"Double Date"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Lev L. Spiro

Rory and Lorelai go through their perfected morning routine at home. Later, Lane shows Rory her new CDs, then starts to ask her a favor regarding Dean’s friend Todd. Lorelai interrupts, complaining about her work for her business class as a way of telling the girls that their music is too loud. Lane continues asking her favor - she wants Rory to ask Dean to set her up on a date with Todd. She’d like the date to take place on Sunday, but she doesn’t want to bring up the fact that it will have to be after church. Lorelai comes back and says that the music is now too quiet. Lane suggests that Rory and Dean double with her and Todd so that there isn’t as much pressure on them. Rory isn’t thrilled about the idea, since she doesn’t really know Todd. Lane thinks she and Todd are soulmates, even though they’ve only met twice. Rory notes that the last time Lane met her soulmate, she ran his fingers through his hair and then hid out at the Gilmores’ house (see “Love and War and Snow”). Lane recognizes that she made a mistake then, but things are different now. Lorelai comes back again and wonders how important business school really is. She doesn’t want to always be dissatisfied with what she has, and she thinks she has enough right now. Rory makes her keep studying. She finally gives in to Lane and agrees to talk to Dean. Lorelai returns again and asks the girls what they’re doing.

At the inn, Lorelai tries to study but is interrupted by Michel, who says that they’re overbooked. Lorelai works things out, then goes to the kitchen to get coffee. Sookie is planning to make a variation of baked Alaska for dessert; Lorelai suggests actually making it in the shape of Alaska. Jackson enters with some produce and Lorelai notices that he and Sookie are awkward around each other. After Jackson leaves, Sookie tells Lorelai that she asked him out (see “Paris is Burning”). Lorelai knows, since this was weeks ago. She encourages Sookie to actually set a date for this outing, but Sookie worries that he’ll say no. Lorelai points out that he already said yes, it’s just a matter of making things concrete. Sookie wants to know why Jackson hasn’t asked her; Lorelai thinks it’s because Sookie hasn’t brought it up again. Sookie wants to be the girl and wait for Jackson to be the boy. Lorelai tells her to ask him out for Sunday, her day off. Sookie finally does, and Lorelai notes with amusement that she knows Jackson’s cell phone number by heart. Sookie leaves a silly message on Jackson’s voice mail and Lorelai tells her to hang up before she rambles too much. She decides that Sookie now has time to prepare for possible date options. Dean finds Rory reading outside Stars Hollow High (she had a half day and came by to surprise him) and she brings up Todd and Lane. Dean isn’t sure about them as a couple but agrees to bring up a possible date with Todd.

Back at the inn, Lorelai complains about studying again, and Michel is no help. Sookie happily announces that Jackson called her back and they’re going to dinner at Chez Fleur on Sunday. However, Jackson’s cousin is in town on Sunday, so Sookie wants Lorelai and the cousin, Rune, to double with them. Lorelai doesn’t want to go, since she hates blind dates, but Sookie begs and Lorelai gives in. At the Gilmores’, Lorelai helps Sookie get ready for the date, which Sookie is very nervous about. She worries that she’s being stupid for going out with her produce guy, since things could go horribly wrong and Jackson might not sell her produce anymore. Lorelai points out that they’ll just find another produce guy. Sookie says that she likes Jackson and is worried that he’s just going out with her to be polite. Lorelai notes that he didn’t have to say yes to the date. Sookie panics when she realizes that she’s technically Jackson’s employer and is now a sexual harasser. Lorelai makes her sit down and stop talking crazy. She tells her that tonight will be good, and she’ll be there to help her through it. In Rory’s room, she and Lane get ready for their double date; Lane has told her mother that she’s spending the evening with Rory and Lorelai at their house. Rory worries that Mrs. Kim will call looking for her, but Lane has covered her bases by mentioning that they might go out to get food or movies. Lane wonders what Rory is going to tell her own mother; Rory isn’t sure. She doesn’t want to tell her the truth because she doesn’t think that Lorelai would feel comfortable lying to Mrs. Kim. Lane suggests that they say they’re going to a movie with Dean, and they’ll pretend that Todd showed up coincidentally.

Lane and Rory head out, telling Lorelai the story that Lane came up with. Sookie finally finishes getting ready but has no coat, since she accidentally ruined hers. Jackson and Rune (Max Perlich) arrive and, upon seeing Lorelai, Rune immediately pulls Jackson aside to complain that Lorelai is too tall for him. Jackson tells him that he came into town without notice, is crashing on his couch, and is eating all his food, and Jackson is trying to do something nice for him. Rune finally relents and the four head to Chez Fleur. There, conversation is awkward and consists of Rune asking Lorelai what size shoe she wears and Sookie and Jackson discussing food. Lorelai asks about Rune’s strange name, but Rune won’t supply the origin. When the waiter arrives, Lorelai decides that drinking is a good way to go. Rory, Dean, Lane, and Todd head the Black, White and Read bookstore for a movie; as they stand in line, Dean tries to convince Rory that Lane and Todd are having a good time. Lane rambles about music, but Todd isn’t as talkative and doesn’t have opinions on Lane’s favorite subject, music. At Chez Fleur, Sookie and Lorelai reminisce about Rory, boring the guys. Lorelai drags Sookie to the restroom and tells her to turn the conversation towards Jackson. Sookie complains that the restaurant is too fancy and Lorelai tells her that she’s putting too much pressure on the evening. They decide to go to Luke’s instead. At the bookstore, Lane asks Todd about movies; his favorite is Beethoven. Lane begins to realize that he might not be her soulmate after all.

