"Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller"
Written and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Just before the end of “Raincoats and Recipes,” Rory and Dean are in her bed, having just made love. They revel in their perfect moment until Rory decides that they need a song to commemorate the event. She picks “The Candy Man,” but he wants to find something better. They banter over the remote until they hear Lorelai enter the house. They quickly get dressed and meet up with Lorelai, replaying scenes from “Raincoats and Recipes.” Dean leaves but hangs out in the yard for a minute while Lorelai and Rory fight. Rory heads out to the porch after he leaves and calls his phone, which Lindsay answers. Lorelai joins her outside and tries to talk, but Rory doesn’t want to. Richard and Emily return home from their disastrous evening at the inn and Emily starts looking for her luggage, preparing for her trip to Europe. Richard heads upstairs and Emily winds up getting locked in the basement. She accuses him of locking her in and says that she’ll climb out the window. She attempts to do so but her skirt catches on a nail and she has to unzip it to get out. Richard returns to rescue her just as she goes out the window. They argue outside until they’re interrupted by security officers summoned by neighbors who heard them fighting. Emily gets upset with Richard for making things worse and leading to a report that one of their neighbors will definitely read. Richard says that Emily isn’t the woman he married. She agrees, since he no longer respects, listens to, or consults her.

Lorelai returns to the inn, where Luke is in the living room with a still naked but now covered Kirk. Luke explains that Kirk landed in Taylor’s rose bushes but kept running until Luke tackled him near a miniature goat pen. Kirk doesn’t want to go back upstairs, since he doesn’t want Lulu to see him like this, but Lorelai wants to make sure he’s okay. Sookie arrives and Lorelai asks her to look at Kirk’s butt, since he has a thorn problem. Luke says that she’s better equipped for this job because she has a child. As Lorelai heads off to get supplies, Kirk tells Sookie that he thought assassins were after him, so he ran, but they chased him down the hall, down the stairs, and past Luke and Lorelai kissing. Sookie thinks he imagined all of this until she realizes from the look on Luke’s face that the kissing actually happened. She pulls Luke aside and starts celebrating, which makes him show that he’s happy, too. He asks her not to say anything for a little while and let Lorelai tell her on her own. Dean heads home, where Lindsay tries to be a good wife, though Dean isn’t in a talkative mood. She tells him that she answered his phone and he blasts her for butting into his business. In the morning, the inn guests eat breakfast together and Jackson brings Davey for a visit. Sookie notes that, judging by the way things are going, he should be able to go to a good college.

Taylor tells Michel that one of his shoes, which he put in the hallway, is missing and the other has been chewed. Kirk wonders what he did the night before. Taylor tells Lorelai that he put the shoes in the hallway because of the inn’s advertised complimentary shoeshine; Michel has no idea what he’s talking about. Luke comes downstairs, ready to leave, and he and Lorelai have to say a hurried goodbye because Taylor is still demanding attention. Rory arrives, telling Lorelai that she’s only there because people will expect to see her at breakfast. In the kitchen, Sookie quickly breaks her agreement with Luke, letting Lorelai know that she knows about them. She’s thrilled because they’re perfect for each other and she’ll be with Luke for the rest of her life. Sookie assures Lorelai that she convinced Kirk that he dreamed seeing them kissing, then asks why Lorelai is concerned about people knowing. Lorelai isn’t sure why Luke told her not to spread the news. Sookie asks what the sex was like and Lorelai breaks it to her that there was none, since things started happening. She suddenly remembers that Digger was at the inn; Sookie tells her that he ran off because his condo was on fire. (Well, that’s what Michel told her to say when they called his cell phone.) Sookie doesn’t think that Lorelai is happy about Luke, but Lorelai says that she’s still processing everything. She thinks that Luke knows how happy she is.

Back in the lobby, Lorelai tries to get Rory to talk, but Rory says they already did. She notes that Lorelai said everything she needed to say the night before. Lorelai tells her that she’s 19 and can do what she wants with her life. She adds that she thought they could talk as friends rather than mother and daughter, but it’s Rory’s choice. Lorelai acts passive-aggressive until Rory storms out. Taylor shows Lorelai and Michel where he read about the shoeshine. Lorelai pulls Michel aside to point out that they don’t offer many of the services described in their brochure. Michel is upset that all he gets to do is answer the phone. Lorelai orders him to get new shoes for Taylor and get his dogs out of the hotel. Michel thinks that if Kirk is allowed to sleep inside, his Chows should be, too. He admits that he’s lost track of Pow-Pow and will have to go find him. During lunch, Lorelai calls Luke at the diner but they find it hard to have a conversation with so much noise at both locations. Luke winds up taking his phone into the storeroom and Lorelai goes into a closet, where Pow-Pow is chowing down on Taylor’s other shoe. The two talk about their great kiss and how they don’t want to forget what happened between them. They decide to finish their conversation later. Elsewhere in Stars Hollow, Rory calls Dean from a pay phone and they meet up at Miss Patty’s. After some small talk, they make out.

