"Say Goodnight, Gracie"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Janet Leahy; directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Kyle and a friend clean up his yard after the disastrous party in “Keg! Max!” Lorelai and Rory have stopped by to get Lane’s backpack, which she left at the house. Lorelai says that it’s been permanently scarred and is now Zelda Fitzgerald. She’s proud that Rory attended her first party that was broken up by the police. Rory glosses over the details, only saying that there was a fight rather than admitting that Dean and Jess were fighting because of her. Luke approaches and complains that Kyle’s father called early that morning to tell him that Jess was involved in the fight. He heads inside and Rory finally admits to Lorelai what really happened. Lorelai notes that not only did Rory go to a raided party, but she was the reason for the raid. “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?” she sings. At the inn, a couple of guests compliment Sookie’s cooking and encourage her to give classes. She’s excited about the idea until Lorelai points out that they don’t have a kitchen right now (see “A Tale of Poes and Fire”). Sookie wants to make plans with Lorelai and Rory for that evening, but Lorelai tells her that Rory is doing something with Emily and Richard; apparently she’s back in touch with them after the events of “Happy Birthday, Baby!” Lorelai says that she doesn’t exactly miss seeing her parents, but she feels like there’s something she’s supposed to be doing.

Rory takes Lane’s backpack to her at church and Lane tells her that she’s not sure what the result of her drunken phone call (see “Keg! Max!”) is. When Lane got home from the party, Mrs. Kim was asleep, and this morning, she only said “good morning” and has been ignoring Lane ever since. Rory suggests that Mrs. Kim might not have heard Lane’s message. She tells Lane to talk to her mother; instead, Lane has made a preemptive strike to get back into Mrs. Kim’s good graces. This involves going to Seventh Day Adventist college and not going to prom with Dave. At the diner, Jess harasses customers and fellow waiters. Taylor enters, singing “The Candy Man” to announce the opening of Taylor’s Old Fashioned Soda Shoppe and Candy Store the next day. Luke returns from Kyle’s and blasts Jess for his fight with Dean. He tells Jess that everything he makes at the diner from now on will be set aside to fix everything damaged at Kyle’s. He adds that Dean is also paying for some of the damages; he was at Kyle’s when Luke was and has already set up a payment plan with Kyle’s parents. Luke notices that a guy (Rob Estes) leaving the diner left his wallet behind; he checks the guy’s ID and is disappointed in what he learns. At home, Lorelai calls Emily, who asks to talk to Rory. Lorelai says that she hasn’t seen Emily in a while, which Emily points out is Lorelai’s own doing. She notes that they never had a good relationship, so things shouldn’t be any different now. Lorelai hangs up and, when the phone rings again, she tells Rory it’s for her.

Rory heads to a Franklin meeting at Chilton, where Paris is freaking out because she wants the last issue of the paper to be perfect. Louise and Madeline are too busy figuring out prom arrangements. They want Paris and Jamie to ride in their limo, but the couple already has plans that involve taking a private car, going to dinner, and taking a helicopter to his parents’ place on Martha’s Vineyard. Paris asks Rory about her plans, but Rory says that Stars Hollow’s prom is a little less fancy than Chilton’s. Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai berates herself for stirring up trouble with Emily. She’s also upset that her parents are having Rory over for a movie night, which is her thing with Rory. Lorelai and Sookie see an announcement at Weston’s Bakery that Fran, the owner, has died. They realize that this means the Dragonfly Inn will now be on the market. Sookie worries that they killed Fran because they wanted the inn so badly. Lorelai tries to convince her that they loved Fran and her death won’t affect whether or not they get the inn. Lane tries to make small talk with her mother as they polish furniture in the antique shop. Dave comes over to speak to Mrs. Kim and announces that he and Lane like each other. He lists his good qualities, then tells Mrs. Kim that he wants to take Lane to the prom. “Let never day nor night unhallow’d pass, but still remember what the Lord hath done,” she replies. Lane and Dave go outside and admit that they have no idea what Mrs. Kim meant. Dave leaves to go research it and Lane says to herself, “I’m so writing him a song tonight.”

