"The Party’s Over"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Eric Laneuville

Lorelai and Rory arrive for Friday night dinner and have appetizers with Richard on the pool house terrace. Emily is upset about this because she doesn’t consider their shish kebobs appetizers and thinks Richard is cheating her out of her dinner with the girls. Richard is upset as well because Emily gets to spend more time with the girls. Emily finally gives in but orders Rory and Lorelai to be hungry when they come in for dinner. At the main meal, Emily notes that the girls aren’t eating much and complains that Richard is trying to upstage her. Rory takes a phone call and Emily wonders if she has a boyfriend she hasn’t mentioned. When she returns to the table, she admits that she was talking to Dean and that they’re back together. After dinner, the girls lament that Emily forced them to eat too much. Lorelai pinches Rory, which is in exchange for telling Emily about Dean, since Lorelai tried to cover for her. Rory doesn’t see the point in lying, especially since Emily has already met Dean. Emily goes to the pool house and tells Richard that they need to talk. Lane works at the diner, where Luke tells Liz that she can sit at the counter until an actual paying customer wants her seat. Lorelai arrives and chats with Liz, who wants details about her relationship with Luke. Liz reveals that she and T.J. are thinking about buying a “winter place” in Stars Hollow. Luke isn’t in favor of the idea. Lorelai learns about his skills at cooking things he doesn’t usually cook, so he promises to cook her dinner that weekend.

Kyong (see “Afterboom”) enters, wanting to hang up fliers for Mrs. Kim, and Lane tries to shoo her away. Kyong asks for food (it’s flaxseed muffin month at the Kim house) so Lane introduces her to the world of French fries. Kyong is worried, since they’re a gateway food, but she quickly crosses over to the dark side. At Yale, Paris thinks that a professor is staring at her and suspects that faculty members who now know about her relationship with Asher think she’s easy. Emily and Richard call Rory to tell her that they’re hosting a Yale alumni party at their house on Friday, instead of Friday night dinner. They want Rory to come so she can make some connections. Rory agrees to attend. Lane serves Kyong chili fries at the diner, advising her that if she says grace before every course, she’ll never leave the table: “do a blanket ‘thank you’ and move on.” Zach arrives, telling Lane that he got them free passes to see a band, though they’ll have to carry some equipment. He also asks her to dinner that night. T.J. and Liz enter and T.J. announces that they’re in escrow (which he proceeds to mispronounce for the rest of the episode). They have bought a house in town and T.J. wants to celebrate with coffee. Liz tries to make sure that Luke is okay with them moving there. Rory calls Lorelai from Yale to tell her that she’s off the hook for Friday night dinner, though she’s going to the Yale party. Lorelai is surprised that she wants to go, since she thinks Emily and Richard are trying to manipulate her. She’s surprised that the two made the call to Rory together.

Mrs. Kim tracks Zach down at the newsstand and blasts him for corrupting Lane. She heard from Kyong that he put his hands on her in public. Dean and Rory catch a quick lunch of discounted food at the market, happy that they’ve finally found some time to spend together. Rory is disappointed that Dean doesn’t have much interesting feedback for her story about the Life and Death Brigade (see “You Jump, I Jump, Jack”). They make plans to meet up after Rory puts in an appearance at the Gilmores’ party that night. Lorelai heads to Luke’s apartment in a French maid’s apron and tells him that he’s the perfect man for the menu he’s put together for them. Emily directs the help at her house as Rory arrives for the party; Emily tells her to go upstairs and have her hairdresser do something to her hair. Lane comes home and meets up with a nervous Zach, who tells her what happened with her mother. Lane realizes that Kyong told her what happened at the diner and promises that she will take care of everything. Zach decides that he needs to go walk by a church. Lorelai and Luke continue setting up for dinner but are interrupted by T.J., who has had a huge fight with Liz. Luke sends Lorelai to the kitchen to do some stirring (something she’s not good at), then tells T.J. that since he and Liz are married now, they need to deal with their problems on their own. Luke tries to kick him out but T.J. winds up weeping in a corner.

Rory gets made up at the Gilmores’ house and Emily loans her some jewelry. Downstairs, Emily introduces her to some guests, mostly friends of the family and their sons, who are around Rory’s age. Rory pulls her grandparents aside and asks if their friends have any daughters, since she’s noticed how many guys are there. Richard and Emily play dumb. Back at Luke’s apartment, he and Lorelai try to enjoy dinner, happy that T.J. has at least stopped crying. He asks for ten more minutes before he has to leave. At the party, Rory grows bored with conversation with the guys and calls Lorelai, who says, “I told you.” Rory fills her in, lamenting that she feels like she’s being auctioned off. Lorelai tries to give her some escape routes, noting that she’s been played. After they get off the phone, Lorelai calls the house to blast her parents but the maid who answers pretends not to speak English. Liz shows up at the apartment and starts fighting with T.J. Luke tries to get them to take it outside but Liz locks herself in the bathroom instead. T.J. starts crying again. Lorelai tells Luke to talk to T.J. while she deals with Liz. “You were right,” Luke says. “Having family near is fun!” At the party, Logan saves Rory from an annoying potential suitor by pretending that he’s her boyfriend. He chats with Richard, who knows his parents, then decides that it’s time for a change of scenery.

Lane goes to her mother’s house and confronts Kyong for ratting her out to Mrs. Kim. She says that she was trying to bond with her, but Kyong says that Mrs. Kim would know that she lied. Lane bursts her bubble about Mrs. Kim magically knowing things, adding that she wouldn’t know if Kyong watched TV or ate fast food. Kyong is thrilled about the new world Lane has opened up for her. At Luke’s apartment, Lorelai keeps trying to get in touch with her parents as T.J. and Liz battle it out in the bedroom. Luke apologizes for the fact that dinner didn’t go perfectly, but she’s happy since she winds up with an entire cheesecake. Rory, Logan, Finn, Colin, and some other guys hang out in the pool house, where Logan gives Rory some compliments on her article. The guys start pandering to be Rory’s chosen one, but she tells them that she has a boyfriend. She realizes that she’s late to meet Dean and rushes outside, where he’s waiting for her. It takes her a minute to realize that he’s not happy. He tells her that he doesn’t belong there, then leaves. The guys take her back to the pool house to cheer her up with alcohol. Lorelai finally gets through to her parents, letting them know that she knows they tricked Rory into coming to their “mating ritual.” She points out that Rory has a boyfriend but Richard replies that they won’t be together forever. He adds that Dean isn’t good enough for Rory and she needs some guidance in finding someone better for her. Lorelai tells them to stay out of Rory’s business. After they hang up, the guys bring Rory home; she doesn’t seem at all disappointed about her breakup with Dean.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “I mean, the way you keep that mountie hat perfectly balanced the entire time we’re--.”
Luke: “Okay, so, if you keep making mountie hat jokes, you’re going to eventually believe that there’s an actual mountie hat.”

“But Mrs. Kim, she says that fries are the devil’s starchy fingers.” - Kyong

“You sleep with one old guy and suddenly you’re Catherine Zeta-Jones.” - Paris

Luke: “You can’t ruin it.”
Lorelai: “I can, I have powers. Once the Barefoot Contessa was making a soufflé and when it fell, she looked out the TV and said, ‘Gilmore, was that you?’”

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