"Emily in Wonderland"
Written by John Stephens and Linda Loiselle Guzik; directed by Perry Lang

At Friday night dinner, Rory asks Emily if she can get some baby photos of her and Richard for a visual family history project for school. She also wants some of Lorelai, but there aren’t any baby photos of her - Lorelai burned them all when she was seven. Emily explains that when Lorelai was a kid she had a big head. Lorelai demands a subject change, so Rory admires her grandmother’s chairs, which she had restored by the dealer she got them from in Maine. Lorelai doesn’t think that they look any different now. Emily says that she only has ten and is two chairs short of a complete set. The chairs are rare and she hasn’t been able to find them for three years. She blames a former friend who wiped out the best antique stores. Rory mentions Mrs. Kim’s store and Emily wonders why Lorelai has never mentioned it. Lorelai says that the information must have gotten lost in her big head. Rory invites Emily to come to Stars Hollow that weekend to get a tour of the town and visit the store. Lorelai offers that she’s working, but Emily tells her that no one invited her anyway. On Saturday, Rory and Lorelai eat breakfast at Luke’s, where Lorelai complains that Luke put her eggs on top of her pancakes; now they look like eyes and she can’t eat them. Luke realizes that she wants a new plate and asks if she would notice the difference if he took the plate away, rearranges the plate, and brings it back. She wouldn’t. Rory asks Lorelai if she wants to join her and Emily for lunch. She doesn’t.

Rachel brings over some pictures she took at the founders festival (see “Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers”); she’s thinking of turning them into a book about people in small towns. The last shot on the roll is of Luke and Lorelai sitting together on a bench. Rachel asks Lorelai if she wears contacts, since she has nice eyes; she asks Luke if he agrees, but Luke is a little awkward on that subject. Rory spots a picture of an old inn, the Dragonfly, which Rachel says is abandoned. Rory heads off to see Lane and Rachel compliments Lorelai on having a “not annoying kid.” Lorelai asks where the inn is and Rachel offers to take her over there. Luke finds out about their field trip and remarks to Lorelai that he didn’t realize she and Rachel were friends. Lorelai says that they aren’t, at least not yet. Luke says that Rachel is great and a lot different than Lorelai; Lorelai’s great, too, just in a different way. Lorelai wonders if her hanging out with Rachel bothers Luke. He tells her it doesn’t, but there’s obviously something going on with him. At the inn, Lorelai speaks to a group of Japanese tourists who have everything translated for them. She spots Rune (see “Double Date”) in the lobby and avoids him, heading for the kitchen. She tells Sookie that Rune is there; Sookie tells her that he’s still staying at Jackson’s and won’t leave. Jackson won’t kick him out because he feels that he has an obligation to his family.

Jackson arrives with jam and berries and, as Sookie tries to signal him to be quiet, thanks Lorelai for helping him out with Rune. After Sookie points out that she wanted him to stop talking, Jackson leaves. Sookie explains to Lorelai that she was supposed to ask her if she would give Lorelai a job at the inn. Sookie suggests that he work as a handyman in exchange for room and board, since Lorelai can’t afford to pay him. Lorelai doesn’t want him to live in the inn or in the potting shed where she and Rory used to live. She finally gives in, though, and at least appreciates the jam. Emily arrives at Lorelai and Rory’s house, where Rory offers to clean the mud off of her shoes. Emily is shocked that there’s barely anything in the refrigerator and is also surprised to see that they have Charlie’s Angels cups. She suggests that they drive around town for the grand tour, since she doesn’t have the best shoes for walking, but Rory says that she can borrow a pair of Lorelai’s. Emily refuses to wear “anything with rhinestones or zebra stripes or anything that has batteries or that sings or make animal noises or moves on its own.” Lorelai and Rachel head to the Dragonfly, which is incredibly rundown but which Lorelai thinks must have looked really nice when it was all made up. She tells Rachel that she and Sookie have been wanting to open their own inn and could definitely wind up with the Dragonfly. Lorelai and Rachel talk about their dream jobs, Rachel’s being one where she could travel all the time. She admits that things with Luke are going well, but she doesn’t think that things can stay the way they are. She wants to get serious and finally settle down.

Emily and Rory take their walk through Stars Hollow, though Emily is embarrassed to be wearing Lorelai’s sneakers. They head to Mrs. Kim’s store, which Emily first thinks is ridiculous because it’s disorganized and dusty. She changes her mind when she finds a table she likes. Lane arrives and Rory introduces her and Emily. Lane pulls Rory aside and complains that Henry (see “The Breakup, Part 2”) hasn’t called her, even though it’s been a week since they met. She worries that he already has a girlfriend and that she’ll have to wait until she’s in college to find the perfect guy. Rory assures her that Henry will call, since he obviously liked her at the party. Mrs. Kim and Emily start trying to make a deal over a cabinet; Lane says that the situation is “like watching the Williams sisters.” Emily finally gets a good deal and, on the way out, tells Rory that she likes Mrs. Kim. She also likes Lorelai’s shoes, which Rory says means that Emily has become one of them. Rune attempts to move into the inn but Michel doesn’t think he’s in the right place. Lorelai breaks up their argument and Michel is disappointed to learn that he’s the new handyman. Rory and Emily arrive and a French-speaking Emily becomes enchanted with Michel (and vice versa). They meet up with Lorelai, who is shocked that Emily enjoyed her lunch at Teriyaki Joe’s. Rory shows Emily the grounds, winding up at the potting shed where she and Lorelai lived when they first moved to Stars Hollow. Emily is upset by the conditions her daughter and granddaughter lived in.

