"A Messenger, Nothing More"
Written and directed by Daniel Palladino

Lorelai walks through Stars Hollow, passing on information she’s learned about the upcoming cider mill opening. She goes by Miss Patty’s studio, where students dressed as apples are rehearsing, and notes that Miss Patty has an “apple down.” Lane takes orders at the diner while Brian and Zach discuss The Da Vinci Code. They order “wink-winkers,” which are their code for the free fries Lane has offered them. Brian digs out a handful of change to pay for everything else. Lorelai arrives and Lane tells her that people are calling her “the blur” because she’s been running around so much. Lorelai notes that Luke still isn’t back; Lane tells her that he’s still in Maine (see “Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller”) and is calling the Renaissance Faire “Vietnam without all the fun shooting.” Lorelai sees postcards on the bulletin board and Lane tells her they’re all from Rory. Lane thinks that Rory has already filled Lorelai in on her adventures in Europe, but the girls obviously haven’t been talking. On Lorelai’s way out, Zach asks if she got any wink-winkers. Up in Maine, Liz tells people how great Luke has been as Luke is filled in on some Ren Faire gossip. Luke criticizes his ideas of where to put certain jewelry. Luke gives directions to someone and T.J. notes that he didn’t use “approved Faire language.” Luke discovers that he’s watching TV and tells him he’s well enough to work, so Luke will be leaving by the end of the week. Liz agrees that it’s time for him to go back to Stars Hollow.

Rory and Emily arrive in Italy and Emily notes that the view from their hotel is different than it was the last time she was there. Rory makes plans to visit the catacombs while Emily is napping. Emily asks when they last called Lorelai and Rory grows awkward. Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai takes care of things at the inn while Michel demands a break. He’s actually hiding from a family with two young kids who seem to love him (much to Lorelai’s surprise). Lorelai tells them that Michel is playing hide and seek. They’re amused to hear him swear when they find him. Michel doesn’t want to hang out with the kids, but Lorelai tells him that their parents are important guests and they need to go above and beyond because they’re a new business. Michel finally agrees and the kids are excited to play an “insipid” board game with him. Emily calls while Lorelai is checking out how a maid is making a bed. Rory and Lorelai talk awkwardly and Lorelai takes her frustration out on the maid. Emily and Rory stop at a café, where Rory gets lost in her thoughts. Lane, Zach, and Brian meet up again at the diner, discussing a potential gig set list. They try to decide if they should cut their covers or just play bad ones in order to make their original songs stand out. Two Zach groupies arrive and their behavior with him disgusts Lane. At the inn, the kids are still thrilled by Michel, not realizing that he’s being mean to them. Lorelai tries to “help out” in the dining room until Sookie stops her and notes that she’s acting strangely. She makes her leave to take a break.

Rory calls Lorelai to tell her that she was just at a corner they visited when they were in Europe together the previous summer. They reminisce about a humorous language error, and then Rory tells Lorelai she’s sorry. She notes that she screwed everything up and wants to fix it, so she wants Lorelai to get a letter she wrote to Dean. Lorelai agrees and the two cement their renewed relationship. In Maine, Luke tells Liz that he’s ready to leave while T.J. tries to manipulate him into staying. Luke calls Lorelai, who calls him a liar since he told her he was coming back the day before. He promises he’s on his way. “Oh, what’s that, Lucy? A football for me to kick?” Lorelai quips. He fills her in on the gossip he’s heard and she jokes that she’ll see him when Hillary is President. After he gets off the phone, Luke talks to Liz about the earrings she gave him in “Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels” and asks for a necklace that would match them. Liz finally gets him to admit that he gave the earrings to Lorelai; she sets off a round of “huzzah”s. She’s happy that he’s found his T.J., a concept Luke doesn’t want to think about. Luke gets his necklace and leaves to another chorus of “huzzah”s. Lorelai goes to the market, tracks down Dean, and gives him Rory’s letter. He’s a little nervous about why she’s in Europe and who she’s with. Lorelai assures him that she went with her grandmother, then tells him she’s just a messenger.

