"Come Home"
Written by Jessica Queller; directed by Kenny Ortega

Lorelai is happy to see that Luke has built a shelf for her in the bathroom of his apartment. He tells her he mostly did it because he kept accidentally using her cinnamon toothpaste. He tells her that she doesn’t have to go to bed at the same time he does, since he goes to bed early, but she wants to be able to spend more time with him. Of course, she’s not able to sleep, and Luke doesn’t have a TV nearby that she can watch. At Yale, Rory arrives at the newsroom in time to find a stunned Doyle, who has just received a visit from Logan’s father Mitchum. Mitchum wants Doyle to give Logan more to do because he plans on passing on his newspaper business to him someday. Paris can’t believe that Mitchum is going to pass the business on to “that playboy cad” when Doyle is so much more qualified. Rory isn’t even sure Logan can write. Doyle says he can, but he’s usually too busy partying and screwing around to actually do the work. The last time Doyle gave Logan an assignment, Logan thanked him, left the room, and laughed on his way down the hall. Rory offers to help Logan out, since she just wrote a story that might connect with his. Doyle is appreciative enough to make Paris mad (see “But Not as Cute as Pushkin”).

At the inn, Lorelai leads an extremely brief seminar on sexual harassment; Michel wants more. Lorelai realizes that Kirk is present, despite the fact that he doesn’t work there. He tells her that he might go into hotel management someday and just wanted to see what it’s like. The first thing he learns is, “Outsiders cannot crash staff meetings.” Michel notes that they might have a thief since Toblerone keeps disappearing from some of the unoccupied rooms. Kyong comes to the diner with a bunch of Lane’s things that she rescued from the garbage. She gives Lane a message that her mother wants her to come to her Lunar New Year dinner. Lane complains that Mrs. Kim attacks Zach (see “The Party’s Over”), then expects her to come over. Kyong says she’s just the messenger, there to deliver news in exchange for a Monte Cristo. Nearby, Brian and Zach look at band pictures; Lane doesn’t like how she looks in any of them. Zach tells her that they’re keeping them partly because they don’t have the money to retake them and partly because they look real. Richard and Emily go over their schedules in the main house, finally getting along again. Logan meets up with Rory at the campus pub and discuss the paper and Logan’s father. Rory is impressed that Logan gets to go to a party for a New Yorker writer, but Logan isn’t thrilled. Rory is definitely warming to him.

At the diner, Lorelai notices that there’s something different about Lane but doesn’t realize that she isn’t wearing her glasses. Luke complains about the broken thermostat in his oven. Lorelai is able to help him out because the other night, when she couldn’t sleep, she tried to bore herself by reading the oven manual. Zach arrives and realizes that Lane is wearing contacts instead of glasses. He doesn’t like the new look because she looks so different. (Plus, she’s the first smart girl he’s ever dated, and the glasses are part of it.) He promises to try to get used to Lane’s new appearance. At work, Richard learns from some coworkers that something is going on between Emily and Simon (see “Emily Says Hello”). At the inn, Michel reports that someone has been hanging out in one of the unoccupied rooms - he thinks a couple of their employees are using the room for inappropriate romps. Sookie teases that they might have a ghost. Before Lorelai can check things out, she has to yell at Kirk to stop messing around in the kitchen because he still doesn’t work at the inn. Rory calls and asks Lorelai to get her out of Friday night dinner because she might have plans. Lorelai pushes her for more information and teases that she can’t believe Rory is making her go to dinner alone so she can have a social life.

Hep Alien practices at the band’s apartment but are interrupted when Mrs. Kim shows up. She invites Lane to the Lunar New Year dinner, but Lane reminds her that she attacked Zach. Mrs. Kim wants her to get over it. Lane says that she’ll come if she can bring Zach. Mrs. Kim retaliates by inviting a family Lane hates, so Lane threatens to bring the whole band. Much to Gil, Zach, and Brian’s dismay, Mrs. Kim tells her they can come. All four head to the Kims’ house and are surprised not to hear any noise coming from the house. Lane reminds Gil to take off his AC/DC ring. Lorelai runs into Jackson and Davey downtown; Jackson asks her to not make Sookie work too many late nights, since she’s pregnant. Lorelai has no idea what he’s talking about. Emily and Richard get ready for a party and Emily is surprised that Richard is back to acting formal with her. At the Kim’s, Zach gets yelled at by a little kid for trying to leave the table. Gil is impressed by the Korean instruments some musicians are going to play. Kyong likes that Brian knows a lot about Korean culture. Rory and Logan hang out at the pub, talking about The Office and Logan’s article, which he finished. He tells her he’s heading to New York and treats her like an acquaintance rather than what she thought she was to him.

