"Emily Says Hello"
Written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner; directed by Kenny Ortega

Lorelai is on her way into the market when Jackson stops her and quietly pulls her aside to ask her to get him some things. Now that he�s the town selectman (see �Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too�) he can�t go in the market without getting hounded, but he needs to pick some things up for Sookie, who�s having weird cravings (see �Norman Mailer, I�m Pregnant!�). He gives Lorelai a list and she promises to do his shopping in return for his putting her name at the top of his list to fix a pothole. Later, the two head to Jackson and Sookie�s, where she�s found an old People magazine. Jackson is supposed to keep �soft human interest stories� from her when she�s pregnant, but she got one by him. She�s very upset about Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley�s breakup. She also no longer has cravings for the things they�ve brought her. Sookie thinks Jackson is great for putting up with her, but he tells her he�ll do whatever she needs as long as she�s the one giving birth. For some reason, Sookie thinks of Sherry, which makes Lorelai realize that Christopher never called her again (see �Norman Mailer, I�m Pregnant!�). At Yale, Paris bugs Rory about the exact time of the sunset; she�s fasting for Ramadan so she can really experience it before she writes an article about it. She�s also upset that Rory is chewing gum around her. Marty arrives with food, bugging Paris even more.

Lorelai calls to brag that she�s using the phone at Luke�s; she�s thrilled to have permission since she�s the girlfriend. It turns out, though, that she didn�t have permission and Luke doesn�t want her behind the counter because she�s not covered by his insurance if something happens to her. Rory heads into her bedroom to avoid the bickering Marty and Paris and tells Lorelai that it�s time to take a stand against Richard and Emily. She thinks that they should get them in the same room to talk things out, and the first step is to divide and conquer. Lorelai hates the idea of being alone with one of her parents but finally agrees to eat with Emily while Rory eats with Richard. Luke asks Lorelai how Rory is handling her breakup with Dean (see �The Party�s Over�); Lorelai thinks she�s fine, and also that Luke is gloating. T.J. enters, wanting to use Luke�s shower since the water in his new house (see �The Party�s Over�) isn�t working. (It�s actually his fault, since he destroyed the bathroom while trying to install a towel rack.) Luke reluctantly offers to help him fix the pipes. At the inn, Michel alerts Lorelai to the fact that a couple who stole bathrobes from the Independence Inn is staying at the Dragonfly. Michel wants to take the bathrobes out of their room and leave them a �vaguely threatening note.�

Lorelai calls Christopher to check on him. He assures her that he�s fine and that he appreciates her help. He says that he shouldn�t have bothered her and won�t do it again. She suggests that he come by sometime and they make plans to have lunch at the inn that weekend. At Friday night dinner, Richard tries to find food for himself and Rory in the pool house. She tries to talk to him about the separation and is happy to hear that apparently the living arrangements are temporary. She encourages him to stick with something comfortable. In the main house, Emily complains about the drink choices and wonders why they�ve changed dinner arrangements all of a sudden. Lorelai asks if she thinks she and Richard will get back together. Emily says no but Lorelai points out that he hasn�t moved very far. Emily doesn�t think that Richard cares about her needs anymore, and since he�s moved on, it�s her turn to do the same. �I think it�s time for me to date,� she announces, making Lorelai choke on her drink. Emily asks for advice on how to make men aware of her availability. Lorelai tells her just to say, �Hello.� After dinner, Rory tells Lorelai that her night was great. Lorelai has to admit that hers wasn�t quite as successful as they�d hoped. Rory thinks she�s pathetic for not carrying out their plan. Instead of harping on it, Lorelai invites her to lunch at the inn the next day.

