"Knit, People, Knit!"
Written by David Grae; directed by Kenny Ortega

It’s Friday night, so everyone’s at the elder Gilmores’, including Christopher, and Richard is reminiscing about Lorelai telling him as a child that she was going to marry Tip O’Neill. He and Emily are happy that Lorelai married Christopher instead (see “French Twist”). Lorelai is more excited about her wedding gift than her marriage, but not quite as excited when she sees that it’s a piece of art she thinks is hideous. Emily says passive-aggressively that they had to pick something themselves since Lorelai and Christopher didn’t have a gift registry and, of course, didn’t even tell them they were getting married until after the fact - and that was through an answering-machine message. Christopher was under the impression that Lorelai told her parents in person. Emily plays the message for everyone and she and Richard say they’re going to keep it and treasure it forever. Later, Emily announces that she and Richard want to throw the couple a wedding party, an idea Lorelai doesn’t like. Emily gets Rory on her side, and Richard gets Christopher to admit that a party would be nice, so Lorelai eventually gives in. Emily thinks the party will be huge, but Lorelai only has a few people she wants to invite. Emily starts right in on organizing the party anyway, amusing Lorelai.

Logan, Paris, and Doyle help Rory move into Paris and Doyle’s apartment, and Logan teases Rory about the amount of stuff she has. Paris wants Rory to sign the lease to ensure she won’t move out in the middle of the year like the last time. Rory quickly learns that Paris also wants to tax Logan for anything he uses in the apartment. Logan invites Rory to a work party later in the week, but she tells him it’s the same day as Lucy’s birthday party. She invites him to that instead, telling him the theme is 2002, but he can’t go. In the morning, Christopher finds Lorelai knitting in the living room and asks if she’s going to continue her newfound domesticity by making him breakfast. She tells him she’s training for the town’s knit-a-thon, in which people collect money for each skein they use to raise money for a bridge. She complains that her needles are slipping and decides to go into town to get some new ones. Christopher wants to tag along but Lorelai tries to talk him out of it, finally admitting that she doesn’t want to shove their relationship in people’s faces, since they’re still getting used to it. Christopher guesses that that’s one of the reasons she didn’t want to invite a bunch of people from Stars Hollow to their wedding party. He notes that no one will adjust to their marriage if they never see him, so Lorelai relents and the two head into town together.

At the diner, Luke complains to Cesar about everyone knitting; he thinks someone’s going to lose an eye. He guesses that Luke is just upset because April moved back in with Anna. T.J. arrives and asks for a drink; Luke doesn’t serve alcohol, so T.J. settles for something carbonated since he’ll feel drunk if he drinks it fast enough. He tells Luke that Liz wants to give birth in their house, an idea she got from a woman who plays a midwife at Renaissance Faires. She’s already gotten a doula named Sandy, and she wants Luke to be present so the baby will be born around family. Luke is content until he sees Lorelai and Christopher outside and kicks all the knitters out. In the town square, where people are still practicing their knitting, Lorelai offers Christopher the lollipop she’s been sucking, telling him she doesn’t like root beer without the carbonation. They run into Babette, who congratulates them on getting married and not getting caught up in the hassle of “a real wedding.” They next encounter Miss Patty, who wants to give them a literal welcome wagon to welcome Christopher to Stars Hollow. She guesses that Christopher is bored there since he’s used to bigger cities and more excitement. At Yale, Rory brings decorations to Lucy and Olivia’s room; they’re not there, so she instead has an awkward conversation with Marty. When Olivia and Lucy return, they and Rory celebrate over wearing Uggs to fit into 2002.

Anna shows up at the diner and tells Luke that she still needs to take care of her mother. She thought about moving her mother into her house, but she’s decided that she and April are going to move to New Mexico instead. Luke obviously doesn’t like this news but doesn’t try to talk her out of it, noting that she has to do what she has to do. At the inn, Sookie tells Lorelai that she’s finally decided what to make for her knit-a-thon booth - spaghetti yarn balls with breadsticks for knitting needles. Lorelai tells her that everyone in town is being polite to Christopher, but just cordial. Miss Patty and Babette didn’t even try to pinch his butt. Sookie reminds her that not only did she marry an “outsider,” but people thought she and Luke would be getting married, and everyone really loved them together. Lorelai says it’s her life and she shouldn’t have to go around feeling bad that things didn’t turn out the way people wanted them to. She asks for Sookie’s support, so Sookie quickly offers some. She decides that they need some sort of campaign to make Christopher more likeable, and she suggests that he take Paul Anka for a walk around town. Lorelai comes up with the idea of Christopher hanging out with Jackson, since people might like Christopher if they think Jackson likes him. Sookie is impressed that Jackson has that kind of influence on people. After some discussion, they agree that the guys should go drink beer together.