Luke tracks down the man who left his wallet in the diner - his name is Jimmy, he’s been living in California, and he’s Jess’ father. Apparently he left Jess and his mother Liz when Jess was a baby and hasn’t been seen since. Luke thinks that Jimmy needs money; Jimmy claims that he doesn’t so Luke asks why he’s decided to come to Stars Hollow now. He notes that he’s been trying to keep Jess on the right track and the last thing Jess needs right now is a visit from his estranged father. Luke threatens that if Jimmy does anything to jeopardize what he’s been trying to do for Jess, he’ll put Jimmy’s head through a wall. Rory and Lorelai head to Fran’s funeral as Lorelai reminisces. They run into Miss Patty, who thinks that everyone in town is going to start dying now. Rory starts to go to the diner, which is empty except for Jess. Luke watches as Rory walks away and Jess almost goes after her. At the church, Taylor lets everyone know that his shop’s opening has been postponed. Marjorie, a friend of Fran’s, gives a eulogy about their friendship. She mentions that the bakery will stay open, but as she starts to talk about the inn, the microphone goes out. It goes in and out and Lorelai and Sookie try to figure out what Marjorie is saying. After the eulogy, everyone shares a moment of silence, which is interrupted by the marching band Taylor hired to celebrate his shop’s opening. Everyone heads out for a walk around the town, as per Fran’s final wishes, and Lorelai and Sookie decide to try to talk to Fran’s lawyer while they have the chance.

Rory runs into Dean, who tells her that he and Lindsay are engaged. She wonders why they’re doing this when they’re so young. She’s worried that he won’t go to college, but he tells her that he and Lindsay will be going together. He’s upset that Rory won’t congratulate him. He tells her that he’s sorry if Jess treats her badly, but she’s the one who chose to go out with him. Dean continues that he didn’t think he’d be happy after Rory dumped him for Jess, but now he’s happy with Lindsay. Rory protests that Jess doesn’t treat her badly. At the Kims’, Lane tells her mother she’s sorry about everything that happened at the party and she’s going to try hard to be good again. Dave comes over, exhausted from trying to find the source of what Mrs. Kim said to him. She announces that it’s not from the Bible - it’s from Henry VI. “I like to good off now and then, too, you know,” she says. She’s impressed that Dave read the entire Bible in one night (she’s only done that three times) and gives him and Lane permission to go to prom together (but not get married). Mrs. Kim adds that Lane is grounded until prom and for two months afterward, but Dave can talk to her on the phone for ten minutes every day. The mourners are still in the town square and Lorelai and Sookie are running out of time to talk to Fran’s lawyer. They finally start talking to him and tell him that they want the inn. The lawyer tells them to call him on Monday, but as far as he’s concerned, if their check clears, they can have the inn.

Jimmy returns to the diner and tells Jess that he’s his father. They sit down together for a minute, but then Jimmy leaves again. Elsewhere in town, Lorelai tells Rory that she’s sad about Fran but happy about the inn. Lorelai tries to talk about prom dresses but Rory wants to change the subject. She mentions that something happened in the bedroom at Kyle’s party and Lorelai tries to get her to tell her more. Rory assures her that they didn’t do anything but she’s not sure if that’s why Jess is mad at her, or if he even is mad. She wishes that she hadn’t turned into the girl who lets her boyfriend treat her badly and then lies to her mother about it. Lorelai tells her that she has to wait until Jess is ready to talk to her about whatever has been going on with him. Luke comes home to find Jess upset that Luke didn’t tell him Jimmy was in town. Luke notes that Jimmy always makes bad decisions, but he’s the one who has been raising Jess. Jess announces that he isn’t graduating and Luke tells him that graduation was part of the agreement they made that allows Jess to live with him. Luke tells Jess to quit his job, repeat his senior year, and graduate. Jess refuses, so Luke tells him he has to leave. In the morning, Lorelai pretends that she cooked but she actually just brought home food from Luke’s. The girls read Dean and Lindsay’s engagement announcement in the paper and Rory says that she really does want to see Dean happy. On her way to school, Rory encounters Jess on the bus and he tells her he couldn’t get tickets to prom. She asks him to call her and he tells her he will.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “Did they bring the paddy wagon?”
Rory: “Yeah, but then we snuck out the back door of the speakeasy and headed straight for the Algonquin.”

Luke: “Are you trying to kill me?”
Jess: “Nope, it’ll just be a perk.”

Rory: “Can you say ‘crazy anal micromanager’?”
Lorelai: “Not five times fast.”

Lorelai: “Let’s focus on Fran and how much we loved her. Not think about the inn at all.”
Sookie: “Okay.”
Lorelai: “You’re thinking about it.”
Sookie: “Just where to put the wood-burning oven.”
Lorelai: “We’ll put it in the apartment that we’re sharing in Hell.”

“I didn’t think she was gonna let me leave the bakery with you. She just kept giving you cookies in a shameless attempt to buy your affections away from me. And let me tell you, for a couple weeks, it worked. For two weeks, you just kept staring at me like, ‘You’re the lady who took me away from the cookies. I’m gonna kill you.’” - Lorelai to Rory, re: Fran

“You know, it’s times like these that you realize what is truly important in your life. I’m so glad I had all that sex.” - Miss Patty

Lorelai: “Coming?”
Rory: “No, you guys go ahead. I’ll be in the back of the line so that when the earth opens up and swallows you whole, I’ll be here to tell the story.”

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