Christopher and Gigi arrive for lunch and Lorelai gives them a tour of the inn. He�s proud of her for finally realizing her dream of owning an inn. Rory arrives, surprised to see Christopher, and makes it clear that she�s not happy that he�s there. Lorelai leaves the table to deal with an incident and Rory blasts Christopher for not listening when she asked him to stay away from Lorelai. Christopher tells her that Lorelai made the first contact, wanting to see him because they hadn�t been in touch for a while, thanks to Christopher following Rory�s instructions. He adds that he�s as surprised to see Rory at the inn as she is to see him. Rory thinks that he was sneaking around, trying to keep her from finding out about him having lunch with Lorelai. He tells her that he and Lorelai had a relationship before Rory was born, and since they have a child together, they still have something. He wants respect, since he�s her father, but she doesn�t want to give it to him. Lorelai returns and tells them that Michel confronted the bathrobe bandits, who had to be plied with a comped bill (even though they were stealing bathrobes again). She notices that the two of them are awkward but isn�t sure what�s going on. Christopher decides to leave, and after he�s gone, Rory asks Lorelai if she invited him to lunch. After Lorelai confirms that she did, Rory admits that she told him to stay away from Lorelai so he wouldn�t mess up her life the way he always does. She thinks that Lorelai is always waiting for Christopher to get himself together. She asks what Luke said about their lunch and Lorelai says that he didn�t mind.

Lorelai confides in Sookie about Rory�s behavior, lamenting that she lied to her. She tries to convince herself that there�s no weird reason why she didn�t tell Luke about having lunch with Christopher. Sookie thinks that she was afraid that Luke would get jealous, but Lorelai says that it just wasn�t a big deal. She realizes that she should have told Luke the truth. At Jackson and Sookie�s house, Jackson freaks out over a huge pair of scissors, which he sees as a threat because he refused to do any ribbon-cutting ceremonies. He tells Sookie that they�re moving, but she thinks that he should just tell everyone at the next town meeting that they shouldn�t leave huge pairs of scissors on their porch anymore. Jackson refuses to go to any town meetings either. Lorelai goes to the diner, acting weird, and fills Luke in on the bathrobe bandits. She sneaks in the fact that she had lunch with Christopher and Rory, but he doesn�t seem to care. Emily calls and demands that Lorelai come over and help her figure out what to wear on her date with a man named Simon. She�s freaking out about the date and blames Lorelai, who told her to say �hello,� which was successful in leading to her being asked out. Lorelai is reluctant to come over but agrees to when Emily threatens to book DAR functions at the inn every weekend for the rest of her life. She tries to help a panicking Emily, who thinks she�s just trying to rush so she can leave. Lorelai asks if this is what Emily really wants to do. Emily says it is, so Lorelai tries to be happy for her.

Miss Patty stops Jackson in downtown Stars Hollow and brings him into the studio to help her accompanist, who apparently just passed out. She�s actually tricking him into attending a town meeting. T.J. and Luke cut pipes in T.J. and Liz�s backyard, discussing T.J.�s idea to start a new civilization with Liz. Luke asks about jealousy, bringing up a hypothetical about Liz having lunch with an ex. T.J. takes the example too far, suspecting Liz of sneaking around behind his back. Emily and Simon have dinner accompanied by some nice conversation. She�s enjoying herself. Luke takes Lorelai home after a movie and tells her that he�s okay with her lunch with Christopher. She�s a little surprised by his sudden announcement. At Yale, Paris breaks her fast with a ton of food. Rory heads to Marty�s room and confides in him about all the things that have been happening in her life. Just as it looks like he�s about to declare his obvious love for her, he realizes that she�s asleep. At home, Lorelai gets a message from Christopher, who just wants to talk. Emily returns home from her date, making plans to go out with Simon again, but cries once he�s gone.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Marty: �So, I just bartended this crazy brunch, with chocolate fountains and floating ice sculptures, and I snagged us all kinds of hors d�oeuvres.�
Paris: �Nice going, bucko.�
Marty: �Okay, so, she didn�t really mean �nice going,� right? �Cause there�s sort of a devil-eye thing going on.�
Rory: �She�s fasting.�
Paris: �People came to America to escape religious persecution.�
Marty: �Well, what religion is anti-leftovers?�

Rory: �Getting to use Luke�s behind-the-counter phone, that�s like getting to wear his letterman jacket.�
Lorelai: �I know. Maybe now he�ll ask me to the sock hop.�

Michel: �I should never tell you anything.�
Lorelai: �Promise?�

Lorelai: �Don�t hate me.�
Rory: �I don�t hate you. I can�t hate the pathetic.�

Lorelai: �Who is this?�
Emily: �This is you in 20 years!�

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