Rory heads to Lane’s apartment and fills her in on what’s happened with Dean. Zach tries to interrupt the conversation, which is taking place in Lane’s room, but Lane would rather postpone band practice so she can get the whole story. Rory continues that she was going to be an adult about everything, but she Dean wound up having sex for the second time at Miss Patty’s. “She would be so proud,” Lane comments. She starts whispering, noting that it’s because no matter where Mrs. Kim is, Lane thinks she can hear the conversation. She gets fed up with her bandmates and finally yells that if they’re going to have a girl in their band, they have to learn to deal with girl issues, like when her friends have problems. Back in the bedroom, Rory asks for advice but Lane is really just a sounding board while Rory tries to work things out in her head. Lane suggests that she talk to Lorelai, but Rory says that’s not an option. Zach starts playing Lane’s drum set, which draws her back out of the room and gets her really mad. At the inn, Emily surprises Lorelai, thinking that she’s still supposed to have lunch with her and Rory. She notes that it was Lorelai’s idea in the first place, so she’s going to sit and wait for Rory to come back and join them. Lorelai calls Rory, who is still listening to the band fight, and tells her to come back to the inn. On her way, she passes Lindsay, who is struggling to learn how to make a nice dinner for Dean.

The Gilmores eat outside at the inn, making awkward small talk. Emily finally announces that she and Richard are separated (which doesn’t surprise the girls) and Richard is moving into the pool house. She adds that she’ll be going to Europe by herself for the summer. She still has an open invitation for Rory, who isn’t sure about the idea. Lorelai encourages her to go and Rory finally accepts. Emily heads off to call someone who will have to bump a Baptist traveler to make room for Rory, and Rory blasts Lorelai for seemingly trying to get rid of her. She feels like she’s being sent away for misbehaving, like she’s a character in a Henry James novel. Lorelai reminds her that she’s 19 and can handle her own affairs (“sorry, that’s a bad choice of words”), so if she didn’t want to go, she could have said no. Lorelai asks if Rory is going to get away from Dean, but Rory says she’s going to get away from Lorelai. Lorelai notes that she’s a little old to be having a teenage rebellion. Lindsay fixes dinner for Dean at their apartment, happy that she got everything right. Emily packs up for Europe as Richard watches. Lorelai sees Rory ignore a call on her phone. She accompanies Emily and Rory to the airport, where they say an awkward goodbye. She returns home to a bunch of messages from Luke telling her that Liz and T.J. were in an accident and he’s heading up to Maine to help them out with their Renaissance Faire booth. When she finally gets through all of the messages, she calls his cell phone and tells him he’s chivalrous for helping out T.J. and Liz. Through some veiled conversation, they agree that things definitely aren’t over between them.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Emily: “I am going to Europe and I’m going to have a marvelous time. I’m going to get up at 10:00 and I’m going to have two glasses of wine at lunch every single day.”
Richard: “Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch.”
Emily: “Well, then buy me a boa and drive me to Reno because I am open for business.”

Richard: “I knew the mental illness in your family would catch up with you eventually.”
Emily: “Aunt Cora was not mentally ill! She was athletic!”

Jackson: (re: Davey) “He just came to say hi to everybody and to see the place on which his entire college education depends. What do you think? Is it gonna be Ivy League, or is it gonna be Murray’s House of Learnin’?”
Sookie: “If we’re going by the donut demand, I think he’s in pretty good shape.”
Jackson: “Okay, Ivy League it is. (to Davey) I just hope you’re not stupid.”

Taylor: “I was talking to you, and you just walked away from me.”
Michel: “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were calling someone else.”
Taylor: “Someone else named Michel?”
Michel: “If only I could read minds.”

Lorelai: “So, where are you right now?”
Luke: “About ten minutes from If I Lived Here, I’d Blow My Brains Out.”
Lorelai: “Ah, yes, I hear it’s lovely there this time of year.”

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