleasantries. She interviews that she’s not nervous…okay, she really is.

After Josh gives his presentation, it’s Michael’s turn, and he shows a video of people from the Scranton office set to U2’s “With or Without You.” The video is called “The Faces of Scranton,” and Michael’s point is that Dunder Mifflin isn’t just in the paper business, it’s in the people business. The film is a product of Great Scott Films International and is a Michael Scott Joint. David is less than impressed and would rather hear about the Scranton branch’s performance. Pam is optimistic when more flowers are delivered to the office, but they’re for Oscar (from his mom, he claims). Angela is also disappointed not to have received anything yet. As people fail to notice that Meredith has passed out at her desk, Kelly complains to Jim until he finally tells her that Ryan just isn’t into her. He invites her to his poker game but she wants to bring Ryan. In New York, Craig reveals that he didn’t prepare a presentation; Jan isn’t happy. He shoots back that no one cared when Michael made a stupid video, so maybe if he’d slept with Jan, he’d have the same advantages.

Jan takes Michael to his office, worried that she’ll be fired. Michael promises to talk to David and fix things. At the office, Angela receives her present from Dwight - a key. He interviews that women are like wolves and need to be trapped, tamed, and loved. At the end of the day, Roy shows up and Pam notes that Phyllis got an entire garden while she got nothing. Roy promises her some great sex as her Valentine’s Day present. In New York, Michael tells David that he was joking around with the others and Craig just took it seriously. Sure that it will never happen again, David agrees to let it go. At the office, Jim wishes Pam a happy Valentine’s Day on his way out; she gets caught up in some serious thoughts about him. Jan thanks Michael for taking care of things, giving him a kiss of gratitude. She seems to regret it when she realizes they’re on camera. Earlier in New York, Michael attends Fiddler on the Roof and tries to speak Yiddish.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: “I would have to be a raving lunatic to try to talk to Jan about what happened between us. Her words, not mine.” - Michael

“New York, New York. The city so nice, they named it twice. Manhattan is the other name.” - Michael

Kevin: “Man, that thing’s bigger than I am.”
Delivery guy: “No, it’s not.”
Kevin: “Oh, zip it.”

Pam: “Well, sometimes the gift is really about the gesture, you know, like what it means instead of what it is.”
Dwight: “You mean like a ham?”

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