"Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too"
Written by Bill Prady; directed by Lee Shallat Chemel

Lorelai wakes up to find Luke cooking in her kitchen using dishes she didn’t even realize she had. She’s a little disappointed, though, since she planned to go to the diner for breakfast. Luke points out that he’d be cooking either way, but Lorelai wants to stick to her normal routine. Luke gives in. Rory calls looking for one of her books for school and learns that Luke is at the house. She notes how weird the thought of a naked Luke in her house is. Lorelai jokes that he is naked and Luke tells her to stop. “Go back to your dirtiness,” Rory tells Lorelai. She enters the living room of her suite with Paris to discover a printing press Asher left Paris (“Written in the Stars”). It’s huge and has now been placed in the middle of the room, much to Rory’s chagrin. Paris tries to convince her that its presence has benefits, such as being unique and a conversation piece. Rory doesn’t see the positive aspects, especially since her bag is now stuck under one of the legs. At the inn, Lorelai and Michel complain that Taylor won’t give them two extra parking spaces. Their application has been rejected for a third time because Lorelai didn’t put her middle name on it, though she put it on the articles of incorporation; therefore, the names don’t match up. In the kitchen, Lorelai scrounges for coffee and winds up with tomato instead. Jackson has just started using a hydroponic greenhouse, which means he can grow good vegetables all year round. Sookie is a little turned on by this.

That evening, Dean visits Rory at Yale, much to Paris’ surprise. She decides that they need a system since Rory will be bringing boys home. She wonders how loud Rory is and asks for a three-minute warning before Dean shows up so she can put on headphones. Lane, Zach, and Brian shop at the market, trying to buy generic brands so they save money. Zach doesn’t want to use coupons because they’re “un-rock n’ roll.” Lane notes that he’s buying a lot of beer and she tells him that he wants it around for when they invite people over after gigs. Lane is upset by the possibility of more groupies hanging around. At the checkout line, Jackson tells Taylor about his new tomato crop, which he grew in the greenhouse he built by himself. Taylor mentions that there’s a problem with the greenhouse but won’t go into detail at his place of business. He tells Jackson he’ll just have to wait until the town meeting. Lane talks to Rory on the phone, complaining about Zach but noting that she has no right to be jealous because she hasn’t even told him that she likes him yet. Rory suggests that she come clean, but Lane is afraid of hurting the band. The girls list bands that survived breakups and ones that didn’t. Paris bursts into Rory’s room to tell her that the batteries for her headphones are dead and she doesn’t believe Dean and Rory will just be watching a movie. Rory tells Lane that she should just be honest with Zach. Dean calls to tell her that he can’t come to see her because Lindsay needs to use their car. She decides to come see him instead. Lane asks Rory to listen to “two Rilo Kiley songs, one pre-Jenny/Blake breakup, one post,” to see if there’s a difference in quality.

At a town meeting, Taylor gives a lecture on ticks that the townies have apparently heard many times. Kirk is the only one interested. Finally, Taylor moves on to Jackson’s issue and tells him that his greenhouse is built too close to the edge of his property. He will have to move it six inches, which, of course, is impossible without tearing it down and building it again. Lorelai tries to defend Jackson but Taylor thinks she’s just bitter about the parking space issue. Jackson refuses to let Taylor adjourn the meeting, but Taylor says that he’s “merely the humble vessel for the municipal code.” Jackson suggests that it’s time for a new vessel and announces that he’s running for town selectman. The townies are shocked, since no one has ever run against Taylor (their “Papa Doc”). Sookie is a little hesitant about the spur of the moment decision, but Taylor is up for the challenge and Lorelai offers her support for Jackson. She suggests the campaign slogan, “Taylor sucks like a tick.” Rory goes to Dean’s house, where Clara tells her that she’s glad they’re back together because she never liked Lindsay. Dean’s mother forces herself to be polite to Rory. The couple goes up to Dean’s room but have trouble spending time alone because Clara keeps blasting her music next door. Dean’s mother wants to know how late Rory will be staying. Stuck with no plans, Rory and Dean wind up watching TV.

