"You Jump, I Jump, Jack"
Written by Daniel Palladino; directed by Matthew Diamond

Lorelai is late for Friday night dinner because she was stuck behind a car with a “honk if you love to scuba dive” bumper sticker; she honked and the driver slowed down out of revenge. “You need a hobby,” Emily tells her. Lorelai suggests a new reality show where people with “honk” bumper stickers are kidnapped and forced to do whatever’s on the stickers, as well as eat bugs. Emily suddenly says that she knows Lorelai has a new boyfriend - she called the inn and got Michel, and then Kirk eventually picked up the phone and told her that Lorelai was probably with Luke. Emily says that Lorelai keeps too much from her and she wants to meet Luke. Lorelai notes that she’s met him, but Emily wants to meet him in this new capacity. She makes Lorelai pick a date to get together the next week. “Honk if Emily Gilmore views your mind as her personal playground,” Rory says. “Honk, honk,” Lorelai replies. At the Yale newspaper office, Doyle lectures about accuracy, then asks Rory how her story about the Life and Death Brigade is going (see “Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant!”). She tells him that she has a contact on the inside (she won’t tell him who it is) and is going to get a very good perspective on everything. “We just had a very All the President’s Men moment,” Doyle notes.

Lane notices Zach hanging out outside the diner and goes out to talk to him. He announces that he’s ready to date. They try to pick a time to get together but can’t work out their schedules just yet. Lorelai arrives and tells Luke that Emily wants to have dinner with them. She promises that she’ll do whatever is necessary to get them out of it, but Luke doesn’t see the big deal and agrees to the meal. She warns that if he changes his mind, they’ll have to have plastic surgery and leave the country. The two head to the elder Gilmores’ house, which Luke says “is what causes peasants to revolt.” Lorelai encourages him to drink as much alcohol as possible to build up a defense against Emily. Inside, Lorelai “reintroduces” Luke and Emily and gives Luke the quickest possible tour of the house. Lorelai is solely focused on getting drinks. Emily asks about the diner, calling it “charming” and “rustic.” After she leaves the room to check on dinner, Luke tells Lorelai that she’s being crazy. Lorelai thinks that Emily is insulting Luke with backhanded compliments. He tells her to calm down, pointing out that he’s dealt with rich people before and Lorelai jumping in makes him look weak. Emily returns and starts in on Luke’s recent divorce: “Divorce destroys children. But without children, you’re only harming yourself. Of course, nowadays people get married for fun. Apparently there’s nothing good on TV.” Luke realizes that he probably should have listened to Lorelai.

Rory gets a message from Dean, who has a few hours and wants to meet up somewhere between Hartford and Stars Hollow. She also gets a blindfold and a note reading, “Be in your vestibule at 4 tomorrow. Blindfolded. The LDB.” Back at the elder Gilmores’, Emily continues to act passive-aggressive about the diner. After the meal is over, Emily sees Luke and Lorelai out, still acting passive-aggressive, this time about baseball and Luke’s truck. After she goes back inside, Luke notes how amazed he is that Emily never directly said anything bad about him. Plus, he kept thanking her, no matter what she said about him. Lorelai warns that on the way home, everything will hit him and he’ll freak out. Rory waits in the vestibule, blindfolded, until Logan takes her to an SUV. There, she meets up with Finn, Colin (see “Written in the Stars”), and a girl named Stephanie, who are all trying unsuccessfully to remain anonymous. Rory has to keep her blindfold on because the LDB wants to hide their destination from her. She realizes that Stephanie is the girl in the gorilla mask (see “Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant!”); Stephanie doesn’t remember their meeting. Logan informs Rory that their adventure will be overnight, which she says is fine, since her schedule is flexible.

At the diner, Luke gets a call from Richard, who wants to play golf with him the next day. The LDB arrives in the woods, where everyone has set up tents and lanterns for the night. Logan finally removes Rory’s blindfold and she’s stunned by the scene. At the inn, Lorelai tells Luke over the phone that he can’t go play golf with Richard. She thinks he’s up to something and wonders why Luke said he’d go. He says that he had no choice, but Lorelai says that he did and should have learned from the meal with Emily. She encourages him to call Richard and back out, claiming that he was high when he agreed to play golf. Luke assures her that he’ll be fine. Lorelai calls Richard and asks him to cancel the game. Richard wants to spend time with Luke, since he got to spend time with Emily. In the woods, Logan shows Rory around, noting that she probably didn’t expect anything this fancy on a camping trip. He shows her to her tent, where she calls Dean and leaves him a message that she can’t get together with him that night. At Hep Alien’s apartment, Lane gets ready for her date with Zach, which begins when they meet up in the living room. They decide to stay in and watch a movie. They’re interrupted by Brian, who doesn’t realize that they’re on a date, since they’re doing the same thing the three of them did the previous night. Lane sends Brian to her room, even after Zach asks if they should keep it empty in case their date goes really well.

