"The Breakup, Part 2"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Nick Marck

Rory tells Lorelai about her wonderful evening and her breakup with Dean (see “Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers”). She can’t believe she left Lorelai’s meatball in the car. Rory doesn’t want to tell Lorelai the whole story, but Lorelai thinks there’s something she isn’t saying. Rory decides to get rid of everything she has that has anything to do with Dean. As she fills a box, Lorelai keeps trying to find out what really happened. Rory asks her to take the box to a dumpster, but Lorelai thinks that she’ll want the stuff around someday. She promises to take the stuff far away but winds up hiding it in a closet under a blanket. In the morning, Rory wakes Lorelai up early, wanting to do all of the things that they always say they’re going to do on the weekend but never do. This includes getting manicures, having fondue at the Swiss restaurant for dinner, and going to see the elementary school’s performance of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Lorelai points out that it’s 6 in the morning, but Rory makes her get up anyway. Downstairs, Lorelai learns that Rory has rearranged all of the furniture in the living room. Rory is making a list of things to do and Lorelai asks her to stop, encouraging her to take some time to wallow in her heartbreak. Rory declines because she doesn’t want to be the kind of girl who falls apart without a boy. Besides, she has too many things to focus on, like Harvard. Lorelai tries to make her wallow by writing it on her list, but Rory doesn’t allow that.

Downtown, Lorelai is surprised to see so many people out and about already. Rory tries to change their route to Luke’s, since it takes them by Doose’s, where she might see Dean. They also can’t take the long way around because if Dean isn’t working, he’ll be at the school, playing football with some friends. Lorelai’s third option is out as well because it takes them down the street Dean lives on. Plan D finds the girls cutting through an alley, which Rory finds educational, because she thinks you can learn a lot about a person from his or her garbage. At Luke’s, the girls encounter the 6 a.m. crowd, which is being tended to by Rachel. Rachel reveals that she’ll be sticking around Stars Hollow for a little while. Rory thinks that everyone is staring at her because they know about her breakup. At the counter, Miss Patty tells Lorelai that she feels responsible for the breakup because she got Dean his job at the market and encouraged his relationship with Rory. Lorelai asks her not to discuss the breakup with Rory and Miss Patty promises to tell everyone else to do the same. Luke comes downstairs, having slept in, and Lorelai asks him for chocolate chip pancakes to comfort Rory. Luke is shocked to hear about the breakup, saying that he knew all along that Dean was bad news. Before anyone can stop him, Kirk approaches Rory to give her his support. He then apologizes to Lorelai for not speaking up earlier and giving his opinion on Dean. Lorelai asks Rory again if she wants to wallow, but she continues to refuse.

Rory asks Lorelai how long it took her to get over Max, but Lorelai will only say that it took “a while.” Luke acts very accommodating towards Rory and she realizes that Lorelai told him about the breakup. Luke spots Dean outside the diner and heads out to stop him from coming inside. They start getting a little physical and Lorelai spots them. She and Rory run outside to break up the fight. Dean runs off and Lorelai forces Luke back inside, then tells Rory that it’s time to start doing stuff on the list. Later that day, Lorelai and Rory return home, having achieved almost everything they wanted to. Babette comes over to check on Rory and Lorelai tells her that it’s not a good time. Rory overhears them talking and hides out in her room, trying to keep herself from crying. She finds her invitation to Madeline’s party (which she mentioned in “Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers”) and tells Lorelai that she’s decided to go. Lorelai suggests that she just stay home and read The Bell Jar instead, since it will have the same effect on her. After Rory vows to go anyway, Lorelai says that she should take Lane with her, so she’ll at least have a friend around if things don’t work out with her Chilton classmates. That night, Rory and Lane get ready for the party and Lane mentions that she saw Dean earlier but wasn’t sure if she should say anything. Lane tells her that it’s okay if she wants to mope around, but Rory wants to go to the party. She spots her box of cornstarch (see “Kiss and Tell”) and Lorelai secretly puts it in the Dean box, then looks through her Max box.

