"To Whom It May Concern"
Written by David Babcock; directed by Jamie Babbit

Everyone’s at the elder Gilmores’ after Friday night dinner, where Richard tells a joke that Lorelai says means Christopher is officially part of the family. They rave over the quail Emily served, and Richard reminds Rory that he’ll soon be seeing her around campus. Emily tells Lorelai that she’ll have to cancel their plans to finalize the seating chart for her wedding party; of course, Lorelai isn’t unhappy about it. As soon as she, Christopher, and Rory leave, they complain about the quail, which they’ve all snuck out, and try to figure out what to do with it. They veto throwing it in the bushes because they’ve tried that before and were busted by a neighbor’s cat. They finally decide to throw it off a bridge. The next morning, Sookie shows up at Lorelai’s house with muffin tops, the only part of the muffin Lorelai likes. Lorelai wonders why Sookie is there so early, and Sookie explains that she and Jackson are going skiing (though Sookie’s version of skiing is dressing up in ski clothes and reading mysteries). As she adds that the babysitter is sick, Lorelai realizes that the muffins are bribes because Sookie needs her to watch the kids. Fortunately, Lorelai is happy to. She compliments Sookie’s coffee, which Sookie admits is really from the diner. Lorelai says it’s not weird, as Sookie feared; it would be weirder if she intentionally avoided the coffee. She asks what Sookie did with the muffin bottoms and learns she made a pie out of them.

Christopher comes downstairs, lured by the smell of baked goods, and Lorelai tells Sookie that he’s going to hang up their new big-screen TV. He likes the coffee as well, and Lorelai tells him who made it. He pretends he’s okay with it. At Yale, Rory pins her letter to Lucy to her and Olivia’s message board (see “Santa’s Secret Stuff”). Christopher unpacks the newly delivered big-screen TV and promises Lorelai that she’ll love it. He can’t find the level because Lorelai was using it to try to hypnotize Paul Anka. (It didn’t work, since he’s a dog.) Lorelai teases that Christopher used her conditioner, raving about how great she thinks all the changes around the house are. At a courthouse, Luke meets up with his lawyer, who tells him that the less he says in their hearing, the better. Anna arrives and she and Luke have an awkward conversation about parking. She chastises him for starting the custody case and says he has no chance of winning - he’s a hermit who lives over a diner and has a bad history with relationships. Rory comes home to find that Paris has set up whiteboards around the apartment for what she calls Operation Finish Line. In the next five months before graduation, Paris wants both of them to explore all of their post-graduate options like oceanography fellowships. She’s concerned about them graduating unprepared, but Rory is concerned with the amount of things Paris wants them to do. She suggests that they meet at 5:00 every Friday to report back on their progress.

Lorelai arrives at Jackson’s and Sookie’s, where Sookie is taking a long time to figure out what to wear. Jackson suggests that he, Sookie, Lorelai, and Christopher double-date sometime soon; he’d like to go couples bowling, but he doesn’t think that’s something Lorelai and Christopher would like since it’s more for boring married couples. Lorelai points out that that’s what they are now, but Jackson reminds her that she’d have to wear bowling shoes. Davey tells Jackson that Lorelai brought him magic socks, but they won’t tell Jackson what those are all about. Sookie finally figures out what to wear but now doesn’t want to leave the kids. Jackson gets her to go and Lorelai and Davey settle in for a day of playing in the jungle. At Yale, Rory visits Richard in his new office to ask him to set up a meeting between Paris and the dean so she can get a post-graduate recommendation. Richard agrees and tells her he thinks she’ll like his class. Rory is distracted and confides that she has a lot going on, including the Lucy situation. Richard suggests that Lucy hasn’t responded to Rory’s letter yet because she’s a slow reader. He assures her that everyone knows she would never intentionally hurt anyone, though Rory isn’t sure Lucy knows that because they haven’t been friends that long. He says that with her character and heart, she’ll win Lucy over.

