"Super Cool Party People"
Written by David Rosenthal; directed by Ken Whittingham

Lorelai is in the kitchen of the Dragonfly, suffering from a hangover thanks to her behavior in “I Get a Sidekick Out of You.” Sookie tries to convince her that she was just adding some quirkiness to Stars Hollow rather than making a fool out of herself. Lorelai suggests that she watch a video of the reception to see exactly how she acted. Sookie tells her to check out her audition for America’s Next Top Model. After that, she tried to start a limbo contest, a poker game, and a club for super cool party people. Lorelai asks if there’s anything else she should know, and Sookie tells her that Christopher and Rory just took her home after she named herself the “arm-wrestling champion of the world.” She adds that Christopher was quite the gentleman. Lorelai again asks if that’s all that happened, and Sookie says it was. Rory makes it to a hospital in New York, but since she’s not Logan’s family, she’s only told that he’s in serious but stable condition. She finds Colin and Finn outside Logan’s room and they give her the details on Logan’s accident (which involved a poor performance on a dive off of a cliff). Honor is on her honeymoon in Greece and Shira is in a spa in Arizona, so no one from Logan’s family is there. Rory asks about Mitchum, but he hasn’t returned Colin and Finn’s messages. The guys have decided to adopt Logan and start making jokes, leading Rory to yell at them for being so flippant when Logan is hurt. She barges into his room but still can’t get any information from his doctor.

At the diner, Luke asks why Cesar has been putting bananas in the fridge; apparently he started doing so while Luke was in Philadelphia (see “The Real Paul Anka”) and it became a big hit. Cesar encourages Luke to be friendlier to his customers, since that also went over well while Luke was gone. Lorelai arrives and welcomes Luke back from his trip; he gives her a doll he got in Amish country and tells her that the trip went well. He’s also getting along well with April and is throwing her a birthday party tomorrow at the diner. Lorelai offers to help out if he needs her, but Luke thinks he can handle everything on his own. Kirk arrives, asking for chicory coffee, which is advertised on a sign but which Luke claims isn’t available. He offers Lorelai regular coffee, and when she says she’s had enough, he tells her he heard about her hangover from Miss Patty. However, he hasn’t heard the real story - Miss Patty told him that Lorelai sang “Endless Love.” After Luke heads into the back, Miss Patty tells Lorelai that she’s gotten the whole town to agree to the “Endless Love” story and to keep quiet about Lorelai’s speech at the reception. She adds that no matter what it takes, she’s sure Luke and Lorelai will eventually make it to the altar. Rory calls Paris from the hospital, and after Paris complains about Yale going down the tubes, Rory tells her what happened to Logan. She’s written down some notes from Logan’s chart and asks Paris, who’s pre-med, to interpret them for her. Paris can’t help in that department, but she calls the hospital and browbeats a nurse into giving her information on Logan’s condition, including the news that he’ll recover.

Luke and Lorelai discuss shopping, having just shopped for April’s party, and she admits that she likes to buy one thing that she doesn’t like but that Luke likes, just to make him happy. She bought a shirt that Luke liked because she knows he’ll be happy every time she wears it, and that will make her wear it more and more, and eventually she’ll like it, too. Luke spots a toiletry kit in a window and suggests getting it for April for her birthday. Lorelai advises against it and tries to convince him to come to another store with her. He admits that he wants to do this on his own, and he doesn’t want Lorelai involved in the situation yet because as soon as Lorelai is a part of April’s life, April won’t want to hang out with boring old Luke anymore. She relents and lets him buy the toiletry kit. Anna drops April off for the party, telling Luke that the kids on the field trip liked him so much, they nickname him Hagrid. Luke tells April and her friends the rules for the party (stay in the dining area) and they quickly seem to realize that the party won’t be as much fun as they’d expected. At the inn, Lorelai discovers that Michel has made some major changes to the inn’s website - namely, the main page features a huge picture of him. Rory calls Lorelai to give her an update on Logan, then heads off to see Logan when she learns that he’s awake. He apologizes for endangering his life and she promises to stay with him while he’s in the hospital.

As April’s party continues to go downhill, Luke calls Lorelai and tells her that it’s a disaster. She suggests that he bring down a radio and stall for time - she’s on her way. She soon arrives and takes the girls to a salon, where they have a shopping spree in anticipation of getting makeovers. This, of course, goes over extremely well. At the hospital, Rory talks to Honor on the phone and learns that she’s coming home early, but Mitchum is still MIA. Honor reveals that Mitchum is against Logan’s involvement with the Life and Death Brigade (despite the fact that he himself was a member), so he won’t come to the hospital. Rory calls Mitchum and leaves a harsh message telling him to stop being selfish and come see his son. Back at the diner, Lorelai hits it off with all the girls, especially April, who thinks that Lorelai and Anna would get along well. Later, April opens her presents and Luke learns that Lorelai swapped the toiletry kit for a book and a gift certificate to the Discovery Store. Lorelai suggests turning the party into a sleepover, so the girls all call their parents to ask for permission. Luke tells Lorelai to stay as well, saying that April would want her to. The party continues as Lorelai introduces a showing of Pretty in Pink. Later, Luke tries to sleep as the girls play Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.

At the inn the next morning, Lorelai tells Sookie about the party and the reminisce about Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. Lorelai is hopeful that her relationship with April will continue to go well; she’s glad that she gave Luke the time and space before getting to know his daughter. Sookie is happy to learn that Lorelai has brought her some Bonne Bell. “Jackson’s so getting under my bra tonight,” she says. Anna heads to the diner (where some of the food has glitter in it) to chew Luke out for letting Lorelai take over throwing the party. She’s upset that Lorelai spent the night with the girls when Anna doesn’t know her. She adds that if she can’t trust Luke, their arrangement with April isn’t going to work out. Luke promises that she can trust him, but she’s too mad to listen. At the hospital, Rory spots Mitchum arriving to see Logan. Luke and Lorelai meet up at Lorelai’s house and he tells her that Anna stopped by to see him. She doesn’t understand why Anna thinks there’s a problem. Back at the hospital, Rory tells Logan she shouldn’t have let him go on the trip, but she was too mad and was punishing him in a way. He notes that no one could have stopped him, and what happened was his own fault. Rory’s just upset that she could have lost Logan. Lorelai goes to Anna’s store and introduces herself, apologizing for what happened at the party. Anna tries to draw on her experiences as a single mom, noting that she can’t let April get attached to Lorelai if Lorelai isn’t going to stay in Luke’s life. She also first wants to make sure that Luke will be sticking around. Lorelai says she understands.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Luke: “It’s not a voodoo doll. It’s just a doll. The Amish don’t put faces on their dolls or pins in them.”
Lorelai: “Oh, well. It’s my doll now. What the Amish don’t know won’t hurt them. Unless, of course, I want to hurt them.”

Lorelai: “I’m just saying that Rory’s birthday scavenger hunt of 1998 is still talked about in hushed, reverent tones.”
Luke: “Is that the one where all the kids ended up at Taylor’s at 11:00 at night, stealing stuff out of the fridge?”
Lorelai: “Shh! Hushed, reverent tones!”

Kirk: “Now all I can think about is chicory coffee. I’m very susceptible to signage.”
Luke: “Well, come back when you’re susceptible to ordering off the menu.”

“13-year-old girls and makeup. It’s like betting on Secretariat.” - Lorelai

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