Back at the diner, Luke tries to get April to open up about her move, and she tells him she doesn’t want to go. She’s upset to leave the friends she’s finally made and be the dorky girl again. At their apartment, Rory tries to explain the appeal of the 2002 party to Paris, who thinks a 2001 theme would make more sense. However, she changes her tune when she realizes that she can show off her hip-hop-dancing skills. Lorelai calls looking for a big per-skein donation from Rory for the knit-a-thon. She tells Rory about Jackson and Christopher’s man-date, which Rory calls a mandated man-date. Rory confides that the Marty situation is awkward; Lorelai thinks he just feels bad and is acting weird because she rejected him. Rory notes that that was years ago and wonders if there’s a statute of limitations on being a jerk. Lorelai tells Rory she needs to be the bigger person. Christopher comes downstairs, supposedly ready for his man-date, and Lorelai vetoes his clothing choices. She wants him to make a good impression, though he thought he was just going for a beer with a farmer. He quickly realizes that their walk through town didn’t go the way she wanted it to, despite the fact that he got a welcome wagon. Lorelai reveals that it was full of dumb things and was really a “‘we’re tolerating that you’re here’ wagon.” She wants Christopher to go out with Jackson because that will mean he’s in with the town.

On the man-date, the guys discuss beer and produce, then Lorelai and Christopher’s marriage. Jackson says that what he likes most about farming is the commitment - you can’t do it half-heartedly or just give up, and you have to be there for your crops all the time. Anna meets Luke at a café and he tells her that April is upset about the move. He suggests that they wait to move until the end of the school year so April can finish it out with her friends. Anna vetoes that, so Luke says that maybe April can stay with him for the rest of the school year. Anna doesn’t want to be away from April for that long, and she doesn’t want to make plans about April going back and forth between the two of them. She gets upset when she learns that Luke promised April she can visit during school breaks and the summer, since she’s not sure what they’ll be doing then. She tells Luke not to talk to April about those sorts of things again and make more promises to her that Anna can’t keep. As Anna leaves, T.J. calls to let Luke know that Liz is in labor. In the town square, everyone gathers for the knit-a-thon, and Christopher and Jackson meet up to confirm their plans for later in the week. Lorelai admits that she’s already lined up some other activities for Christopher and other townies (like bird-watching with Morey). The knit-a-thon begins with everyone disagreeing on what the exact time is.

Lucy’s birthday party also begins, and she’s shocked to see that Paris is there. Rory tries to lighten the mood with Marty, but he’s not amused. She tells him she’d like him to admit that he’s put her in a difficult position and then stop being a jerk about it. He apologizes and tells her he’ll be nicer from now on. Meanwhile, Paris and Doyle impress the other guests with their dance moves. Liz, T.J., and Luke happily watch the baby, whom Liz wants to name Doula. Luke holds her and T.J. mentions that Doula and April are first cousins. Back at the knit-a-thon, the knitters express skepticism over making their goal in time. They’re also not happy about having to knit outside in the cold. Christopher donates the amount of money they have left to raise, and Taylor announces that they don’t need to keep knitting anymore. Lorelai wants to keep knitting, but no one else sees the point in “knitting just for knitting’s sake.” At the party, Rory and Olivia watch Lucy dance, despite the fact that Rory thinks she should be too drunk to move. Marty joins Rory, both of them tipsy, and they laugh over some memories of their early college days. Things turn quiet when Marty tells Rory that she’s more beautiful than ever. Rory sends Marty over to Lucy, who doesn’t realize that anything strange is going on.

Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai tells Christopher that he shouldn’t feel bad about donating the money for the bridge, but the point of the knit-a-thon was more for the townies to spend time together. She tells him he doesn’t have to try so hard to get people to like him, which he thinks is ironic since she’s the one who’s been making him try so hard. He says that people usually like him, and eventually people in Stars Hollow will, too, because he loves Lorelai. He repeats Jackson’s committed-to-farming spiel and they share a loving moment. Luke heads to Anna’s house and tells her that he knows a lot about April and her friends, and though Anna always says April is her daughter, she’s Luke’s, too. It was Anna’s choice to keep April away from him, and he hates that she did it because he missed so much of her life and can never get those moments back. Luke announces that he’s not going to let Anna treat him this way anymore - he’s April’s father, they have a relationship, and Anna doesn’t get to make all the decisions. He’s planning to fight Anna to get the rights he deserves as April’s father.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “Why don’t you give us an anniversary party? Like a tenth? Wouldn’t that be nice, honey? I mean, what is ten - bronze, sandstone, particleboard?”
Rory: “Actually, it’s tin.”
Emily: “But that’s not for ten years.”
Lorelai: “Giving you plenty of time to plan. (to Rory) Tin?”
Rory: “Things just stick in my brain.”

Christopher: “Good morning, Madame Defarge.”
Lorelai: “Good morning, Mr. I Remember Stuff From English Class in High School.”
Christopher: “Can I ask how long this Mr. Long Sentence of Words Strung Together thing is gonna last?”
Lorelai: “I’m not sure, Mr. Doesn’t Understand the More Annoying You Tell Me a Bit is, the More I Want to Do It.”

Sookie: “How about country night at Miss Patty’s?”
Lorelai: “Chris and Jackson?”
Sookie: “Well, I mean, Jackson is a fiendish two-stepper, but he’s handsy.”
Lorelai: “What do regular guys do?”
Sookie: “Grunt?”
Lorelai: “Scratch?”
Sookie: “Leave the toilet seat up?”

Lorelai: “He’s going on a man-date with Jackson.”
Rory: “Cute. A mandated man-date?”
Lorelai: “Yes, it was suggested enthusiastically.”

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