"Say Something"
Written and directed by Daniel Palladino

Lorelai prepares to leave the reception after the disastrous events of “Wedding Bell Blues.” Rory asks if things between them are okay, since getting caught in the bridal room with Logan wasn’t her finest moment, but Lorelai reminds her that she herself has had plenty of moments like that. Rory notes that Luke was mad; Lorelai says it’s because he still sees Rory as a kid. After trying to convince Rory that she doesn’t blame Logan for what happened and that Luke is still around, she leaves. She heads to the diner but learns that Luke hasn’t been back there. Babette and Morey haven’t seen him either and get a little worried that things between the couple aren’t going well. (They also note that Taylor will freak out if they break up.) Lorelai calls Luke and leaves a message. Rory heads back to her dorm and wakes Paris up to find out if anyone has called for her. Paris deduces that Rory is waiting for a call from a boy. Wide awake now, Paris makes Rory play Boggle with her as payback. At the arcade, Lorelai runs into Kirk, who tells her that Luke is at the Black, White & Read. She assures him that their relationship is fine and Taylor has nothing to worry about. She heads to the theater, willing to apologize profusely for everything, but Luke says that he wants some time apart to think.

At the inn the next day, Lorelai helps a woman organize a pancake breakfast for a bunch of little girls and their dolls. Michel isn’t sure why they’re making food for dolls that can’t eat. Sookie notices that something is wrong with Lorelai, who fills her in. Sookie tries to convince her that things will be okay, but the story she chooses to tell doesn’t help. Rory and Paris eat breakfast together in the cafeteria and lament the fact that they’re both waiting for boys to call them. Paris decides that they need guidance, so they call over Janet and a friend of hers named Althea. Janet and Althea think that things will be okay with Paris and Doyle and encourage her to think of a reason to call him. They think that because of what happened with Rory and Logan, she needs to call him and ask him to hang out sometime. In Stars Hollow, the townies start putting pink and blue ribbons on their doors, thinking that Lorelai and Luke have broken up and they have to choose sides. Lorelai corners Luke in the market and tells him she wants to talk. He’s upset that she didn’t tell him about her night with Christopher (see “Women of Questionable Morals”) and notes that Christopher will always be a part of Lorelai’s life because of Rory. He thinks this sort of thing is going to keep happening. Lorelai blames Emily, but Luke points out that she’ll always be in Lorelai’s life, too. She’s afraid that this is it for them and begs him to tell her what he’s thinking. He admits that he’s thinking that their relationship is too much work.

Rory calls Logan and asks him if he wants to hang out. He invites her over to his dorm. When she arrives, she discovers that he’s having a poker night with a bunch of guys, including Colin and a guy named Robert. Rory is asked to stay and is surprised to learn how much money the guys are betting. Robert wonders if Rory is writing about the game, since she wrote about the LDB get-together (see “You Jump, I Jump, Jack”). She declines a drink, since she’s not sure how long she’s going to be staying. The next morning, Lorelai doesn’t show up for the pancake breakfast, so Sookie heads to her house to find out what’s going on. Rory wakes up in Logan’s room and sees that the guys are still playing. Sookie calls Rory from the house and tells her that Luke and Lorelai broke up. Rory agrees to come home as soon as possible. She realizes that her car is in the shop, so Logan offers her a chauffeured car. As soon as Rory arrives home, Lorelai fills her in, lamenting that she pushed Luke too hard. Rory says that Luke has waited forever for Lorelai, so he’s not going to just walk away. Lorelai, however, thinks it’s over. Rory tries to comfort her. Later, Lorelai dreams that she’s back at the Black, White & Read with Luke, watching herself on her date with Luke in “Written in the Stars.” After Luke says that he’s “all in,” dream Lorelai tells her date self to “say something.”

Rory heads out to get supplies, though Lorelai is worried that she’ll have to deal with Taylor and his ribbons. Rory takes Lane to the market in Logan’s car, buying a sandwich for the driver, Frank. Lane tells Rory that Taylor is holding a huge conversation with a bunch of townies about whether a certain street should have more pink ribbons and whether Lorelai should have married Max. Rory heads into the market, demands the bucket of ribbons, and tells Taylor, “Take piano lessons or something!” Back in the car, Rory gets fed up by a car honking at their limo and yells at the driver through the sunroof. She stops when she realizes that it’s Luke. “I’m not usually in a limo,” she tells him. Back at home, Frank helps Rory tend to Lorelai, then takes her back to school after Rory is sure that Lorelai will be all right. Later, Lorelai calls Luke and leaves a long message on his machine about The Way We Were, then asks him to come over. Seconds later, she realizes what she did and runs to his place to take the tape from the machine. Rory returns Logan’s car to him, then tells him that she really just wanted to hang out with him, not watch him play poker with his friends. Logan says that he couldn’t kick them out, so he invited her to stay so he could see her. If they’re going to date, he doesn’t want to have conditions. He asks her to “hang out” next week and they share another kiss. Lorelai returns home to find Luke looking for her, having already gotten her message. She’s humiliated but wants to respect his wishes, so she sends him home.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “I didn’t know you were dead asleep.”
Paris: “The room is dark. I’m under the covers and completely immobile. Deduce, Sherlock.”
Rory: “Well, you’re awake now. Can I ask you a question?”
Paris: “Bite me.”
Rory: “Were there any messages for me?”
Paris: “Yes. Four other people called and asked that you bite me.”

Sookie: “I’m making little pancakes for the dolls, and I found these little forks they can use.”
Michel: “They do not have opposable thumbs!”
Sookie: “Who, the girls? Oh, this is a handicapped group! Poor things.”
Michel: “No, the dolls.”
Sookie: “The dolls? How can a doll be handicapped?”

Sookie: “Please help. You’re just standing there.”
Michel: “I’m staying out of the way. In situations like this, ‘do not get in the way’ is so valuable.”
Sookie: “Well, get in the way. Entertain the kids.”
Michel: “Like I’m Sponge Boy Big Pants or something?”

Lorelai: “You take your car to the dealer?”
Rory: “Yeah.”
Lorelai: “They’re such a rip-off there.”
Rory: “It says in the book to take it to the dealer.”
Lorelai: “If it said in the book to drive off a cliff, would you drive off a cliff?”
Rory: “Yes, I would.”

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