"I’m OK, You’re OK"
Written by Keith Eisner; directed by Lee Shallot Chemel

Rory and Paris are eating Chinese food in their apartment just after the events at the end of “Bridesmaids Revisited.” Paris suggests that they paint the apartment, stating that Doyle never painted in the first place because he didn’t want to improve someone else’s property. Paris is happy that the two of them will be living together again, with no men and lots of Chinese food. (They’ll get a treadmill to keep the weight off.) Rory apologizes for “the whole editorship thing,” but Paris points out that she’s not good with people anyway, so Rory is better suited for the job. She apologizes as well for throwing Rory out, and Rory forgives her. Logan shows up wanting to talk to Rory, and Paris decides that now that they’ve broken up, she can say everything she always wanted to say to him. She starts by accusing him of cheating on Rory, then tells him, “You, Logan Huntzberger, are nothing but a two-bit, spoiled waste of a trust fund. You offer nothing to women or the world in general. If you were to disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow, the only person that would miss you is your Porsche dealer!” Rory is pleased with Paris’ words and doesn’t need to add anything. Logan refuses to leave until Rory talks to him. Doyle arrives next (wearing Rory’s coat) and tells Paris that she was wrong - they’re supposed to be together. She tries to reject him again and he tells her he has options; in fact, he almost hooked up with someone else tonight. Rory quickly tries to shut him up and heads into the hall with Logan.

Rory gives Logan two minutes to talk and he tells her he loves her. He thought it would be hard to be in a committed relationship with her, but it wasn’t. He promises that he’s been completely faithful to her and only slept with Honor’s bridesmaids while they were broken up. Rory replies that he was broken up, but he says he thought that’s why they were separated. She has to relent and admit that he technically didn’t cheat on her, so he asks her to forgive him and come home with him. Rory starts to go back into the apartment to tell Paris she’s leaving, but accidentally walks in on Doyle and Paris…making up. She decides to go with Logan anyway, though she’s obviously not that thrilled about their reunion. Luke gets off the phone in his apartment, not having heard Lorelai screaming in the shower about a spider. Luke goes in to take care of it but gets freaked out as well, especially since the spider apparently has friends. He then tells Lorelai that April called to tell him that her math team made a national contest and they’re going to Philadelphia next week. Anna was supposed to be one of the parents chaperoning, but now she can’t go, so April asked Luke to come instead. Luke notes that this is the first time she’s asked him to do something like this. However, he’s not sure he can take a week off from the diner, and he’s sure Lorelai has something planned for them next week. She doesn’t and encourages him to go on the trip.

Lane and Zach help Brian move back into their apartment, the guys playing video games to figure out exactly where the TV goes. Brian wonders what will happen when Lane and Zach get married - will he have to move back out? Zach makes some suggestions, but Lane thinks they should have their own place. She adds that Zach needs to talk to her mother, which he’s planning to do today. Lorelai heads to the diner to find Luke sewing up an old duffel bag, which he’s planning to take to Philadelphia. She urges him to buy some new luggage and offers to go to the mall with him later. Of course, that’s not his idea of a fun time, so he’d rather just fix his old bag and take that. Luke pokes himself with a needle and Lane tells Lorelai that it’s the third time he’s done that today. Lane suddenly spots Rory outside and runs out to greet her. She shows Rory her engagement ring and Rory says, “You’ve become a Shriner.” Inside, Lorelai spots Rory and she and Luke wonder what she’s doing in Stars Hollow. Rory and Lane come back inside and Lane shows Lorelai her ring. She admits that she thought Luke had already told Lorelai about the engagement, since he was there when it happened. Luke says he thought Lane would want to tell Lorelai herself, then admits that he just forgot to tell her. Rory sits down with Lorelai, thinking about s’mores, and Lorelai asks why she’s in town. Rory says she just wanted to visit for a few days, then tells Lorelai she’s moving back in with Logan.

Rory works on newspaper business at the inn, ticking Michel off by using his Post-It notes and screwing up his system. Rory promises it will never happen again. As Rory and Lorelai are about to head to a movie, Lorelai gets a call from Emily and Richard asking her for directions to an estate sale. Emily and Richard spend some time yelling about their GPS system (which speaks German), and Lorelai jokes that if they’d called before they left, they could have stopped by to see her and Rory. Emily thinks she’s serious and says they’ll be by later that afternoon. Zach goes to see Mrs. Kim and pretends he’s there to buy a doorknob. He then announces that he wants to marry Lane. He’s brought over a letter of recommendation from his boss and his bank statement. Mrs. Kim notes that he’s a musician and asks to hear a demo; she wants to know that he can provide for Lane as a musician. Zach tells her he hasn’t talked to Lane about marriage yet, and she tells him not to say anything yet so he doesn’t get Lane’s hopes up. He worries that Mrs. Kim doesn’t think it’s going to work out. Lorelai and Rory try to make the house appropriate for Richard and Emily, Lorelai wanting to hide “anything that can, could, or might lead to a conversation about anything.” She also wants to put all her flowers away since they make people feel welcome and she doesn’t want her parents to have any positive associations with being at the house.

