"Luke Can See Her Face"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino; directed by Matthew Diamond

Shocked to find a cat on her front porch, Lorelai calls Rory to report that the cats know she’s broken up with Digger (see “Afterboom”) and have decided that she’s going to become a crazy cat lady. Rory tells her it’s probably a stray, but Lorelai tries to convince herself and the cat that she’s young and still able to have a successful relationship. Another cat arrives, freaking Lorelai out more; she starts talking about collecting yarn balls. The next night, Lorelai leaves people messages about things that need to be done for the inn’s opening. At 5 in the morning she heads to the diner seeking coffee; she’s already consumed all of the coffee in her house. She tells Luke that she’s having a hard time sleeping because lists keep running through her head. Luke thinks she should stop drinking so much coffee and eat some oatmeal. Lorelai worries that she won’t get everything done, the inn won’t open, and she’ll go broke. She asks how Luke can keep up a successful business, but he doesn’t think running the diner is stressful. He tells her (not for the first time) that she’ll be able to handle running the inn. Lorelai announces that she wants to give Luke a tour of the inn, since he’s one of the investors. He agrees as long as she eats some oatmeal. Kirk arrives, upset that Lorelai has taken the table he came so early to get. “You have to understand that on days when Lulu is working, I have very little in my life,” he says. Lorelai moves but Kirk realizes that the light at her table is nice.

At the inn, Michel plays back the messages Lorelai left herself and complains that he had to listen to all 25 of them. He’s also upset that he doesn’t yet have a desk, a chair, or a bell. Luke arrives for the tour and starts looking at Tom’s construction work. Tom thinks he’s going to start kibitzing about everything. Luke and Lorelai head to the kitchen, where Sookie is chatting with Shel, the poultry supplier. Sookie quickly finds an excuse to leave so that Lorelai and Shel will be alone, but Lorelai senses what’s going on and pretends that she and Luke are involved. She puts his arm around her waist, but as soon as Shel has left, she tells him not to touch her stomach. (Perhaps she’s having strange flashbacks to “Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days.”) Lorelai wonders why Sookie would try to set her up with someone when she and Digger just broke up. She’s surprised that Luke knew she was in a relationship; he tells her there were clues, like the fact that she didn’t dress weather-appropriate. “Cats came to my house today,” Lorelai tells him. They lament how hard it is to have a relationship, noting that at least Luke got married and at least Lorelai has a child. “I see Dr. Phil books in our future,” Lorelai predicts. “Unless they stock them at Home Depot, they’re not likely to cross my path,” Luke replies. He compliments the inn and reminds Lorelai that she can make the place work. She quips that he’s making her long for Shel. “You’d never want for chicken,” he points out.

Paris arrives at the tail end of one of Asher’s classes, catching Rory’s attention. She finds an excuse to talk to Rory, but doesn’t want to be her beard anymore and encourages her to just go talk to Asher. Paris thinks that people will be suspicious since she’s not in any of Asher’s classes. Rory points out that after the semester is over, Paris won’t have her as a beard anymore. Paris says that the truth will come out eventually - Asher has asked her to come to Oxford with him during the summer. She spots Asher leaving the classroom and tries to get Rory to find a reason to talk to him. Back in Stars Hollow, Luke heads to the bookstore and gets some self-help books, trying not to let Andrew see what he’s buying. He overpays just so he doesn’t have to reveal the truth. Back in his apartment, Luke listens to a tape about love, though he thinks it’s stupid to have to say out loud that he deserves and craves love. “It doesn’t get lower than this,” he says as he’s instructed to open his workbook. At the inn, Dean gets a superhero reputation for fixing all sorts of things. Lorelai and Sookie talk about the soup Sookie will serve for the opening; Lorelai wants her to make her popular zucchini soup, but Sookie says that Jackson isn’t sure the crop will be perfect. The two overhear Dean and Lindsay arguing in the next room about how much Dean is working. She accuses him of being selfish but he notes that he has to earn money in order to buy her the things she keeps saying she wants. She winds up storming out.

Luke listens to his tape in his truck and encounters Liz and T.J. (see “Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels”), who announce that they’re getting married. They’re doing it in a week so they can get back into the Renaissance Faire circuit, and they’re having a Renaissance wedding, which, of course, doesn’t thrill Luke. T.J. tells Luke that he wants him to attend his bachelor party; Luke agrees. T.J. heads off to get some beer, though Luke notes that he doesn’t know where anything is in Stars Hollow. Liz tells Luke how excited she is about the wedding, though Luke isn’t sure she’s smart to rush into everything. She assures him that everything is taken care of already. Luke asks if Jess knows about the wedding; he does, but he’s not coming. Liz asks if Luke will dress up and he tells her he’ll be the court jester. Rory heads home for a junk food fest with Lorelai in lieu of Friday night dinner (cancelled because Emily and Richard are still living apart, though the girls aren’t supposed to know - see “Afterboom”). Rory thinks she and Lorelai should talk to them, but Lorelai doesn’t want to humiliate them by letting them know that the girls know about the separation. She tells Rory that she has a bunch of movies for them because every time she started watching something she thought Rory would like, she had to stop and save it so they could see it together. She then gets to the gossip, telling Rory about Dean and Lindsay’s fight. Rory wonders if they’ll make up.