Sookie and Jackson return home from skiing and Sookie complains to Lorelai that they had a horrible time. At lunch Jackson spilled her hot toddy and told her that if she ordered another one, he’d spill that one, too. He also wouldn’t let Sookie ski. When she leaves to check on the kids, Lorelai asks Jackson what happened and he tells her he was just trying to make sure Sookie didn’t get hurt. Lorelai notes that Sookie’s moody and being weird; the last time that happened, she was pregnant, but that couldn’t be the situation this time. Except it is, since Jackson never got the vasectomy Sookie told him to get (see “Blame Booze and Melville”). He never saw the point in telling Sookie he didn’t get the vasectomy until now. He’s also upset that Sookie never told him she went off the pill. Lorelai tells him he has to tell Sookie she’s pregnant; he says he was going to after the ski trip, when she was in a good mood, but things obviously didn’t work out that way. Jackson goes down the hall to give Sookie the news, and she doesn’t react favorably. She heads off for a walk with Lorelai and tells Jackson to have the situation taken care of by the time she gets back. At the courthouse, Luke and Anna’s custody hearing doesn’t go well, and the two of them bicker over April going behind Anna’s back to meet Luke because Anna never told Luke about her.

Sookie complains to Lorelai about her surprise pregnancy, mostly upset that she’ll have to change even more diapers. Lorelai tries to get her to remember the good things about having a baby, which eventually works. Sookie thinks she might be looking ahead to having another one of her own, and Lorelai half-heartedly says she is. In the Yale cafeteria, Paris does some more organizing for Operation Finish Line, frustrated with Rory for not being more excited. Rory spots Lucy and Paris decides to approach her for Rory. She tells Lucy that she’s lucky to have Rory for a friend and should forgive her. This finally gets Lucy talking to Rory, and both admit they made mistakes. Lucy and Marty broke up, but Lucy doesn’t blame Rory and still wants to be friends with her. Christopher finishes hanging the TV and tries to get Paul Anka to find the level. In the courthouse, Luke tries to plead his case but keeps being told to be quiet. Christopher finds the level…on top of the letter Lorelai wrote for Luke. As he reads it, the judge reads it out loud and both hear how much Lorelai has appreciated having Luke in her and Rory’s lives. She mentions that Luke was a father figure for Rory and once he’s in your life, he’s always there.

Lorelai arrives home and Christopher tells her he read the letter, which he thinks was like a love letter. He asks if their marriage is just her way of marking time, since she obviously still has feelings for Luke and says in the letter that he’ll always be there. He wants to know if Lorelai and Luke still talk and see each other, then says that he knows she’s not done with him. Despite Lorelai’s protests that she loves him, Christopher thinks that Lorelai didn’t want to leave Stars Hollow or have a baby with him because of Luke. He says he can’t handle being her rebound, then leaves. At their apartment, Rory gets into Operation Finish Line, then gets Paris to be more spontaneous and have more typical college-student experiences by going tray sledding with her, Olivia, and Lucy. She thanks Paris for saying such nice things about her to Lucy, and Paris says she did it just to make sure their juvenile behavior didn’t ruin Operation Finish Line. Luke calls Lorelai, who’s home alone, and happily tells her that he won joint custody of April. He thinks that the judge really understood how much he wants to be in April’s life, and that Lorelai’s letter definitely helped. At Yale, Rory proudly attends Richard’s first class, which ends abruptly when he collapses.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Christopher: “I thought, ‘Somebody must’ve broke in here and started baking.’”
Lorelai: “Baking and entering - a crime wave sweeping the nation.”

Paris: “My Christmas was fine, thank you. I assume yours was, too?”
Rory: “It was nice.”
Paris: “Good. We’ve got the pleasantries out of the way. Can we move on?”
Rory: “I hope so. I am emotionally spent.”

“Sorry. I shouldn’t bore you until you’re sitting in my class, getting credit for it.” - Richard to Rory

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