Sookie arrives with food, but it’s all of Lorelai’s favorites, since she didn’t understand Lorelai’s message that her parents were coming. In fact, she kind of suspects that Lorelai is pregnant. Rory spots Richard and Emily’s car but doesn’t see them, so she and Lorelai head outside to find them. They’re looking at the outside of the house, which they haven’t seen since the renovations, and are surprised that Lorelai keeps Luke’s father’s boat in her garage. (Emily thinks it’s morbid.) Everyone heads inside, where they’re joined by Paul Anka; Lorelai lies that she just got him yesterday. Emily checks out the inside of the house, and Rory notes that she put everything they were trying to hide in the bathtub. Zach returns to the antique store, where Mrs. Kim is listening to his demo tape. She tells him that there’s nothing really catchy out of all the songs and he needs a hit. Zach notes that there are a lot of bands without hits, but Mrs. Kim wants his and her daughter’s band to have one. In fact, he can’t marry Lane until he writes a hit. Back at Lorelai’s, Sookie’s food goes over well. Emily comments that the house has changed a lot and Lorelai says she was waiting until it was all done to show her. As Lorelai gets up to answer the door, she continues that she was going to have her parents over but she wanted to wait until the house was perfect. Luke is at the door, and he immediately leaves when Lorelai tells him her parents are there. Emily guesses that since Lorelai has renovated, that means she and Luke will be staying in Stars Hollow. Lorelai is confused that she would think they would live anywhere else.

After Richard and Emily leave, Lorelai decides that she and Rory should still go see a movie, then get pizza. Rory notices a circle newspaper ad for luggage and Lorelai tells her about Luke’s trip. Rory asks if Lorelai has met April or Anna yet, and after learning that Anna has a store in Woodbridge, Rory suggests that they go there and see what Anna is like. Lorelai refuses to spy on her boyfriend’s ex, even though Rory points out that Anna is the mother of Lorelai’s fiancé’s daughter. Lorelai says that Luke has asked her to stay out of the situation, so she’s going to. Rory decides that they should see the last half of Nanny McPhee and the first half of Final Destination 3. The next morning, the walk through town discussion the latter movie; Lorelai complains that it doesn’t make sense, but Rory points out that it’s a horror movie and isn’t supposed to make sense. They split up as Lorelai heads to the inn and Rory goes to run errands. On her way, Rory passes Zach who’s trying to write a song in the gazebo. Rory winds up at Anna’s store in Woodbridge, where Anna says that she likes to stock one-of-a-kind items. Kirk holds some sort of meeting at the inn, talking about himself in the third person. He explains to Lorelai that he’s gotten into real estate, and since every Realtor needs a gimmick, his is talking about himself in the third person. Lorelai tries to kick him out, refusing to let him meet his clients there (which he has to because he’s a trainee and doesn’t have an office). He tells her that he would expect a little more respect from Lorelai considering what he’s doing for her parents - they’re looking for a house in Stars Hollow.

Rory arrives at the inn babbling about Bugsy Malone and Rory tells her that Richard and Emily are looking to move to Stars Hollow. Lorelai notes that she moved 30 miles away from her parents for a reason (so that when Emily says something that makes Lorelai want to kill her, Lorelai has to drive 30 miles to do so). Rory tries to distract her mother by giving her a bag she bought at Anna’s store. She tells Lorelai where she got it, but Lorelai gets mad at her for going to the store. She says that Luke should be able to trust her, and Rory notes that he didn’t trust her when he found out about April. Rory can’t believe Lorelai supposedly isn’t curious at all about Anna. Lorelai tells her to stop talking about it, so Rory takes the bag back. Zach plays his song for Mrs. Kim, who tells him the ending needs more work. Frustrated, he admits defeat, but she won’t let him give up. She suggests that he end the song on a minor chord, and both of them like it so much that Mrs. Kim says it’s a hit. Zach is so excited that he’d like to collaborate on Mrs. Kim on some of his other songs. Mrs. Kim calls Lane downstairs and Zach tells her about their song, momentarily forgetting that the whole point of writing the song was to get Mrs. Kim’s blessing to marry Lane. He proposes and Lane accepts. Before Zach can give her the ring he bought for her, Mrs. Kim trades it for her grandmother’s ring. She then gives the couple 15 minutes to be alone together. Zach spends it playing the song for Lane.

Lorelai and Rory go to the diner, still discussing the movie, and Rory ignores her cell phone, which Lorelai notices. She also notices that Luke has a new duffel bag. Rory tells Lorelai that she saw the bag at Anna’s store, and since Anna only stocks one-of-a-kind items, that must be where it came from. Lorelai heads up to Luke’s apartment and mentions the bag, which he tells her Anna sent over. She tries to hide her disappointment that Luke didn’t want her to buy him a new bag but accepted one from Anna. He offers to send it back but Lorelai tells him she’s fine with it. Back downstairs, Lorelai tells Rory that the bag is from Anna but they’re fine. Rory returns to her and Logan’s apartment, where Logan asks where she’s been - she never told him that she was going to Stars Hollow for the weekend. She’s unconcerned with his worry over her and tells him that she didn’t get his phone calls because her phone died. Rory says that everything between them is okay and that she’s fine.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Paris: “You could have hooked up with a hot chick?”
Doyle: “Yes.”
Paris: “In rhinestone buttons? Who was it, Sheila E?”

Luke: (re: spiders) “Okay, I’m going to take these guys outside. Any particular place you want them?’
Lorelai: “Yeah, someplace shady, sheltered from the elements, and ideally near a talking pig.”
Luke: “I asked. I have no one to blame but myself.”

Emily: “The wainscoting here is substandard. If you’d called me, I could have recommended a real professional.”
Lorelai: “Well, since mine was a fake professional, I got to pay him in Monopoly money.”

Lorelai: “Kirk was in here today--.”
Rory: “Nothing good starts with ‘Kirk was in here today.’”

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