At the diner, Caesar tries to sell Lane on a salad he’s named Caesar’s salad. He doesn’t seem to think that it would cause any confusion. Zach uses the knowledge of The Da Vinci Code he gained from Brian to flirt with his groupies. Lane gets on his case, then refuses to bring the group free fries. She also won’t bring the fries just for Zach if he’s going to share them with the girls. Zach finally announces that they’re going to Al’s Pancake World instead. They leave, and then a girl comes back and tells Lane, “Sorry. We didn’t know.” Lorelai and Sookie take a walk, trying to enjoy their break from the inn but still thinking about the problems they’re facing. They pass Dean and Lindsay’s apartment building, where Lindsay is yelling at Dean and throwing his things out their window. Sookie is intrigued as to what happened between them but Lorelai feels bad that she contributed to their problems. Rory arrives home and has a happy reunion with Lorelai. Emily refuses to let Lorelai hug her since she smells “like airplane.” After she leaves, Lorelai and Sookie tell Rory that the inn is doing well. Sookie spills about Dean and Lindsay’s huge fight. She heads home and the girls take a walk into town while Lorelai fills in some details. They run into Lindsay and Theresa, who blasts Rory for destroying Dean and Lindsay’s marriage. Apparently Lindsay found Rory’s letter and knows that Rory and Dean slept together. Lorelai stands up for Rory, then asks her what the letter said after Lindsay and Theresa leave. She admits that she was actually backing off.

The girls head to the diner, where Lorelai is surprised to see that Luke has really come back. He quickly announces that he has an errand to run at the pharmacy and leaves. Lane starts to ask Rory for advice, so Lorelai says that she needs to go to the market. Lane asks Rory if she’s in love with Zach, since one of the groupies apparently suggested that she is. Rory is a little too lost in her own thoughts to be of help. Lorelai catches up with Luke, who admits that he didn’t really have an errand to run but wanted to keep up pretenses by actually going to the pharmacy. He gives her the cigarettes he bought for no reason, then the necklace, which she likes. They kiss but are interrupted by a parade for the opening of the cider mill. Michel is there, having been forced to come by the kids from the inn. Lorelai and Luke agree to meet up later. Lorelai runs into a man with balloons and tries to make things up to him by offering him a meal at the inn, then her cigarettes. Rory goes to Dean’s house, where he tells her that he feels stupid for throwing his marriage away for a girl who dumped him once, then bailed on him. He goes back inside, upset, and Rory sees the balloons. Back at home, Lorelai passes Luke’s gossip on to Rory while they get ready to eat pizza (though Rory did just get back from Italy). Rory shows Lorelai A Room with a View, pretending it’s home movies from her and Emily’s trip.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Henry: “You know Hay Bale Bill, the guy that totes the hay bales?”
Luke: “I seen him around.”
Henry: “Got caught in a tent last night with Annie from the grog booth.”
Luke: “Hmm. Isn’t she engaged to the fruit ice guy?”
Henry: “Yeah, and the fruit ice guy comes back, and there’s Annie and Hay Bale, so he tears the tent to pieces.”
Luke: “Hmm.”
Henry: “Now the grog people have to hide her. They set up a fort made out of kegs.”

Luke: “I’m coming home today.”
Lorelai: “So, next week?”
Luke: “Today.”
Lorelai: “This month, at least?”
Luke: “Today.”
Lorelai: “See you when Hillary’s President.”

Lorelai: “Hey, I should bring steak sauce, right?”
Rory: “For what?”
Lorelai: “Pizza.”
Rory: “I just got back from Italy.”
Lorelai: “So?”
Rory: “So, they’d shoot you in Italy for that.”
Lorelai: “But this is America, where we unapologetically bastardize other countries’ cultures in a gross quest for moral and military supremacy.”
Rory: “I forgot. Bring on the imperialistic condiments.”

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