"The Long Morrow"
Written by David S. Rosenthal; directed by Lee Shallat-Chemel

Rory wakes again after Logan’s departure for London (see “Partings”) and finds that he’s left her a toy rocket, which confuses her. Lorelai and Christopher are back in bed together at his apartment, but Lorelai wants to make a quick escape, saying that she has to go feed Paul Anka. At home she finds Babette waiting for her, having come over because she heard Paul Anka crying for food. She took advantage of the opportunity to do some laundry, so there’s a load of her intimates in the washing machine. Babette tells Lorelai there are no messages from Luke (she heard about their fight from a girl named Becky, who literally has a big mouth), and she knows Lorelai didn’t spend the night at Sookie and Jackson’s again, so she wants to know where Lorelai was all night. Lorelai won’t tell her and sends her off. Rory heads to the Yale Daily News office to find Paris running an SAT prep course. She gives a mother and daughter an aptitude test to take, wanting to see both the daughter’s potential and how much of it comes from her genetics: “Basically, I need to know how much of this is her fault and how much is yours.” Paris explains to Rory that she was going to spend the summer tutoring people for the Princeton Review before she realized that she could open her own service and make more money. She’s also subcontracting to other tutors and offers Rory a spot. They talk about Logan’s departure, and Rory says they didn’t break up. Paris doesn’t think Logan will be able to stay faithful while in London, especially considering his past history.

Luke shows up at Lorelai’s house, wanting to talk, and she tries to brush him off, telling him there’s nothing left to say. He apologizes for what happened the night before, saying that Lorelai didn’t give him a chance, but she replies that she’s given him all sorts of chances. She tells him it’s over and leaves. At the inn, Sookie and Michel arm-wrestle, Sookie pretending to lose until she can catch Michel off-guard and slam his arm down. She gloats to Lorelai until she realizes that something’s wrong. Lorelai tells her that she and Luke are over. Sookie tries to downplay their fight, arguing that it wasn’t that bad and that Luke will change his mind because he really does want to marry Lorelai. Lorelai says she doesn’t want to see him anymore, then admits that she spent the night with Christopher. She also doesn’t want Luke to know. Sookie says that he doesn’t have to know, and the relationship doesn’t have to be over. “I need it to be over,” Lorelai says, adding that she can’t take the waiting anymore. She uses a metaphor of Luke driving the car and her trying to get in but having to hold onto the bumper for a long time because he won’t let her in. She just wants to “let go of the bumper because it hurts too much.” At the diner, Luke wonders where Lane is (forgetting that she’s still on her honeymoon) and is his usual grumpy self with customers. Outside he’s grumpy again when he learns that Taylor is installing a camera on the traffic light outside the diner. The unveiling ceremony will be that afternoon.

Rory pops into the inn, where Michel is being a drama queen about his arm, and tells Lorelai that she already misses Logan. Lorelai offers to let her vent, but Rory doesn’t want to talk about it. Lorelai tells her that she and Luke broke up, adding that she doesn’t want to talk about it either. The two decide that since they’re always talking, they should figure out how to not talk. Though they hate sports, they know that men play them and don’t talk, so they decide to try racquetball. (But first they have to go learn the terms they’ll be using.) As Rory is unpacking at home (and being confused over the rocket again), Logan calls from Heathrow and is shocked to hear that Rory and Lorelai are going to play racquetball. He asks what she thought of the rocket and if she understood the meaning behind it. Rory pretends that she did. Lorelai and Rory head to a racquetball court, where they sit on the floor and talk about the rocket. The end result is Lorelai vowing to create rocket gum and Rory becoming more confused than ever. The two finally start playing but quickly stop when Lorelai accidentally hits a ball at her own eye. Back at home, Rory tries to find ice for Lorelai, but there’s none in the freezer. Lorelai starts getting rid of some of Luke’s things and asks Rory to get her steak to put on her eye. Rory heads off to the market to get ice, arriving as the red-light-camera-unveiling ceremony is beginning. Miss Patty, Lulu, and Gypsy wonder whether she’s still going on her trip to Asia with Logan, but that’s off now that he’s in Europe. Taylor begins the ceremony, explaining that Kirk will drive Taylor’s car through the intersection and have his photo taken. However, he’s blinded by the flash of the camera and drives the car through the wall of the diner.