In the woods, Rory emerges from her tent to find the members of the LDB dressed in fancy clothes. She tries to talk to some, who ignore her, and then tries to carry on a conversation with a group who won’t say the letter E. She finds Stephanie, who is happy that she’s using Es, and asks if Logan is the leader of the society. Stephanie says that they’re an anarchist group, so they don’t have a leader. She thinks that Rory likes Logan and warns that there’s a line to get to him. Rory heads to another group and asks if they always go on outings with a safari theme. “May I quote Max Ernst?” a guy asks. Rory says he can, and he walks away. Later, Logan brings Rory dinner and apologizes for the way the others are treating her; he explains that it took enough just to get permission to bring her along. Rory doesn’t care, since she’s already taken a ton of notes for her article, half of one without using the letter E. She tries to ask Logan some questions but he avoids them and gives her the conditions of her presence. First, she can’t take any photos (so Logan takes her camera). Second, she can’t use any names in her article. Third, she can’t give any physical descriptions of people there because some of them are wanted for past misdeeds. Fourth, she can’t give away their location, and fifth, she can’t interfere with the integrity of the outing. Rory isn’t sure how she could interfere since she doesn’t even know what the event is. The LDB starts singing and Logan heads back to join them.

After Zach and Lane’s successful first date, Lane decides to go to bed since she has to get up to go to work in the morning. Zach walks her down the hall to her room. Brian is asleep on her bed, so Zach carries him back to his bed. In the morning, Logan greets Rory while wearing a tux and directs her to a fancy dress in her tent. Luke and Richard meet up at the golf course, where Richard takes Luke to get some clubs. Logan and Rory, now dressed in a gown, join the other members of the LDB for a toast punctuated by a gong. Later, some play polo while others skeet shoot with humans and paintball guns. Rory asks Logan if this is the big stunt for the weekend, since she knows that the LDB always organizes a big stunt on their outings. Logan lets her know that this isn’t it. Richard and Luke play golf, though Luke is really not very good. Richard brings up the possibility of Luke franchising his diner, an idea Luke hasn’t really considered. Richard promises to get him in touch with some of his connections, as well as a barber who will give him a straight razor shave. In the woods, Rory sees that a huge scaffold has been set up and wonders if people are actually going to jump off of it. They are. Plus, Finn can’t make the jump, so Logan wants Rory to take his place.

Rory meets Seth, the guy who organized the jump and assures her that all of the potatoes they used survived the test drop. Rory tries to argue her way out of the jump, but Logan points out that the best journalists got in the middle of their stories. He encourages her to have an adventure and actually live. This convinces her and they head up to the scaffold, attaching themselves to bungee cords and grabbing umbrellas. “Why do they look so worried?” she asks about the crowd. “We’re running low on champagne,” Logan replies. He tells her that she can back out because no one’s forcing her to jump. “You jump, I jump, Jack,” she tells him. They jump and Rory raves about the once in a lifetime experience. “Only if you want it to be,” Logan says. A tipsy Luke calls Lorelai at the inn to tell her that he thinks he’s agreed to franchise the diner. She tells him to stop practicing his golf game and leave the driving range. He asks if they can not hang out with her parents for a while. Back at the elder Gilmores’ house, Emily blasts Richard for taking Luke to the country club; she doesn’t think he’s good enough for Lorelai. Richard calls her a snob and says that he’s having the diner franchised so that if Luke and Lorelai stay together, Luke will be respectable enough to take places. Lorelai calls Rory once she’s back at Yale and fills her in on the Gilmores/Luke happenings. Rory asks if she doesn’t take enough risks; Lorelai thinks she does. Rory finds a gorilla mask, her camera, and a bottle of champagne outside her door. In the camera are shots of her and Logan jumping together.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Doyle: “We just had a very All the President’s Men moment.”
Rory: “Very.”
Doyle: “Moving around the newsroom like that, felt good.”
Rory: “Let’s do it again sometime.”
Doyle: “Now?”
Rory: “Might look silly.”

Emily: “Where’d your martini go?”
Lorelai: “To a happy place.”

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