"Jews and Chinese Food"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Matthew Diamond

Lorelai visits Rory at school, surprised to find Doyle hanging in her dorm. Paris goes into too many details while trying to tell Lorelai that they “haven’t defined the social aspects of [their] relationship yet.” Lorelai hurries into Rory’s room and assures her that she’s dealing with her breakup all right (see “Say Something”). The girls are heading to dinner together since Richard and Emily are away on their second honeymoon (see “Wedding Bell Blues”) and aren’t around for Friday night dinner. Paris tells Lorelai that she wants to interview her for a paper on how women of a certain age deal with loneliness. The girls eat in the cafeteria, where Rory tells Lorelai that there are no cliques in college. Lorelai fills her in on some of the happenings in Stars Hollow, mentioning that she’s agreed to make costumes for the elementary school’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. She admits that she hasn’t heard from Luke yet but thinks that things will start to get easier soon. She’s now getting her morning coffee from Weston’s, which Rory seems to approve of. Lorelai asks her about Logan but he’s been out of town so Rory hasn’t seen him. Rory reveals that Christopher e-mailed her to give his side of what happened at the vow renewal. Lorelai doesn’t care about his side, since Emily put him up to everything and she got dumped as a result. Rory wonders if Richard knew that Christopher was coming and planned everything with Emily. Lorelai thinks it was all Emily’s doing.

After dinner, Lorelai and Rory eat ice cream (even though it’s freezing out) and spot Marty, who avoids them. Rory invites Lorelai to spend the night but Lorelai says she’s okay. The next morning, Lorelai goes to Weston’s and confuses the woman who gives her coffee. As she drives past the diner, she sees Luke’s boat parked outside. At the Yale newspaper office, Doyle lectures the writers. Rory leaves in the middle when she sees Marty outside. She notes that he’s been avoiding her and says that she’s missed him. She invites him to come over and watch some Marx Brothers movies with her; he accepts. At the diner, Andrew asks Luke about the boat. Luke says he doesn’t want to talk about it and Andrew remarks, “Good thing you parked it right outside the diner, then.” Lulu enters with one of her students, who wants to tell Luke something but gets too freaked out by him. Lulu tells Luke that they need him at the school at 3 the next day. Apparently when Lorelai agreed to make costumes for the musical, she signed Luke up to build sets but never told him. Lulu knows that it might be awkward for Luke and Lorelai to work so closely, but Luke promises to do his part. At the inn, Sookie tells Lorelai that she doesn’t want to make pork anymore because she’s run out of interesting ways to fix it. Lorelai has brought in a bunch of white beards to dye with tea for the musical. Sookie learns that Lorelai saw the boat and says that Luke is a jerk for pulling a stunt like this. Lorelai says she doesn’t care that much, since it’s his boat. Back at home, she looks at her now-empty garage.

At the elementary school, Luke gets to work with two students, Bradley and Damon (who likes to tell people that his mother is a lesbian). He has to start by teaching him the differences between screwdrivers. Carrie (the director) arrives, happy to see Luke; the feeling isn’t mutual. Luke is surprised to learn that Kirk is playing Tevye. While the kids (and Kirk) are taking a bathroom break, Luke asks Lulu where all the other adults are. She tells him that they come in at different times. She also explains that Kirk is starring in the play because they couldn’t find a boy in the elementary school who could handle the part. Sookie heads to Lorelai’s house with crafts supplies so they can redecorate the garage. Michel calls, upset to be the only one actually working. In Rory’s suite, Doyle tells her that he doesn’t like that she felt comfortable enough with him to leave in the middle of the meeting. His argument about boundaries loses credibility when Rory notes that he’s there every day and eats her food all the time. Lorelai and Sookie get Michel to paint patterns in the garage with his family’s antique stencils. He realizes that he’s been tricked by a couple of Tom Sawyers. Marty brings food to Rory’s room, where she’s set up a bunch of different kinds of pretzels. Marty makes the mistake of eating a handful of wasabi pretzels at once. Paris arrives and blasts Rory for kicking Doyle out; now she has to go spend the night with him and his three roommates. “I missed this place,” Marty comments.

Luke and his miniature crew work at the school and he notes to Lulu that he still hasn’t seen other adults around. Kirk complains to him that his dairy cart is too easy to pull and is too 21st century. Luke breaks a wheel for him and says, “Remember to thank me in your acceptance speech.” The kids practice “Tradition” and when the girl playing Yente trips, Luke complains that her costume doesn’t fit and should have been fixed by now. He heads to Lorelai’s, where she’s hanging out in her new cool garage, and blasts her for not being at the school when she signed him up to help out. They fight about the removal of the boat and Lorelai admits that she’s hurt that he took it without saying anything to her. Rory and Marty’s afternoon is interrupted when Logan arrives and invites Rory out for Chinese food with his friends. She mentions that she has company, so Logan invites Marty to come along. Marty agrees to go because he can tell that Rory wants to. She promises that they can leave if they get bored. At the restaurant, the group engages in inane conversation; topics include one girl’s apparent inability to eat and Colin’s experiences in a Swiss boarding school. Backstage at play rehearsal, Lorelai fixes costumes while Luke does some work with props. Carrie sexually harasses Luke, who almost threatens her with a hammer. After dinner, the Yalies decide to go to a club; Rory and Marty aren’t very excited about the prospect. Marty also doesn’t have money to help cover the tab and goes outside. Rory goes after him and tries to give him money; he lets her know that he doesn’t appreciate this experience. At school, Lorelai and Luke almost share a romantic experience over “Do You Love Me?” Marty and Rory head back to the dorm, where Marty announces that he likes Rory as more of a friend. She tells him she likes Logan, which he figured out, but still wants to be friends. Later, Logan climbs through her window and they take their relationship to the next level.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Doyle: “You look so hot when you find me annoying.”
Paris: “Then I must be Gisele Bündchen to you 24/7.”

Rory: “Now that’s a manly-sized cup of coffee.”
Marty: “Uh, yeah. I, uh, I worked late, and I had a paper and I didn’t get a lot of sleep--.”
Rory: “Marty, you never have to apologize for a huge cup of coffee to me.”

Kirk: “His life is hard, so pulling this cart should be hard.”
Luke: “You’re an actor. Pretend it’s hard.”
Kirk: “I’m not that kind of actor. For my type of work, it has to be legitimately hard.”

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