"Love and War and Snow"
Written by Joan Binder Weiss; directed by Alan Myerson

Stars Hollow gathers for a town meeting at Miss Patty’s dance studio, where Taylor complains that no one is listening to him. He accuses Andrew (Mike Gandolfi) of selling drug paraphernalia to kids; Andrew argues that it was a lava lamp. Lorelai arrives with refreshments and Rory fills her in that Taylor wants the no parking zone outside his market removed because his customers are being ticketed unfairly. Lorelai says that it’s really because he wants to be able to park there. The mayor announces that they need to enforce leash laws, then brings up the fact that the anniversary of the Battle of Stars Hollow is approaching. Lorelai looks around for Luke, who’s up front, and Rory notes that he’s starting to turn red. The mayor has a sign-up sheet circulated for people who want to volunteer to participate in the battle reenactment. He goes into the tale of the battle as Rory and Lorelai monitor Luke’s body language. Luke finally yells that they’re supposed to be discussing town issues. The mayor continues and Luke corrects that 12 men didn’t prepare for battle, they stood around all night. The mayor reminds him that they were waiting for the Red Coats, but Luke exclaims that they never showed. “They got stood up,” he says. “They should’ve been wearing prom dresses.” Lorelai and Rory bet that Taylor and Luke will wind up in a fistfight. Luke is upset that they’re glorifying a war that let the Americans keep stolen land. Rory and Lorelai are amused that Stars Hollow has such a sense of community.

In the middle of the night, Lorelai wanders downstairs and plays an answering machine message from Max. He wonders if they’re ever going to go on the date that was postponed because of the events of “Cinnamon’s Wake.” Rory appears and Lorelai tells her that she smells snow. She’s happy about this, because she thinks snow is magical and can’t wait to bring out her winter clothes. The best things in her life have happened when it snowed, including her first kiss and Rory’s first steps. She thinks that the snowstorm will hit the next night, so she plans to stand outside at midnight with Rory. Rory asks how many times she’s going to listen to Max’s message; Lorelai grosses her out by calling Max sexy. Rory goes back to bed and Lorelai plays the message again. At the inn the next day, Lorelai prepares to accommodate the guests for the snowstorm; Michel hates that it’s going to snow. Sookie tries to come up with special treats to celebrate the snow. Rory arrives with Lane, who’s wearing a band uniform and talking about the guy she likes, Rich. Rory gets some cookies from Sookie while Lane talks about how perfect Rich’s hair is. Lorelai asks Rory to tell Emily and Richard that she’ll be late for Friday night dinner, then notes that Rory hates the kind of cookies she got from Sookie. She realizes that she got them for Dean and she and Sookie start singing about Dean and love.

On their way to meet Dean, Lane keeps talking about Rich but Rory is only half listening. Lane thinks that a relationship with Rich would be awkward, mostly because they’re band partners and because he’s not Korean, so her parents wouldn’t approve. They reach Dean and he and Rory discuss the Jane Austen book she made him read. Obviously uncomfortable, Lane leaves them alone. At the inn, Lorelai announces that it’s snowing. Unfortunately, her good mood is spoiled by a phone call from Emily. Emily tells Lorelai that there’s a storm on its way, so she sent a driver to get Rory at school. Lorelai tells her that she won’t be coming to dinner, if the roads are as bad as Emily says they are. Emily suggests that Rory spend the night and Lorelai accepts the offer. Rory arrives at Emily and Richard’s and Lorelai tells her she’s not going to make it over there. Later that evening, the battle reenactors pass by Luke’s and he tries to convince them to give up the game. Lorelai arrives and notes that the fire chief, the police chief, and the only licensed paramedic in Stars Hollow are all participating in the reenactment, so if there’s an emergency, everyone’s in trouble. Luke doesn’t understand why they always do the reenactment and Lorelai reminds him that it’s a tradition. He thinks that traditions are a way of avoiding changes and reality. She talks about feeling that snow was magical when she was a child, but Luke doesn’t give in. He tells her that his father used to do the reenactments and was buried with his musket. Lorelai heads off to enjoy the snow.

At the high school, the band gathers for a practice. Lane decides to run her fingers through Rich’s hair but gets caught and runs off, embarrassed. Lorelai runs into Max outside a car repair shop; his car happened to break down in Stars Hollow. Lorelai tells him that Rory is in Hartford for the night and offers to take him somewhere so he can see more of Stars Hollow. He thinks that he should do the taking, since he asked her out in the first place, but she points out that he doesn’t know anything about the town. At the Gilmores’, Emily learns that the cook is stranded by the storm, so there’s nothing to eat in the house. Richard suggests going out, but Emily doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Rory decides to check the refrigerator and in doing so finds a frozen pizza. Emily and Richard aren’t thrilled by the possibility of her making it, but Rory assures them that they’ll like it. Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai and Max get takeout and discuss former relationships. (Max dated a woman who went to Thailand for her job and never came back.) Lorelai tells him that Christopher once proposed to her but then the bell rang and she was late for class. She knows that if she’d married him, her life would be completely different and she wouldn’t live in Stars Hollow. Max keeps following Lorelai even though he has no idea where they’re going and thinks they’re both crazy.