At the diner the next morning, Lorelai and Sookie set up their campaign headquarters, handing out buttons and making calls. Kirk tells them that he’s conducted a poll, but by using the Gallup criteria, he only needed to speak to one person (himself). Lorelai suggests that he talk to more people. Luke sarcastically asks Lorelai if his diner is getting in the way of her campaigning. Lorelai asks Lane if her band will play at Jackson’s rally; Lane agrees and Lorelai tells her they’ll get a song to them soon. Luke finally decides to be direct and tells Lorelai to get her “war room” out of the diner. Lorelai points out that they’re actually helping him by trying to get rid of Taylor. She wants to use the diner as a gathering place the night of the rally, but Luke isn’t in favor. “Wow. Sleeping with you is getting me nothing,” Lorelai says. Jackson enters and takes Davey from Sookie, wanting to use the cuteness factor to get some votes. Sookie encourages her son from inside and Lorelai notes how Manchurian Candidate the situation seems. Taylor tries to get some votes by handing out free ice cream. Lorelai decides that they need to do this one vote at a time, so she calls Rory and asks her to come home on election day. Rory fills her in on the printing press madness and Lorelai asks how Dean is. After she hangs up, Sookie notes that she asked about Dean in a weird way. Lorelai realizes that she’s trying so hard to let Rory know that she’s okay with the situation that she’s coming across as weird. She promises that she’s on her way to being okay with everything. Jackson brings Davey back, calling him useless.

Rory and Dean go parking but have trouble getting intimate in a small place. They decide to just call it a night. Rory tells Dean about the rally and suggests that they go, but Dean doesn’t want to parade their relationship around town and upset Lindsay. Rory heads home and tells Lorelai about her bad evening. Lorelai doesn’t think it makes sense that she would come to see Dean when she has classes the next morning. On election day, Rory and Sookie vote for Jackson and Taylor, of course, votes for himself. Sookie says that even if Jackson doesn’t win, she’s had fun and is glad they did this. Rory heads off to hear Lane’s band and Sookie goes off to make Jackson stew in case he loses. Backstage at the rally, Lane and her band listen to “Believe it or Not,” the song Jackson wants them to play. They’re upset because they’re being asked to play a song that is very un-rock n’ roll. Lane and Zach bicker over groupies until Gil says that they’ll just do the gig and turn the song into a rock song, like Jimi Hendrix did with “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Woodstock. Luke turns the diner over to Lorelai after all, then heads upstairs. Kirk arrives and tells Jackson and his campaign team that everyone in town is voting for Jackson “except Taylor - and even that’s not a lock, ‘cause hatred for Taylor runs very deep.” Sookie is happy that she’ll be the first town selectman lady and she doesn’t have to make stew. Lorelai sees Taylor alone in his shop and feels sorry for him.

At the rally, Sookie thanks everyone for their support, then announces the band, which has named itself Hep Alien. They rock the heck out of “Believe it or Not.” Lorelai tells Sookie that she feels bad for Taylor, who she thinks knows that he’s going to lose. Sookie thinks he deserves it. Lorelai goes to the polling place and asks a couple of people to vote for Taylor. Back at the rally, Lane is disappointed to see that Zach has still attracted some groupies. Jackson makes his entrance and realizes that he doesn’t actually want the job after all. The townies still support him, though, and appreciate his honesty. The band goes home, taking two of Zach’s groupies with them, which Lane is unhappy about. She finally decides to tell Zach that she likes him and just wanted him to know. She heads to the bedroom and he goes outside to get some air. Rory and Dean meet up at the rally and he apologizes for handling their situation badly. They kiss and Rory asks Dean if he would have left Lindsay even if she hadn’t found Rory’s letter (see “A Messenger, Nothing More”). He assures her that he would have. Miss Patty announces the results of the vote - Jackson had 1,114 votes and Taylor had 10. Jackson refuses to give a speech but Taylor tells everyone that democracy has spoken. However, one of the benefits is a democracy is a little thing called a recall vote, so he doesn’t plan to go anywhere. After the rally, townies start bugging Jackson with things they need him to take care of. Kirk offers to head up his department of homeland security. Luke takes some champagne up to Luke’s apartment and realizes that he was asleep; he goes to bed early because he has to open the diner early in the morning. It works out anyway, since he doesn’t like champagne.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Michel: “Apparently you did not put your middle name on this application. However, you did put your middle name on the articles of incorporation. So the names don’t match and Taylor has no idea who you are.”
Lorelai: “Oh, I’m the person whose foot is going to prevent him from sitting down. That’s who I am.”
Michel: “You always promise to hurt him, but then you don’t. You’re a Taylor tease.”

Jackson: “Up - ah - ah--.”
Sookie: “Okay, that’s not English, hon.”

“Well, first of all, thank you for dressing up to talk to yourself.” - Lorelai to pollster Kirk

Lorelai: “And how’s Paris?”
Rory: “Asher left her a 300-pound antique printing press, which she put in the common room.”
Lorelai: “So, same?”

“Hey, I’m your groupie. But don’t get any ideas. I’m saving experimentation for my junior year.” - Rory to Lane

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