"Sadie, Sadie"
Written and directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino

Rory and Lorelai are in downtown Stars Hollow, which is still full of yellow daisies from the previous day (see “Love, Daisies, and Troubadours”). Rory suggests that Lorelai get married in Italy; she keeps talking about the potential wedding, but Lorelai wants to change the subject, since she hasn’t actually decided if she’s going to accept Max’s proposal. Rory thinks that the bridesmaids should be allowed to pick their own dresses. Lorelai wants her to shut up. Rory takes some daisies to Lane, who is arguing with her mother about something. Lane tells Rory that her parents are sending her to visit cousins in Korea for the summer and won’t tell her when she’s coming back. She’s disconcerted by the fact that they bought her a one-way ticket. Rory thinks she’s panicking too much and tries to convince herself that there’s more to the story, but they realize that it’s probably pretty straightforward. Lorelai heads to the newsstand and looks through a bridal magazine. Rory catches her and decides to buy the magazine for her. Miss Patty arrives and assumes that this means that Lorelai has accepted the proposal. She wonders if Lorelai has told Luke yet, but Lorelai reminds her that Max just proposed the day before. She says she’ll tell him when they go to the diner for breakfast and Miss Patty warns her to be gentle. Lorelai tries to convince everyone that she and Luke are just friends. Rory and Lorelai are followed to the diner by a bunch of townies, who apparently have nothing better to do.

Lorelai and Rory enter the diner, leaving the townies outside to press up against the windows. Rory urges Lorelai to tell Luke right away before the townies freak out. Lorelai doesn’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal out of things. Rory tells her that Luke has a thing for her, but Lorelai doesn’t believe her. She finally goes up to the counter and announces that she has something to tell Luke. When she tells him that Max proposed, he’s not surprised, since they’ve been spending so much time together. Luke congratulates her, but Lorelai says that she hasn’t accepted the proposal yet. He thinks she’ll say yes, especially since she was so excited about the proposal. Lorelai says that she was just sharing something with Luke, like when kids share Popsicles with each other. Luke wonders where they’ll live if they get married; Hartford makes sense, since it’s close to Chilton, but it’s far from the inn. He isn’t sure Lorelai would want to keep working after getting married anyway. Luke wonders if Lorelai will have more kids or if she and Max will have joint checking accounts or if Lorelai will change her last name. Lorelai decides that she wants her Popsicle back. He tells her that it’s fine if she and Max haven’t discussed this stuff, since his parents went their entire marriage without discussing these things. After his mother dies, it took his father ten years to find the coupon drawer. Lorelai heads back to Rory, who informs her that Kirk passed out. Lorelai tells her that Luke took the news fine.

Rory and Lorelai head to Friday night dinner and Rory notices that Lorelai is very distracted. Emily and Richard act overly enthusiastic about seeing the girls but waits until Richard is in the room to tell them why. She finally says that Bitty Charleston, Headmaster Charleston’s wife, told her that Rory has finished in the top three percent of her class. Lorelai and Rory aren’t impressed by the news, since they already knew. Emily decides that they’ll have a special dinner the next week and Rory can bring some friends. As the others head to dinner, Lorelai announces that she needs to call the inn and check up on Michel. Instead, she calls Max and asks him the questions that Luke wondered if they had discussed. He realizes that this means she’s accepting his proposal. As Emily and Richard discuss Rory’s accomplishments in the dining room, Lorelai appears in the doorway and nods to Rory. Rory jumps up and screams, hugging her mother. Emily and Richard are both stunned and confused. The girls pretend that they’re just excited about Rory being in the top three percent. At the inn, Sookie instructs her kitchen staff and gets attacked by a lobster. Michel weighs turkey, explaining that a scientific study proved that rats who cut their daily caloric intake by 30 percent lived that much longer. He thinks that if he lives long enough, scientists will be able to cure anything, including death. Sookie asks if he’s going to live forever, like the kids on Fame.

Lorelai arrives and starts to announce her engagement, but first wants to know what’s up with the turkey weighing. Sookie tells her that Michel is going to live forever and Lorelai replies, “Like on Fame?” Michel leaves and Lorelai gives Sookie her good news. Sookie takes a few moments to absorb the news and tells Lorelai that she knew she’d be “a Sadie,” a “married lady,” like in Funny Girl. Sookie will, of course, cater, and offers to make the cake herself, too. She starts crying, telling Lorelai that she’s getting something she really deserves. Jackson arrives and Sookie shares the news; he cheers her up by showing her his new crop of Brussel sprouts. She wonders what the most romantic vegetable is, but Jackson gets spooked and leaves. Lorelai notes that he got nervous because he thinks Sookie wants to get married. Sookie advises her to tell him she’s pregnant the next time she sees him. Lane sits in her closet and talks to Rory on the phone about her upcoming trip to Korea. She’s been on the phone with the American consulate, but there’s nothing they can do, since Lane is a minor and her parents have put her in the custody of family. Rory encourages her to talk to her parents, but Lane isn’t sure she can keep herself from being shipped off. Back at home, Rory is disappointed in Lorelai’s choices for her wedding and announces that she’s planning everything herself. In fact, Lorelai will have no say and may not even be invited.

