"The Perfect Dress"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Jamie Babbit

Kirk tries to get a coffee refill at the diner, complaining that Lorelai is allowed to go behind the counter but he’s not. Lorelai and Rory arrive fresh from their trip to Atlantic City to belatedly celebrate Rory’s 21st birthday (see “Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number”). They tell Luke some tales from their experience; they didn’t get to see Paul Anka, but they did find Luke’s doppelganger, a Dolly Parton impersonator. Later, Rory packs to go back to Yale and freaks out over the fact that she accidentally forgot to turn in her community service vest. She’s going to live with Paris and Doyle in an off-campus apartment, which Lorelai can’t believe. Rory shares that she has to visit a school psychologist in order to be allowed back into school; Lorelai wants Rory to say nice things about her. The girls look around for Paul Anka so Rory can say goodbye to him and find him in Rory’s car. She brags that the dog likes her better. At the diner, Lorelai and Sookie start planning the wedding, unable to settle on any details. Lorelai isn’t even sure she wants to wear white, but Luke wants her to. Sookie tries to shut him down by announcing that she’s the BFOTB, the best friend of the bride, so she’s in charge of the planning.

Lane passes through, unhappy about her breakup (see “He’s Slippin’ ‘Em Bread…Dig?”), and doesn’t display much interest in the wedding. Lorelai and Sookie go over all of the conflicts people have that would keep them from coming to the wedding. Luke says he doesn’t want to move things around for people whose last names he doesn’t know. Paris tells Rory about their neighbors in their apartment building, then tells her the steps she has to take while unlocking the door. As Rory is getting a tour of the apartment, Doyle tackles Paris and they start doing some Krav Maga sparring. Lorelai and Sookie head to a store to get wedding invitations but find themselves at a bridal shop instead. Despite Lorelai’s protests, they go inside and Lorelai happens upon the perfect wedding dress. Lane returns home from work and lets Mrs. Kim know that she’s going to be playing her own music, whether she approves or not. At Yale, Rory tries to get herself into a class she wants to take, then attempts to avoid talking to Logan. Lorelai returns to the diner with her dress and tells Luke that all of the plans have fallen into place. She adds that she’s set a wedding date, June 3rd. She thinks the dress and the sudden snow are signs that everything is as it should be.

At the Yale Daily News Paris hands out assignments, giving Rory the features beat. Rory thinks that the newsroom is a little restrictive, since the staff isn’t allowed to talk or decorate their desks. Logan arrives and Paris takes him to her cubicle for a talking-to. Rory takes Lorelai to see her new apartment, which Lorelai doesn’t approve of. At Kim’s Antiques, Lane aids a customer, driving a hard bargain and getting a higher profit. Zach arrives to get a CD he left there but Lane chases him off. At lunch, Lorelai and Rory discuss her apartment; Lorelai discusses getting Christopher to pay for a new place, but Rory wants the whole college experience. Lorelai shares that the wedding plans are done, though she thinks they should have been more difficult to complete, since marriage isn’t supposed to be that easy. Rory tries to convince her that the dress is a good omen, not a bad one. Luke drops by April’s house to chat with her mother, Anna Nardini (Sherilyn Fenn, who also played Sasha in “Here Comes the Son”). Anna explains that she didn’t tell Luke about April because she knew he didn’t like kids and she didn’t want him to feel obligated to give her money to take care of their daughter. Luke tells her that now he wants to live up to his end of the bargain and give her whatever she needs.

Rory returns to her apartment to find Logan waiting outside for her. She tries to get rid of him, blasting him for breaking up with her through Honor. He claims that he didn’t really want to break up with her, but their fight (see “Let Your Balalaikas Ring Out”) was too much for him. He proclaims his love for her but she rushes off to her meeting with the psychiatrist. There, she discusses her fight with Lorelai, dropping out of Yale, her legal troubles, and her relationship with Logan. She starts talking about how Logan ambushed her at her apartment, then cries and says that she never stole a boat with Dean. She’s also upset that she can’t get coffee anymore because she’ll run into Logan. Luke and Kirk wander around Stars Hollow with a computer, trying to find a wireless hotspot so that Luke can look at April’s website. After closing up Kim’s Antiques, Mrs. Kim takes Lane to the kitchen for some super-secret alcohol and tells her that it’s time for her to move on from her breakup. Rory calls Lorelai to tell her that she’s crazy and will be continuing therapy. She shares that Logan proclaimed his love but she’s not sure if she believes him. Luke calls Anna and tells her that he wants to be a part of April’s life. He heads to Lorelai’s house, where he gets to see the dress and still doesn’t tell her about April.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Kirk: “So only people you’re sleeping with are allowed to go behind the counter?”
Luke: “Yes.”
Kirk: “Well, I don’t really know you that well, Luke. I mean, I know what you do for a living, and I know you’re a Scorpio, and you smell okay, but we’ve never really connected on a deeper level, and--.”
Luke: “Get out from behind my counter, Kirk!”
Kirk: “Well, now it’s a definite ‘no.’”

Sookie: “Beach wedding! Huh? No shoes, Luke can wear shorts--.”
Lorelai: “No. But I want to be with you when you pitch the shorts idea to Luke.”

“I, as you know, haven't slept through the night since the first time I saw the Wizard of Oz, thank you, Mom.” - Paris

Doyle: (while doing Krav Maga) “Steinbeck! Steinbeck!”
Paris: “That’s not your safety word!”
(Doyle knocks her down)
Doyle: “I know. It’s Saroyan.”
Paris: “You’ve been practicing behind my back! I love you.”

Mrs. Kim: “How was work?”
Lane: “I handed people food for six-and-a-half hours. It’s every little girl’s dream.”

“Please remember that I am your editor. I am not your mother or your hugger. If you need some love, get a hooker. If you’re having a bad day, find a ledge or way to deal. My door is not open to you, ever.” - Paris

“Hey, keep your personal stuff at home, okay? I can’t be seen caring about this.” - Paris

“Well, don’t let them put you on any of those pills. Tom Cruise would be very upset.” - Lorelai to Rory

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