Lorelai returns to the inn, where she appears to have given up on trying to get rid of Kirk. She heads upstairs and finds Sookie watching TV and eating candy in one of the unoccupied rooms. She explains that she just wanted to spend some time alone. She thinks she’s horrible for lying to Jackson, so Lorelai tells her to just let him know that she wants a night a week to herself. Sookie says that he would be willing to let her do that and then she would feel guilty for making him take care of Davey after working all day. Lorelai joins her for the rest of Dark Shadows. Emily runs into Simon at a valet parking stand, then gets rear-ended by Richard. Richard chases Simon off, then makes Emily get in his car. He reveals that he knows she went out with Simon. She tells him that they just had dinner and he points out that he told her nothing was going on with him and Pennilyn Lott either (see “Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out”). Emily notes that there’s nothing more to say about both situations. After dinner, Mrs. Kim tries to get Lane to come into the kitchen to help clean up. Lane notes that she’s a guest and was ordered, not asked. Mrs. Kim replies that Lane should have offered, as she was taught. She continues haranguing her, mentioning her contacts, until Zach agrees that Lane should wear her glasses again. Mrs. Kim finally has something in common with him.

Back at home, Richard tells Emily that he doesn’t want to go back to the pool house. “Come home,” she replies. Rory makes it to Friday night dinner, declining to tell Lorelai the name of the guy she obviously wanted to ask her out. The girls are surprised to see Emily and Richard talking, then hugging. “My parents are having an affair,” Lorelai realizes. Richard and Emily invite them in to celebrate their reconciliation, which Richard says took place yesterday, last night, and this morning. “Don’t ask questions. Don’t ask questions,” Lorelai chastises herself. Emily adds that next week they’re going to renew their wedding vows on their 40th anniversary. Emily wants Lorelai to be her maid of honor. The two attempt to get a nice room for the ceremony. Emily takes Lorelai upstairs as Richard tells Rory that he wants her to be his best man. Upstairs, a nervous Lorelai finds a room full of wedding dresses and a dresser named Celine who thinks Lorelai looks like Natalie Wood. Emily wants Lorelai’s opinion on a dress so Lorelai tries to comply. She gets caught holding a wedding dress up to herself in the mirror. That night, Luke tells Lorelai that he’s not sure he should go to the vow renewal, since they don’t really seem to like him. She convinces him to go. Luke surprises her with a TV for the bedroom, telling her that it makes sense, since she agreed to go to bed early two nights a week. Emily goes to Christopher’s apartment, gives him an envelope, and tells him that if he wants Lorelai back, he’d better move fast because she and Luke are getting serious.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “There’s nothing crazy about my toothpaste.”
Luke: “It’s cinnamon.”
Lorelai: “So what?”
Luke: “I don’t like cinnamon. I like normal flavored.”
Lorelai: “What exactly is this normal flavor?”
Luke: “You know, striped.”
Lorelai: “Striped. That’s not a flavor.”
Luke: “It is in the toothpaste world.”
Lorelai: “Ooh, the toothpaste world. Is that anything like Whoville?”

Lorelai: “Sexual harassment is bad. So no one touch anyone in any funny places unless specifically asked. Moving on.”
Michel: “That’s it? That’s the seminar? Where’s the speech about people not ogling other people like an object of desire? How about explaining that the way some people walk with a sway or a bounce, it is natural. It is because we work out, and we take Pilates, and--.”
Lorelai: “No one touch Michel!”

Brian: “Buddy Holly was cool.”
Lane: “May he rest in peace, but Buddy Holly was not an attractive man.”
Brian: “I find him attractive.”
Zach: “Dude, don’t say every thought out loud.”

Brian: “I’ve done a little Internet research on Korean New Year. Surf the Net, there’s a lot of information there.”
Gil: “There’s also a lot of pictures of girls with tattoos on motorcycles. You would think it gets old, but it doesn’t.”

“When I was dressing Marilyn for her wedding to Arthur Miller, I told her, I said, ‘Marilyn! Wear a flat hat on your head. It will remind him of a book.’ She didn’t, and we all saw how that turned out.” - Celine

Christopher: “I have a maid/nanny combo.”
Emily: “Ah. How McDonald’s of you.”

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