"French Twist"
Written by David Babcock; directed by Lee Shallat-Chemel

At Lorelai’s house, she, Christopher, and Gigi get ready to take their trip to Paris to see Sherry. Lorelai wonders why they’re going to the airport for a 3:30 flight since she thought it left at 6:15. It’s not until Christopher says they have time to get gas that Lorelai learns the flight really doesn’t leave until 6:15. At the Yale Daily News, Rory’s tenure as editor-in-chief is up and Bill is taking over. The staff celebrates by giving Rory some gifts, drinking, and saying nice things about her. (Paris tells a story that doesn’t sound quite as nice as the others’.) Everyone heads out to drink some more, but Rory isn’t sure she wants to go with them, since she doesn’t want to seem like she’s still trying to be their boss. Paris notes that they’re both ousted leaders and welcomes her to Club Nixon. At Lane, Zach, and Brian’s apartment, Lane and Zach are in shock after having just learned that they’re having twins. Zach thinks they’re actually having conjoined twins, and when he realizes they’re not, he calms down a little. He decides they should probably finally tell Mrs. Kim about the pregnancy, but Lane is worried that she’ll think they had sex before they got married. Even though they didn’t, Lane is afraid she’ll confess that they did, since she almost confessed to a childhood offense she didn’t commit. She calls her mother’s power “Korean voodoo.” Zach is too distracted by their sonogram, which he thinks should be their first album cover.

Lorelai and Christopher get to their hotel in Paris after dropping off Gigi with Sherry and talk about their rude concierge and how Gigi and Sherry will do together. It finally hits Lorelai that they’re really in Paris, and she wants to go out and do all sorts of French stuff…after she takes a nap. Christopher encourages her to fight the jet lag, telling her they’re officially on Paris time. He makes a reservation for dinner, then thanks Lorelai for helping him make Gigi’s transition easier. At Yale, Rory has some free time on her hands, and Paris thinks she should use it to apply for fellowships or grad schools. She also thinks Rory should look into antidepressants, since she herself had a meltdown after her tenure as editor was up. Rory claims that she’s actually relieved to be done with the job, though Paris thinks she’s in denial. She encourages Rory to get together with Lucy and Olivia (see “S’Wonderful, S’Marvelous”) so she won’t be alone. Lane and Zach have dinner with Mrs. Kim, who thinks she knows why they’ve been avoiding her - they don’t have any new music to show her. As Zach babbles about his music, Lane finally announces that she’s pregnant, assuring her mother that she and Zach didn’t have sex until their wedding night. Zach tells Mrs. Kim to hit him, since it’s his fault. However, Mrs. Kim is just happy for the two, and even happier when she learns they’re having twins. She adds that she wants the couple to move in with her on Monday. “Cool,” Zach says.

Lorelai and Christopher wake up in the middle of the night, quickly realizing that they just slept for nine hours and have definitely missed their dinner reservations. They try to order room service, but are out of luck, just as they are in the minibar department. Christopher suggests that they sleep a little longer, then go get breakfast and go out on the town refreshed. They try this plan, but it doesn’t work since now they can’t fall asleep. Christopher thinks that since Paris is the greatest city in the world, there should be some restaurant open at this time of night, and if not, at least they’ll get to hang out on the streets of Paris late at night, which should be romantic. Lonely in her and Logan’s apartment, Rory calls Lucy and Olivia, who are just hanging out at their place because Olivia is making a mobile for her sister’s baby and Lucy is enjoying watching reality TV, since her boyfriend hates it and is currently at work. They’re both up for doing something else, so they quickly agree to go to Stars Hollow with Rory. In Paris, Christopher and Lorelai are unable to find anything to eat, but the good news is that they’ve learned the French word for “closed.” Lorelai thinks French people are skinny because they don’t have any late-night snacks. They spot someone with food and try to follow him to find out where he got it, but they scare him off. Next they see a bread truck (Lorelai wonders if there’s also a butter truck nearby) and try to talk to the driver. He thinks they’re just stereotypical funny Americans (he mentions Everybody Loves Raymond) and drives off. Lorelai and Christopher reluctantly go back to their hotel.

