"Bridesmaids Revisited"
Written by Rebecca Rand Kirschner; directed by Linda Mendoza

Lorelai arrives at the diner for breakfast and learns that Luke had to fire his meat guy, whom Lorelai seems to know a lot about. Kirk, who has gone on a juice fast, demonstrates how his senses have been heightened. Lorelai reminds Luke that she and Christopher will both be at a journalism panel Rory is speaking at that day. Lane shows off fliers she’s putting up so she can join another band, but she’s upset that she photographs “so Asian.” They talk about April but Lorelai obviously doesn’t want to. At the Daily News, Rory does her thing as editor but has trouble communicating with Paris, who refuses to make eye contact. Doyle tells her that Paris doesn’t sleep anymore and is trying to make sure he can’t either. Rory tries to come up with an article series that will keep her busy, but Doyle doesn’t think she should show any favoritism. Lane heads to Sophie’s Music to put up a flier and finds Zach and Joel (see “He’s Slippin’ ‘Em Bread…Dig?”) playing for an audience. Zach interrupts his own set to see what the flier says. Rory gets ready for the panel at her apartment and Logan says he wishes he could go, but he has to attend a rehearsal for Honor and Josh’s wedding. He especially doesn’t want to have to hang out with Honor’s bridesmaids. He asks Rory to come to New York for the rehearsal dinner, but she won’t have time. At the panel, Lorelai meets up with Christopher and they give Rory some encouragement. As the discussion starts, they revel in how smart Rory is and express how proud they are to have created her.

Afterwards, Christopher and Lorelai congratulate Rory before she heads to a mixer with the other panelist participants. They discuss the big words Rory used and Christopher gets a call from his new nanny, who can’t sit for Gigi on Sunday. Lorelai offers to watch her and Christopher says he might take her up on that. Back in Stars Hollow, Zach heads to a bat mitzvah, where Gil and Brian are playing in a band with a couple of other guys. After finishing up “Hollaback Girl,” Brian and Gil ignore Zach, who tries to butter them up, then tries to reconnect with Brian by discussing video games. He tells the guys that he wants to work things out, and they say they’ll reform the band if Zach can get Lane to agree as well. Rory and Logan go to the country club where Honor and Josh are getting married and Rory is taken in by Honor and her tipsy bridesmaids. Christopher brings Gigi to Lorelai’s house, where Lorelai quickly learns that Gigi has had little discipline in her life. At the country club, Honor has a brief marriage freak-out and almost has champagne spilled on her dress by a bridesmaid. As Rory is warned about the men who will be at the reception and told who the bridesmaids have slept with, she learns that while she and Logan were apart, he hooked up with all of the bridesmaids. Gigi wreaks havoc at Lorelai’s, causing Lorelai to shout the admitted cliché, “Just wait till your father gets home!”

After the wedding, Logan finds Rory still in the dressing room and she blasts him for sleeping with all of the bridesmaids. He justifies his actions by reminding her that they had broken up, but she points out that he was the only one who believed that. She tells him that she’ll come by the apartment the next afternoon and move all of her stuff out. Zach goes to the diner just as Kirk is breaking his juice diet and tries to talk to Lane, who isn’t cooperative. He tells her that he wrote her a song and was going to play it for her there, but he decided it was too emo. Instead, he tells her that he’s been miserable without her, then asks her to marry him. He offers her a ring from a pawn shop and she accepts, then proceeds to wander around the diner in a happy daze. Christopher goes to Lorelai’s to pick up Gigi and Lorelai tells him that Gigi is spoiled. Christopher isn’t pleased to be accused of spoiling his daughter and leaves angrily. At a pub, a tipsy Rory runs into a tipsy Doyle, who announces that Paris threw him out. They bond over their failed relationships, and as they’re leaving, he kisses her neck. She sends him home before anything can happen. Christopher calls Lorelai to apologize and admits that he’s been spoiling Gigi because he feels bad that Sherry left her. He realizes that he left Rory as well, so he knows what it’s like to be that kind of person. Lorelai assures him that it’s not too late to be a good father. Rory goes to Paris’ apartment (where Paris is pretending that she has a bunch of people over so the food delivery guy won’t wonder why she ordered so much food) and they discuss their break-ups. Paris invites Rory to move back in, so later Rory calls Lorelai to tell her her new address.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Logan: “As of today, Josh is simply the guy who holds my sister’s purse when she goes shopping. Because of that, I have to spend the next six hours practicing to walk in a straight line.”
Rory: “You have yet to accomplish that, so a little practice won't hurt.”

“And just remember, if things don’t go well, we will stop loving you.” - Lorelai to Rory

Zach: “Look, I know I was an idiot. If I could turn back time, I would.”
Brian: “Oh, hey, ‘Turn Back Time.’ We should add that to the set.”

“I managed to find Uno and Checkers and also parts of Battleship and most of the pieces of Candy Land, which I figure we can mix together to create a fabulous new game, Candy Ship Battle Land. War never tasted so good.” - Lorelai

Lane: “You’re disgusting and you’re cheating on your juice diet.”
Kirk: “I didn’t cheat. I expanded the definition of juice.”

Christopher: “Well, she’s a spirited kid.”
Lorelai: “Spirited, possessed. Potato, potahto.”

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