Rune isn’t impressed by Luke’s, but Jackson and Sookie immediately feel more comfortable. Lorelai heads to the counter and asks Luke for “four menus, a coffee, and an anvil.” She wants the anvil for Rune, which leads Luke to ask, “What’s a Rune?” He notes that Sookie and Jackson’s date seems to be going well; Lorelai comments that she’ll wear blue to their wedding. (She’s psychic - see “I Can’t Get Started.”) She mentions that Rune is even less excited about their blind date than she is. Luke thinks it’s great that Lorelai is tall, because she can get things from high shelves that Rune can’t reach. Lorelai compliments the coffee and Luke reveals that he added a little nutmeg to it. Rune announces that he’s bored and doesn’t want to eat there. He complains that Jackson told him he would have fun tonight, but he didn’t, and now he wants to go bowling. Sookie asks Jackson not to go, since they haven’t really started their date yet. Jackson agrees and tells Rune to go entertain himself. Rune leaves and Lorelai calls him Loon, happy that she doesn’t have to deal with him anymore. She suggests that Luke make three burgers and sent two over to Jackson and Sookie while she eats hers at the counter with him. Luke doesn’t want to have to watch her eat alone. Lorelai points out that he’s almost done working and they start playing 5-card draw. She’s happy that Sookie and Jackson now look very happy together, and she and Luke lament not currently having the same early relationship experiences. Mrs. Kim walks by and spots Lorelai without Lane and Rory. She tells Lorelai that she’s been trying to call Lane at the Gilmores’ and Lorelai reveals that they went to meet Dean. Lorelai tries to convince her that they’re fine, but Mrs. Kim wants to go find them.

After the movie, Lane decides that it’s time to end the date and go home. Lorelai and Mrs. Kim arrive and Todd quickly realizes that two moms showing up can’t be good. Mrs. Kim quickly takes Lane home and Lorelai tells an unaware Dean that “bits of information were left out of the mom packets tonight.” She takes Rory home, telling Dean that it’s probably not a good idea for him to call before the next day. After they leave, Todd tells Dean that Lorelai is hot. Lorelai blasts Rory for lying to her and Rory recognizes that it wasn’t too smart. She explains that Lane wanted to go out with Todd, and they didn’t mention this to Lorelai so that she wouldn’t have to lie to Mrs. Kim. Lorelai realizes that Rory is more like her than she thought. However, she wants to know where Rory is at all times, especially when she’s wearing Lorelai’s shoes. Rory says that she hated what she did and wonders if Lorelai would have lied for them. Lorelai says that she wouldn’t have, because Mrs. Kim is scary. They decide that they have to respect the way Mrs. Kim raises Lane because she has the right to make the rules. Lorelai is happy, however, that they’ve learned that she’s a babe. Rory climbs a tree outside Lane’s house to visit her grounded friend and apologize for what happened. Lane doesn’t blame her, since the whole thing was her idea. Also, if Rory hadn’t set her up with Todd, she wouldn’t have realized that she doesn’t actually like him. She says that Todd called her, but she pretended to be her mother and said she couldn’t come to the phone.

Downstairs, Mrs. Kim argues with a costumer who broke one of her lamps. Lorelai arrives and apologizes for what happened the other night. She promises that Rory has never lied to her; “that you know of,” Mrs. Kim replies. Lorelai doesn’t want Mrs. Kim to think that she can’t let Lane go over to the Gilmores’ anymore. She promises that she’ll always know where they are from now on, but Mrs. Kim wants to keep Lane at home. Lorelai says that Lane is the most respectful kid she knows; Mrs. Kim points out that lying isn’t respectful. They argue about how to raise teenagers and Lorelai says that her parents tried to control her and it didn’t work. Mrs. Kim thinks that Lorelai blames her parents for her getting pregnant, but she just thinks that if she’d had a little more space, things would have happened differently. The two agree that they don’t want their daughters to turn out like Lorelai. Later, Lorelai and Rory head to Luke’s, celebrating the A- Lorelai got in her business class. They talk about Sookie and Jackson’s upcoming date (their third of the week), which they’re also happy about. Rory gets a page from Lane and Rory asks to use Lorelai’s cell phone outside, since Luke doesn’t like it when people use them in the diner. Outside, Rory talks to Lane, who tells her that she’s actually standing outside her house. Inside, Luke makes sure that everything turned out all right with the girls the other night. Lorelai tells him that she enjoyed playing cards with him and he says that he did, too. They decide to try to play again some time. Rory comes back in and says she’s heading over to Lane’s for the 15 minutes she’s allowed to be outside; she’s going to yell at her from across the street. Lorelai tells her to yell hello for her, then looks at Luke and goes back to her coffee.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “Yoko Ono - really?”
Lane: “A very misunderstood artist, and the Beatles would’ve broken up anyway.”
Rory: “Have you shared this theory with anyone?”
Lane: “I know it, Yoko knows it, Sean knows it. Julian’s still in denial, but what can you do?”

Michel: “Well, not everyone is cut out to be their own boss. Maybe you are more of a worker bee, a follower, a ticket ripper, or the man at the concert with the orange glow stick directing you where to park.”
Lorelai: “You’re baiting me, aren’t you?”
Michel: “No, I seriously have no faith in your aptitude.”

Sookie: “You will not regret this.”
Lorelai: “Pick another phrase.”
Sookie: “You will not have to pay.”
Lorelai: “Much better.”

“I have to know where you are at all times, especially when you have my shoes on.” - Lorelai to Rory

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