At the diner, Lane lets Zach know how upset she is about him telling Mrs. Kim that they would move in with her. She continues taking her anger out on Kirk, who puts his hand on her stomach to try to feel the babies kicking. He then proceeds to recommend the hospital where he was born. Luke tries to get Lane to take it easy, telling her she should ask Liz if she has any questions about babies. Lane realizes that since she and Zach are going to be parents, they no longer have to be told what to do, which means they’re allowed to tell Mrs. Kim they don’t want to move in with her. In Paris, Lorelai and Christopher have found an activity to occupy themselves, and though they think they could stay in the hotel room forever, Lorelai’s stomach tells her otherwise. Christopher has an idea of how to fix things but won’t share it with Lorelai. In Stars Hollow, Rory, Lucy, and Olivia dye their hair and look through some of Rory’s old photos. Lucy thinks her boyfriend will freak out when he sees the color she’s put in her hair, but not necessarily in a bad way. They start talking about Lucy’s boyfriend’s hair, which leads to a discussion of Snap, Crackle, and Pop, which leads to the decision to make Rice Krispies treats. Lucy and Olivia find the spot where Lorelai marked Rory’s growth over the years and think it’s cool that she has a record of her literal growth. In Paris, Christopher and Lorelai go back to a restaurant that now lets them in. He explains that he’s been thinking about how many things have changed for them - not least the fact that now he’s rich and used said richness to get the restaurant to open just for them.

Lane and Zach go to Mrs. Kim’s and try to tell her that they don’t want to move in with her. Mrs. Kim easily replies that she respects their decision. “Cool!” says Lane. Rory, Olivia, and Lucy show off their new colored hair to each other and discuss forming a Norwegian girl band. As the other two get excited, Rory slowly melts down, eventually beginning to cry. She admits that she feels like everything is ending and now she’s standing on the edge of a cliff, looking into an abyss. She’s always known what she’s going to do next, but now she doesn’t. Olivia and Lucy tell her they feel the same way about their lives. Rory isn’t sure if she should be applying to grad schools or law school, and her friends remind her that she doesn’t want to go to law school. In Paris, Lorelai and Christopher enjoy their time together, and Lorelai says she doesn’t want it to end. Christopher announces that he loves her and reminds her that he said he’d wait forever for her, but he doesn’t want to wait anymore. Lorelai thinks they’re moving too fast, but Christopher wants to marry her in Paris. Lane and Zach return home, discussing baby names, and find Mrs. Kim baby-proofing the apartment. She’s decided that if Lane and Zach won’t move in with her, she’ll move in with them. She’s also moved Brian into the home of a Korean family. Rory heads back to Lucy and Olivia’s dorm with them and finally gets to meet Lucy’s boyfriend - Marty (last seen in “Jews and Chinese Food”). He pretends he’s never met Rory before. Christopher and Lorelai return to Stars Hollow, now married, and Lorelai doesn’t look as happy as Christopher does.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “You know, they call it the City of Love.”
Gigi: “Why?”
Lorelai: “Why? Well, because it’s romantic, and there’s just love everywhere. Of course, there’s also pigeons everywhere, but nobody would want to visit the City of Pigeons, now, would they?”

Lorelai: “Crummy Europe. Crummy time change. We switched to the metric system - why don’t they switch to our time zone?”
Christopher: “We didn’t actually switch--.”
Lorelai: “I know!”

Olivia: “When we get there, I’m definitely mixing up a batch of lemonade and flirting with Slim the hired hand.”
Rory: “Slim the hired hand is a hottie, but he’s missing a hand. Ironic, huh?”

Zach: “Babe, could you check on my order?”
Lane: “Oh, I did. I asked Luke where it was, and Luke said, ‘From now on, if Zach wants to eat here, he has to stand on his head in the middle of the diner and eat out of a rusty bucket.’ So I said, ‘Cool!’”

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