Lorelai heads to Luke’s apartment above the diner, where Rachel wants to show her some photos she took of the Dragonfly. Since Lorelai has never been there, Rachel gives her the very brief tour. Lorelai notices the frilly curtains, which Rachel says are actually Luke’s; Lorelai realizes she has new ammo to tease Luke with. She learns that the apartment was originally Luke’s father’s office, and he doesn’t seem to mind that it’s too small for two people. Rachel says that it doesn’t really matter, since she doesn’t think she’ll be in town much longer. She doesn’t think she’s been able to convince Luke that she wants to stick around this time. Lorelai encourages her to keep trying until Luke catches on. Rachel hasn’t told him that she might leave yet, and she doesn’t appreciate feeling like everyone in town is always watching her. She also doesn’t know how long she can stick around waiting for Luke when no one’s really on her side. She asks Lorelai to put in a good word for her with Luke if she gets the opportunity. Luke arrives and Lorelai compliments the curtains; he claims that Rachel picked them out. Not happy to have two girls hanging up on him, Luke goes back downstairs. Rory and Lane hang out in Rory’s room, talking about their gloomy moods. Henry finally called Lane, though she wasn’t there, and she’s now listened to the message eight and a half times. She had to delete it when her mother came home. She has already analyzed the message and thinks that Henry wants her to call back, which means that he wants to date, which means she’ll have to introduce him to her parents. They’ll like him, and she’ll think he’s horrible.

Emily calls and asks some of Rory’s preferences on colors, flowers, and boy bands. She also won’t tell Rory why she’s asking. Lane leaves as Rory encourages her to call Henry back. Lorelai meets up with Luke in the diner and thinks that he didn’t like the fact that she was in his apartment. They head to the storage room and he tells her that she shouldn’t be there, since she’s not covered by his insurance. She asks him if he doesn’t like her hanging out with Rachel and he advises her not to get too attached, since she always winds up leaving. Lorelai asks if he thinks she might leave because she doesn’t think he wants her there. Luke asks if they’ve been talking about her and tells her that he doesn’t want them to do that. Lorelai tells him that Rachel is acting like she wants to stick around, but Luke says that everything she’s told Lorelai, she’s said before. They bicker about whether or not Luke has been in love with Rachel and whether he has a reason for not wanting to be with her. He won’t admit to anything, so Lorelai leaves. Later, she and Rory head to the Black, White, and Read movie theater and discuss Emily’s strange behavior. Lorelai thinks that Emily wants to be Rory’s friend now. Kirk pointedly tries to get them to stop talking, but they won’t. Luke and Rachel arrive and Kirk again tries to get Rory and Lorelai to quiet down. Lorelai tells him that the movie hasn’t started yet but he wants to cleanse his “mental palette and achieve calm” beforehand. Rory and Lorelai note that Luke looks happy, which makes them happy, since he deserves it. Rory and Lorelai keep talking after the movie starts, but Lorelai gets her revenge when Kirk’s cell phone rings.

At Friday night dinner, a happy Emily takes Rory upstairs to a bedroom she’s set up for her. She wants her to have a room of her own, since she’s been spending so much time there. Lorelai thinks the whole thing is weird but tries to convince herself that she’s just being silly. Emily says that Lorelai just doesn’t like the fact that Rory has a place away from her now. She suggests that it might also be the fact that the room is more than a step up from the potting shed. Emily asks if Lorelai hated her and Richard so much that she would take Rory away and live in a shed rather than her nice house. Lorelai tells her that she was unhappy and young, and she needed to live in a place that was away from her parents. Upset, Emily leaves the room. Back in Stars Hollow, Rory notes that Lorelai has been quiet all evening. Lorelai confides that she sometimes wishes that some things could be different. For instance, she would like Emily to actually listen and hear her on some things. Rory blames herself for taking Emily to the potting shed; she just wanted Emily to see what their life was like and feel more included. Lorelai tells her that the fact that she left is always going to be a big deal, and there’s nothing Rory could have done to change that. Rory wonders if Lorelai and Emily will ever be able to talk about the past; Lorelai doesn’t think so. She’s tried, but all Emily hears is, “Blah, blah, blah, Ginger.” Rory wonders how things will ever change if Lorelai won’t talk and Emily won’t listen. The girls head to Luke’s for coffee and cake, and Rachel thanks Lorelai for talking to Luke. Apparently he’s given her a drawer and a set of keys. The girls notice that the coffee tastes a little different. Back at the Dragonfly, Lorelai, Rory, and Sookie discuss Michel and Rune’s battles and their plans for their possible future new inn.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Emily: “As a child, your mother had an unusually large head.”
Lorelai: “The best thing about it was that she would tell me constantly. My first complete sentence was, ‘Big head want dolly.’”

Rachel: “See, I might consider doing the whole mom thing if I could be guaranteed that I could get one just like her.”
Lorelai: “Oh, you can, you just have to go to Sears.”

“So I was thinking that if he could get another job and then he could save up some money and afford his own place and move out, and then I wouldn’t end up stabbing him in the neck with a grapefruit spoon.” - Sookie, re: Rune

“There’s always college. Unless my parents get their way, and then it’s, ‘I take Thee, Jesus, to be my lawful wedded husband.’” - Lane

“Small, dark, wanted in four states.” - Michel, re: Rune

Emily: (re: Michel) “What a charming man.”
Rory: “Uh, okay.”

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