"Cinnamon’s Wake"
Written by Daniel Palladino; directed by Michael Katleman

Lorelai, Rory, and Emily are having Friday night dinner together, though Richard is away on business. (He’s in Germany, so Lorelai makes a Nazi joke.) Emily gives Rory and Lorelai the sad news that Lorelai’s cousin Claudia has died, but Lorelai has no idea who she is. Emily wants her to go to the funeral, but Lorelai can’t get away and doesn’t want to go to the funeral of a person she didn’t know. In retaliation, Emily makes a Nazi joke of her own. In the morning, Rory asks Lorelai why she isn’t baking, since Chilton has an upcoming bake sale. Lorelai tells her to turn off her stereo so they can leave, but Rory isn’t playing any music. They discover Lane dancing around in Rory’s room, having told her mother that she’s out “contemplating the reunification of the two Koreas.” As the three leave the house, they pass Babette and Morey, who are taking a walk with their cat Cinnamon in a wagon. Rory realizes that their town is strange. Later, Rory boards her bus to school, followed by Dean. He surprises her and thanks her for helping him get a job at Doose’s Market (see the pilot). Rory informs him that the bus is going to Hartford, so Dean needs to get off before it gets too far. The bus makes a stop and Dean gets off, saying, “Goodbye, Lorelai Gilmore.”

At the inn, some French businessmen ask for help and Michel pretends not to speak French. Lorelai forces him to be useful. At the Chilton bake sale, Sookie attempts to flambé something and winds up setting the tablecloth on fire. Lorelai has to steal lemonade in order to put it out. Max (see “The Deerhunters”) approaches and tries to get Lorelai to call him by his first name; she insists on calling him Mr. Medina. He pulls her aside and tells her that he wants them to make up after their fight over Rory’s test. He promises to help Rory get through Chilton, and he also wants to be friends with Lorelai. Max asks her out on a date, but Lorelai isn’t sure that Headmaster Charleston would approve. Even though she doesn’t think Rory or other parents will be thrilled, Lorelai admits that she wants to go out. She’s still tentative, so he asks her to consider a cup of coffee. She gives him very specific information about where she’ll be the next day, letting him know that she can’t stop him from coming to the same coffee shop. Back in Stars Hollow, Rory and Lane discuss Lane’s desire to move to Philadelphia and hang out with M. Night Shyamalan. Morey and Babette walk by again with Cinnamon; apparently the cat isn’t feeling well because of bad clams. Said clams were eaten at Al’s Pancake World, which doesn’t make him look too good.

Rory spots Dean working at the market and decides that she has some things to get. Lane tries to go along with her, but Rory gets her to go home. Dean sees Rory in the store, but she avoids him, running into Miss Patty. Miss Patty realizes why Rory is there and promises not to tell anyone about her crush. After Rory walks off, Kirk (see “The Deerhunters”) criticizes Miss Patty for tasting food in the store. Rory buys a head of lettuce and a mousetrap and Dean notes that she’s making some interesting purchases. She’s a little short on money, so Dean offers to help her out, but Rory decides just to get the lettuce. “Perfect,” Dean remarks. “You could use half of it for a salad then use the other half to clobber the mouse with.” In Hartford the next day, Lorelai and Max “run into each other” at a coffee shop. Max announces that he thinks they should date, but Lorelai wants to know why. He doesn’t have much to back himself up and she teases him for not having a reason for them to go out. He tells her that he seems to know her better than she knows him. Lorelai says that she doesn’t want to do anything that might hurt Rory; Max points out that Rory is a big girl. He tells a story about his uncle, who was in love with a girl and never said anything to her. He got drafted and went to war, thinking that when he got back, he’d get together with the girl. When he got back, she had moved, and he never saw her again. Max learned from that to go with his gut. Lorelai gives in, giving him a business card. On Max’s way out, Lorelai asks if the story was true. “Goodbye, Lorelai Gilmore,” he replies.

Sookie and Lorelai eat at Luke’s Diner, babbling about random things as Luke wonders how they ever get anything done. Lorelai tells Sookie about Max, adding that she’s not sure exactly what to do. Impatient about Luke not bringing onions for Lorelai, Sookie gets behind the counter and starts adding things to customers’ orders. Lorelai confides that she’s worried that Rory will get attached to the guys she dates and then things won’t work out. Since Max is her teacher, there’s no way to keep her completely out of the relationship. Sookie points out what Max did, that Rory’s not a little kid anymore, and Lorelai notes that it would be nice to have sex again. Luke returns and yells at Sookie for getting behind the counter, as he’s told her before not to enter his “sacred space.” He tells Lorelai that if she wants to bring Sookie back to the diner, she has to bring her on a leash. Lorelai decides to tell Rory what’s going on, and if she’s not okay with it, she’ll break off her date with Max. Sookie is surprised that Lorelai hasn’t told Rory yet. Rory arrives and tells Lorelai to come home - something’s happened to Cinnamon. At home, Lorelai and Rory discover that Cinnamon has died. Babette explains that she thought Cinnamon was sleeping, so she nudged her with her foot. The floor had just been waxed, and the cat flew across the room. Morey blames himself for the cat’s death, since he gave her bad clams, but the vet reminds him that Cinnamon was 260 years old in human years. Rory and Morey vow to never eat clams again.