Max calls and tells Rory that he’s been shopping for rings and wants her opinion. Rory repeats the choices so that Lorelai can hear them and she pants and barks like a dog when she hears about one she really likes. Max guesses that she’s there, since he heard her bark, and Rory lies that it’s a wild jackal that sometimes hangs out there. Max asks to talk to “Cujo,” so Rory gives her the phone and goes to answer the door. Dean has arrived and he and Rory decide that they’re much happier being back together (see “Love, Daisies, and Troubadours”) than they were when they were apart. They join Lorelai in the kitchen and the girls tell Dean that that night’s movie is the class The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story. Rory leaves and Lorelai tells Dean that they really missed him. He figures out that she wants him to change their water bottle. He does so and Lorelai tells Rory that he offered. Rory joins Dean on the back porch, where she invites him to Friday night dinner. He isn’t sure about going, since the last time he saw Emily, things didn’t turn out too well (see “Rory’s Dance”). She convinces him that it’ll be okay and he agrees to go. On Friday, Dean and the girls arrive for dinner and Emily is, fortunately, nice to Dean. Lorelai tells Emily that Dean will have a beer, which embarrasses him. Emily and the girls tease him a little until Richard arrives and meets Dean for the first time. Unlike Emily, Richard’s reception is not very friendly.

The main course turns out to be homemade Beefaroni which happens to not contain actual beef. Emily and Richard give Rory gifts, including fancy pens. Dessert is Twinkies, since Emily knows that they’re Rory’s favorite dessert. Richard starts asking Dean questions about his grades and his future plans. Emily tries to get Richard to be quiet but Dean answers the questions politely. Richard keeps up his interrogation and Rory asks if they can change the subject. Dean admits that he doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. Richard says that when he was ten, he knew that he wanted to go to Yale and work in a powerful firm. He points out that Rory has plans and is special. Rory stands up for Dean, telling Richard that he doesn’t even know him. Richard tells her that there are people in the world who will try to hold her back. Rory shoots back that he can’t treat her boyfriend the way he is. Richard leaves and Rory decides that it’s time to go home. Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai tells Dean that he’s officially a Gilmore girl. She goes inside and Rory apologizes to Dean for the disastrous evening. He tells her it’s not her fault and he wants to forget about what happened. He claims he’s not upset but then goes home.

In the kitchen, Rory tells Lorelai that she can’t believe Richard attacked Dean out of nowhere. She thinks Richard is a snob and won’t listen to anyone. Lorelai tells her that Richard doesn’t love anyone in the world more than he loves Rory, so maybe his behavior is because of Rory, not Dean. She says that Rory is her grandparents’ big hope, since Lorelai didn’t live up to their expectations. She thinks that Richard is afraid Rory will end up like Lorelai. Rory assures her that she won’t get pregnant, but Lorelai says that he can’t help worrying. Rory points out that she’s been defending Richard. Lorelai says that if Rory cuts Richard slack, she’ll wear her Porn Star shirt to the next Friday night dinner. Richard complains to Emily that Dean isn’t good enough for Rory and Emily shouldn’t have invited him over. He can’t believe that Rory spoke to him the way she did, but Emily defends her. Sookie calls to tell Emily about the surprise shower she’s throwing for Lorelai and Max. Emily tries to hide her surprise at the news of the engagement. She tells Richard to call Rory and apologize the next day, since Lorelai is getting married and didn’t tell them. She says that when Rory decides to get married, she wants her to tell them. In Stars Hollow, Lorelai tells Max about the evening and warns that he’s about to marry into an insane family. He gives her her ring and she says, “I’m getting married.”

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “Fresh coffee will be ready in a minute, unless you wanna just roll up a dollar bill and go nuts.” - Luke to Lorelai

“Whole town should be medicated and put in a rec room with ping pong tables and hand puppets.” - Luke

Emily: “William is a lovely boy.”
Richard: “His head is shaped like a football.”
Emily: “It is not.”
Richard: “If he fell asleep in the park, someone would try to punt him.”

Michel: “A group of scientists did a study on rats where they cut their daily calories by 30 percent.”
Sookie: “And you felt left out?”

Lorelai: “Do you want tater tots also?”
Rory: “That’s a rhetorical question, right?”

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