At the Gilmores’, Richard tries to deal with an annoying business associate while Rory looks around Lorelai’s old room. She finds some photos of Lorelai and Christopher and pockets them. She gets paged by Lane, who’s at Rory’s house, and calls her. Lane complains that Rory never has time for her anymore and wasn’t around when she touched Rich’s hair. Rory apologizes and Lane tells her she doesn’t want her to be sorry, she wants her to be there. The phones go out before they can continue their conversation and Emily comes upstairs to tell Rory that the stove is buzzing. Rory informs her that that means the pizza is done. She wants to call Lane back, but Emily wants her to come turn off the stove first. Lorelai and Max head to the Black, White and Read bookstore for a movie; they discuss the fiesta burger Max ate and Lorelai keeps asking him if he’s scared yet. Max lets her know that he likes her a lot and they kiss. At the Gilmores’, Richard is impressed by the pizza but Emily won’t eat it. Rory says that Lorelai has become a master at fancying up pizza, revealing that she once put foie gras on one. Emily finally tries it and likes it. Rory gets some pictures from Lorelai’s old room and looks through them with her grandparents. Richard reveals that Emily used to be madly in love with Errol Flynn and even tried to get Richard to grow a mustache like his. Rory spots pictures of Lorelai’s gown for her debutante ball and learns that she never actually got to the ball.

In Stars Hollow, Luke takes coffee to the reenactors but they won’t accept it because it’s not part of the historical events that transpired. Luke says that his father would have taken the coffee and the guys give in. Luke spots Lorelai and Max across the street and is jealous to see how happy they are together. The two head to Lorelai’s house, but Lorelai hesitates before letting him inside. She’s not sure about letting her personal life intrude on Rory’s world; she’s never brought a guy home before. Max promises that he’s only expecting coffee and doesn’t want things to be weird, either. Lorelai finally lets him in and offers him coffee. They start making out but are interrupted by Lane, who’s as embarrassed as they are. Lorelai goes up to Rory’s room and offers to give Lane any advice she might need. Lane tells her about touching Rich’s hair and Lorelai assures her that everyone makes mistakes but she’ll really be judged by how she handles what happened. She points out that she got pregnant in high school but turned the experience into a great one. Lane asks who Max is and notes that he has nice hair, too. Back in the living room, Lorelai tells Max that Lane is going to spend the night and offers to let Max stay on the couch. He accepts, and she runs her fingers through his hair before going upstairs.

The next morning, Lorelai stalls Rory on the porch and tells her that a boy spent the night on the couch. Rory goes inside and is shocked to see her English teacher sleeping on their couch. Lorelai explains what happened and Rory admits that she isn’t sure how she feels about all of it. Lorelai reminds her that she was going to date Max, so Rory knew that something like this might happen. Rory isn’t sure why she feels weird. She asks if Lorelai loves Max and Lorelai replies that she’s only been on one date with him. She promises that she’ll keep her personal life out of Rory’s and won’t be bringing guys home on a regular basis. Rory tells her that it’s okay if she wants to. Lorelai says that she’ll bring a guy home some day and she wants to make sure he’s the right guy. Max might be that guy, but right now that’s just between Lorelai, Rory, and sometimes Lane. Rory chats with Lane and apologizes for being a bad friend. They agree to get coffee later and Rory says that she wants to hear all about the hair-touching episode. Lane replies that she wants to hear all of the “teacher on the couch incident.” After Lane leaves, Rory starts to go back into the living room but sees Max and Lorelai talking. She pulls the pictures of her parents out and looks at them again.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “So, how many times are you gonna listen to that?”
Lorelai: “Till it stops being sexy.”
Rory: “Stop! That’s my teacher you’re talking about. I have to respect him.”
Lorelai: “Okay, well, if it makes you feel any better, while he’s being sexy, he’s also being grammatically correct.”

“I have a locksmith coming to the house today, like 5-ish, and I don’t know how long it’ll take, so will you tell Grandma and Grandpa that I’m gonna be late, and that I’m having Satan’s baby? You pick the order.” - Lorelai to Rory

Lorelai: “Make a wish.”
Michel: “Get away from me.”
Lorelai: “Oh, you’re not supposed to say it out loud.”

Lorelai: “The world changes when it snows. It gets quiet. Everything softens.”
Michel: “It’s your mother.”
Lorelai: “And then the rain comes.”

Emily: “This is a serious problem. These Friday dinners are the only proper food that child eats all week.”
Richard: “Rory, are you in any way malnourished or in need of some international relief organization to recruit a celebrity to raise money on your account?”
Rory: “I’m good.”
Richard: “She’s good, Emily.”

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