Luke heads to a rundown apartment building where Jess has been staying and tells him he needs to go to Liz’s wedding. He warns that Jess will regret it if he doesn’t go (that is, if he ever grows up). “You owe me,” Luke tells him. “I was there for you when no one else was, and I want you there…and you owe me.” Jess doesn’t care. Back at the diner, Luke calls around looking for stalks of wheat for the wedding. He fills Lorelai in and assures her that she’s caught up on all the news. Jess walks in and tells Luke that he’s staying with him now. “Liar!” Lorelai says to Luke. The two of them bond over the lengths of their to-do lists. At Yale, Glenn tries to ask a girl out but gets busted for stalking her. Rory gets a frantic call from Paris that has something to do with a hospital. In Luke’s apartment, Jess comes close to discovering Luke’s tape. After he leaves, Luke listens some more and, after being instructed to picture the face of someone he always wants to see, has a startling revelation. Rory goes to the hospital, where Paris is haranguing a nurse, and learns that Asher had an angina attack. Paris is realizing for the first time that Asher really is old and she should be doing things that are more age-appropriate. Lorelai, Sookie, and Michel work out inn details at Lorelai’s house, trying to figure out how to spell “laundry.” Sookie announces that Jackson is sleeping with the zucchini, and after some discussion, Lorelai realizes that she means that literally. He heard about a potential cold front and wants to make sure that the vegetables are ready for the inn’s opening. Lorelai heads out, forcing the others to accompany her to the zucchini patch.

Luke goes to a strip club with T.J. and the other bachelor party attendees. Luke decides to stay standing so he has no lap for lap dances. The fact that “a lap is just an illusion” blows T.J.’s mind. Jess appears and pulls out a book. At the hospital, Paris tells Rory that she’s going to talk to Asher about their relationship before they go to Oxford together. Before she can broach the subject with him, he tells her that, though he finds her different from the other girls he’s dated, he’s changed his mind about her coming to Oxford with him. He tells her that he’s going to be busy and he doesn’t want her to be bored. He admits that he doesn’t want to go alone. A girl arrives looking for Asher and Rory takes her to be another groupie. “He’ll be all yours in a minute, girlfriend,” Rory tells her. Paris and Asher emerge and Paris tells Rory that the Oxford trip is still on. Asher reveals that the girl waiting for him is his granddaughter. Rory hurries off, embarrassed. At the strip club, the guys admire girls mud wrestling. T.J. tells Jess that Liz wants him to walk her down the aisle. Jess says that he doesn’t want to and suggests that Luke do the honors. The two get into a fight and T.J. declares the party the best one ever. Lorelai, Sookie, and Michel hang out in the zucchini patch, wanting to keep Jackson company. They decide that they’ll each drop something from their to-do lists. Back at the diner, Jess admits that he came back to town because of Luke, since he said Jess’ presence would be important to him. He admits that he went to Yale and told Rory he still loves her (see “Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels”). Luke tries to give him advice he learned from his tape. In the morning, the zucchini sleepers wake up well-rested. Lorelai runs into Luke, who invites her to go to the wedding with him; she accepts. He heads back to his apartment and gives Jess his tape and workbooks, stating, “I’m done with them.”

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “There’s a cat on my doorstep.”
Rory: “Well, that’s better than a bun in your oven.”

Lorelai: “I guess I need to start collecting newspapers and magazines, find a blue bathrobe, lose my front teeth.”
Rory: “Well, obviously you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, so I’m gonna let you go.”

Michel: “Every day that you breathe, you make my life harder.”
Lorelai: “Got a solution for you, Michel.”

“I’m not incapable. I just haven’t been hit in the head with the Oprah stick lately.” - Luke

Man on cassette: “Complete the following sentence - I feel angry because….”
Luke: “I am listening to this tape.”
Man on cassette: “I feel hopeful because….”
Luke: “This tape must end eventually.”

Man on cassette: “I feel helpless because….”
Luke: “I wonder if anyone’s ever kicked an audiotape’s a%$.”

Lorelai: “And Michel, you’re no longer asking for ten references from every person we’re hiring.”
Michel: “But they are all such imbeciles. How else will we know?”

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