"Help Wanted"
Written by Allan Heinberg; directed by Chris Long

Out and about in Stars Hollow, Lorelai teases that Rory is tilting, thanks to her cast (see “Teach Me Tonight”). She wants to put a pen on her head to see if it rolls off. Rory wants to know about Luke and Lorelai’s fight (see “Teach Me Tonight”) and Lorelai tries to play it off like it’s not a big deal. Rory wonders if they’ll get in when they arrive at the diner. Lorelai tells her that they’ll get served, but they might not get free coffee refills for a while. When they get to Luke’s, they are met by a huge crowd outside and learn that the diner is closed. Luke has gone fishing, which Rory doesn’t think is a good sign. Rory and Lorelai wind up at the Hungry Diner, where they have to wait to be seated and the waitress who tends to them is overly perky. The coffee cups are not as big as Lorelai would like, so she requests coffee bowls. They don’t have them, so Lorelai asks for three cups and for the waitress to leave the pot. To make matters worse, the coffee isn’t great. Lorelai spots Michel eating nearby and goes over to harass him. When she returns, Rory asks her to get out of Friday night dinner that night so that she can see Dean as soon as he gets home. Lorelai agrees to try, since she wants Rory and Dean to work things out. Plus, she gets some time to figure out what to tell Richard and Emily about why Rory is in a cast.

Lorelai heads to Friday night dinner by herself, telling Emily that Rory is sick. Richard is working to get things ready for his new business (see “Back in the Saddle Again”); he’s the president of CEO of the Gilmore Group, which is an international insurance consulting firm. Lorelai doesn’t quite get exactly what it is he’ll be doing. Richard appears and complains that the woman who worked as his secretary for years wants to stay with the old firm, even though she’s been helping Richard out and he offered her a lot of money. Richard doesn’t know what he should do now and considers not going forward with the new company. Lorelai speaks up that he has other options, namely just finding a different secretary. Richard is overwhelmed by his messy office, so Lorelai offers to help him out for a little while and find him a new secretary. Rory waits outside Dean’s house, handing him a letter with the explanation of what happened to her when he gets home. He gets upset while he reads but is pleased by the conclusion about Jess leaving town (again, see “Teach Me Tonight”). Back at home, Rory tells Lorelai about her evening with Dean while Lorelai wraps her cast in plastic so she can shower. Rory thought that he would get upset and want to break up, but he was okay. Lorelai says that they’re lucky that they get to start over.

Lorelai heads to Richard’s new office, immediately starting to help by adjusting the thermostat. She proceeds to fix the phones, then act as Richard’s secretary. He has no office supplies, so Lorelai takes him shopping, teaching him the finer points of office supply needs. In Stars Hollow, Rory and Lane pass by an empty store which had boards over the windows until recently. They peek in and see musical instruments, making Lane excited that Stars Hollow will finally have a music store. Rory is also pleased, since they suspected that it was going to be a ceramic circus store. Rory spots Taylor and goes over to tell him that she’s sorry that her car hit a bench that held his new Doose’s Market sign. Taylor tells her that it wasn’t her fault, since Jess was the one driving. He tells her that “Chachi” will be the only one held responsible. Lane enters the new music store, Sophie’s Music, owned by the eponymous Sophie (Carole King). Kirk, king of all businesses in Stars Hollow, applies for a job. Lane looks around, promising not to touch anything, and falls in love with a drum set, even though she doesn’t play. She pretends to play the drums (since she’s not allowed to touch them) and Sophie tells her that she looks good.

Back at Richard’s office, Lorelai helps him out while he’s on the phone and continues to play secretary. Emily calls and Lorelai pretends to be a new secretary, playing dumb about her boss being married. Emily announces that she’s throwing a cocktail party at the office on Friday in order to help kick start the new business. Lorelai thinks that this means there will be no Friday night dinner, but Emily wants her to come to the party. At home, Babette makes a fuss over Rory, who isn’t surprised that she was hurt by a boy. Lane calls and tells her that she’s found her calling in life - she’s going to be a drummer. Of course, now she has to find a drum set and find a place to play it. At Richard’s office, he and Lorelai interview potential secretaries but Richard isn’t impressed by any of them. Lorelai thinks that the one they just interviewed was perfect for the job; Richard doesn’t want to rush into anything. Lorelai is surprised that he wants her to come in the next to help him out some more. She points out that she has her own job and can’t come back the next day. Hurt, Richard thanks her for her help and dismisses her.

Lorelai and Rory get takeout from a place that is not nearly as good as Luke’s. Lorelai tries to make a speech about her burger and Rory tells her to just eat it already. Lorelai notes that she’s crabby and promises that they won’t stay long at the cocktail party. After actually taking a bite of her burger, she notes that Luke better come back soon or they’ll starve. Rory apologizes, blaming herself for Luke’s absence. Lorelai blames Jess and Rory wonders why everyone else is doing the same, since she was in the car, too. Lorelai tells her to let it go, since Jess is gone. The two arrive at Richard’s crowded office for the cocktail party, where Lorelai learns that Richard has, in fact, hired the secretary Lorelai recommended to him. Lorelai is also happy that Richard has just made a pretty big deal and could be taking over the world. She and Emily talk about how happy Richard is and how great it is to see him back in his element. Emily realizes that Rory is in a cast and learns all of the details. Like everyone else, Emily is upset that Lorelai didn’t keep Jess away from Rory. Rory announces that she’s too blame as well. Lorelai drags her out of the room and Rory says that she’s sick of everyone treating her like she was a dumb girl for letting Jess hurt her. She defends Jess to Lorelai, but Lorelai thinks she’s entitled to hate the guy who hurt her daughter. The two fight but realize that they’ll never agree on the subject, so Rory decides to take a bus home.

Lane is still at Sophie’s Music, even though they’ve closed. She discusses New York with Sophie, who thinks she’s trying to stall having to kick her out of the store. Lane tries to make a deal - she’ll help out in the store, and on Wednesday and Friday nights she can come to the store and practice on the drums. Sophie declines, so Lane offers to teach her Korean instead. Sophie asks why she wants to come in on Wednesdays and Fridays; Lane explains that that’s when her mother has her Bible study. Sophie agrees to let Lane play, actually letting her touch the drums this time. Rory passes Luke’s diner and spots him inside. (He didn’t catch anything and suspects that the fish also went fishing.) He suggests that if she gets an itch under her cast, she not try to use a pencil to scratch it. He offers her some coffee and asks where Lorelai is. She tells him about the party and Luke tells her to get a donut for herself. He assures her that Jess got home all right. After some awkward conversation, Rory says that the accident wasn’t Jess’ fault. Luke replies that he knows.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “Are you sure it’s closed?’
Kirk: “Well, first I read the sign and then I tried the door in case it was some sort of elaborate ruse.”
Lorelai: “Designed to keep only you out?”
Kirk: “There’s precedent.”

Emily: “Bunny Carlington-Munchausen has been bedridden for two straight weeks.”
Lorelai: “Huh. Well, it must wipe her out just toting that name around.”

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