Later, Lane comes by and asks Rory if she wanted to laugh when she learned that Babette accidentally slid the cat’s body across the floor. Rory admits that she did. Michel drops by to bring something to Lorelai; he’s dumbfounded to learn that they’re having a wake for a cat. Miss Patty arrives, followed by Luke and Sookie, who both bring food. Sookie tries to organize an area for food and drinks, but Luke prefers just putting his in the middle of the room. Later, Dean comes by with drinks, flustering Rory. Lorelai asks her if she knows him and Rory tries to cover up her crush. Dean tries to talk to Rory, but she avoids him again. Max arrives at the Gilmores’ and Lorelai realizes that it’s Thursday, the night they planned to go out. She quickly explains to Rory that Max is there to pick her up, then runs next door to talk to him. She explains that she has to cancel because of Cinnamon, but Max thinks she’s making up a stupid excuse so that she doesn’t have to go out with him. Lorelai asks him to call her later to reschedule, promising that she does want to go out with him. Back at the wake, Sookie and Luke come to a begrudging agreement about putting some of their food together. Lorelai returns, looking for Rory, as Kirk apologizes to Miss Patty for getting on her case at the market. He says that he wouldn’t have if he’d known that she was such a valued customer.

In the kitchen, Lorelai watches Babette clean out the cabinets full of Cinnamon’s pills. She notes that you never know how old a cat is until you look in the medicine cabinet. “You live to take care of your kids,” she says. Lorelai agrees that they grow up faster than they can believe. Babette worries that her relationship with Morey will fall apart now that their “child” is gone; she never thought that she would find a man who would want her anyway. Lorelai tries to relate, but Babette thinks that things might work out with her and Max. Everyone reconvenes in the living room while Morey plays the piano. Lorelai tells Sookie that she can’t find Rory, who disappeared after Max showed up for their date, which Rory still doesn’t know about. Dean finds Rory outside the house and apologizes, thinking that he’s been bothering her lately. He thought she might like him, but she’s been acting like she doesn’t, so he’s willing to back off. Before he can leave, she admits that she’s interested. She heads back to the house and runs into Lorelai. Lorelai sits her down and gets everything out in the open. Rory worries about how her classmates will react when they learn that her mother is dating her teacher. She’s mad that Lorelai kept this from her. Lorelai announces that she won’t go out with Max and Rory tells her she doesn’t have to do that; she just knows that there are plenty of other guys Lorelai could date. Lorelai tells her that she really likes Max and hasn’t dated for a long time. She knows Rory will understand how she feels someday.

Later, Rory and Lorelai head home, where Lorelai gets a call from Emily. Lorelai admits that she and Rory were at a cat’s wake. Emily is appalled that they would go to a wake for a cat instead of one for a human relative. Lorelai attempts to get off the phone by saying that she has a big day tomorrow. “Oh, what?” Emily asks. “You’re going to a raccoon’s wedding?” Rory chastises Lorelai for telling Emily where they were; Lorelai says that she’s not sure what to tell Emily and what to keep to herself. They discuss Max again and Rory says that Lorelai can date whoever she wants to. Lorelai says that she wants to make sure she has Rory’s approval when she goes out with someone. She says that if Rory feels uncomfortable about anything, Lorelai will end things. Rory goes to her room and Lorelai calls to her that she’ll be up for a while if Rory wants to discuss the situation more. Rory asks her to keep Max out late on Thursday night because she has an oral exam on Friday that she’d like him to sleep through.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Michel: “Lorelai, I don’t know how many French people you’ve met over the years, but most of them are insufferable.”
Lorelai: “Really?”
Michel: “Mm-hm. That is why I left France.”
Lorelai: “Huh. I thought it had something to do with the torches and the villagers.”

Max: “You like coffee?”
Lorelai: “Only with my oxygen.”

Dean: “Do you have a second?”
Rory: “No. I have gum.”

“Hold on. I’m looking up aneurysm in our medical dictionary to see if I just had one.” - Emily

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