Lorelai heads to Sookie’s, where she’s been banned from the kitchen because Jackson is cooking dinner for her. Sookie is struggling not to go in the kitchen and make sure that Jackson is doing everything the way he’s supposed to. (Jackson has already kicked her out of there.) She goes a little crazy when he tells her that he’s also going to load the dishwasher by himself and won’t use her method. Lorelai asks Sookie if she can borrow her car, since Rory is using hers. After getting the car, Lorelai heads to Max’s apartment and tells him about Rory and Dean’s breakup and the non-wallowing. She admits that she couldn’t tell Rory how long it took her to get over Max because she’s not actually over him. She thinks she’s a hypocrite for talking to Rory about healing, then announces that she misses Max. In response, he invites her in. Rory and Lane arrive at Madeline’s huge, fancy house, in awe of their surroundings. Louise asks Rory where Dean is and she says that “his white horse was in the shop.” Paris joins the girls and asks Rory where Dean is. She admits that they broke up and Paris replies that at least she had a boyfriend. She leads Rory and Lane to the sodas as Lane comments that Rory didn’t exaggerate when she talked about her. Nearby, Tristan fights with his girlfriend Summer, who was apparently making out with another guy. Paris checks her watch, revealing that she promised her mother that she’d stay until 10:30 to become more of a people person. Lane gets spotted by the only Korean boy at the party, Henry Cho (Eddie Shin), who convinces her to dance with him. Lane tells Rory that if she’s not back after once dance, Rory has to pretend to be sick.

Paris complains that Lane has found a guy after only five minutes. Elsewhere, Rory sees Tristan watching Summer dance with another guy. Lorelai and Max make out at his apartment and she tells him that that’s not the reason she came here. They realize that they’re acting crazy but find it hard to stay away from each other. They admit that they’ve been thinking about each other a lot but realize that they’re in the same positions they were in when they broke up. Lorelai says that coming there was a bad idea but they go back to making out anyway. Rory finds Lane at the party, but Lane wants to stick around for a little while. As soon as her required time is up, Paris heads home. Rory overhears Tristan and Summer fighting over his possessiveness and eventually breaking up. Lane finds Rory and tells her that Henry is the perfect guy but she’s in a horrible situation because her parents would completely approve of him. She decides that they need to leave immediately, but she can’t resist a last dance with Henry. Lorelai and Max wind up in bed, but she announces that she needs to leave to return Sookie’s car. He wonders if that’s it and they’re going to pretend that nothing ever happened now. He suggests that they start talking on the phone regularly, since they’re not going to solve anything by staying away from each other. Instead of talking, they end up kissing again. Rory runs into Tristan and they start talking about school, since he doesn’t want to talk about Summer. Tristan learns that Dean and Rory broke up and that Rory doesn’t think they’ll be getting back together. He kisses her and she starts crying and runs out. Lane makes sure to tell Henry to look her up in the phone book. Lorelai returns home to find Rory crying and eating ice cream. Rory says that she’s ready to wallow, so Lorelai orders a pizza and comforts her.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Lorelai: “It is Saturday, the day of rest.”
Rory: “Sunday’s the day of rest.”
Lorelai: “No, Saturday is the day of pre-rest.”
Rory: “Pre-rest?”
Lorelai: “Yeah, so that way when you actually get to Sunday, you’re rested enough to enjoy your rest.”

“Rory, honey, love of my life, you realize you’ve completely cut us off from Luke’s, where the happy coffee is.” - Lorelai

Lorelai: “Are you a lunatic? He’s 16!”
Luke: “Well, what was I supposed to do?”
Lorelai: “Well, stand in the middle of the street and have a slap fight, of course!”

Babette: “I was pushed out of a moving car once.”
Lorelai: “Now, that’s a peppy little anecdote.”

“Madeline, you are not confused. Think. Process. Focus.” - Louise

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