Rory rushes home to tell Lorelai the news, making sure to let her know that no one was hurt. Lorelai continues gathering Luke’s things, including things of her own that remind her of Luke. (She also has a third pile that contains Babette’s intimates.) Rory asks why they broke up and Lorelai just tells her it was the culmination of a lot of things. Outside the diner, Luke yells at Taylor, who’s more concerned about his car than about the diner. A tow-truck driver asks Luke if he should move the car or not, but Luke can’t decide. Back at Lorelai’s, she and Rory consider redecorating, then discuss the rocket again. Rory doesn’t want to call Logan until she understands what the rocket is about, and she worries that their long-distance relationship isn’t going to work out. Lorelai encourages her to go to London for the summer. As Luke sits alone in his destroyed diner, Christopher calls Lorelai to tell her he had a great time the night before. He wants to come over and cook her dinner, but she doesn’t want to make a big deal out of what happened the night before - and she also doesn’t want it to happen again. Later that night, Rory wakes Lorelai up to tell her that after a ton of Internet research, she tied the rocket to an episode of The Twilight Zone called “The Long Morrow.” Basically, it means Logan loves her so much that he would wait 40 years and give up his life to see her. She vows to go see Logan in London, but when she calls him, he tells her he’ll see her at Christmas. Luke comes by, ready to elope with Lorelai, and she tells him that she slept with Christopher. Instead of responding, he drives off.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Babette: “It’s the nodules on my vocal cords. The more I strain my voice, the more they grow. It’s nature’s way of trying to get me to talk softer.”
Lorelai: “Babette 1, nature nada.”

Babette: “You know Adrian Bittenberg’s daughter, Becky? She got a huge mouth.”
Lorelai: “Becky is not a gossip.”
Babette: “But she has a huge mouth. And she and Eileen Whitewin were behind Doose’s Market seeing how many Devil Dogs Becky could stuff in there, and when she got up to four, completely cut off her oxygen. So Eileen went running over to Luke’s to see if she could get some help, and then she saw the two of you screaming at each other.”
Lorelai: “I’m glad she had the presence of mind to listen in on our argument while her friend was choking to death.”

Paris: “Do you want your kid to spend her life behind the counter at Dunkin’ Donuts? Do you?”
Marilyn: “No.”
Paris: “Because that’s where she’s headed, selling chocolate donuts and glazed fritters for the next 40 years to people in business suits who actually gave a crap about their academic future.”
Marilyn: “I just want her to get into a good school. She has such potential.”
Paris: “Well, so did Charles Manson.”
Marilyn: “What?
Paris: “Look at her. Frankly, it may already be too late. I don’t like to take on such meek, diffident cases. Do you even know what ‘diffident’ means? That’s okay. That knowledge isn’t really required in the retail donut-distribution industry.”

“She’s got a C average, which means she’s either lazy or stupid. I can work with either. Frankly, sometimes stupid is easier. I can scare the stupid out of you, but the lazy runs deep.” - Paris

Luke: “Seven days seems like plenty of time to sit in some mountain cabin together and realize you’ve just chained yourself to another human being for all eternity.”
Cesar: “They went to Mexico, so they’re probably doing that on a beach. Maybe it takes a little longer to realize with the hot sun and all.”
Luke: “Cesar, are you being funny?”
Cesar: “You tell me.”
Luke: “No, you tell me.”
Cesar: “It would appear not.”

Rory: “Tell us more about this racquetball.”
Michel: “Well, it’s very simple - a four-walled room, a racquet, and a rubber ball.”
Lorelai: “Get to the good part: what are the clothes like?”

Lorelai: “Rocket, rocket, rocket. Rocket man - ‘Rocket Man.’ Hee. ‘Crocodile Rock’ was good. ‘Bennie and the Jets,’ ‘Candle in the Wind.’”
Rory: “Are you just naming Elton John songs?”

Rory: “Hey, maybe it’s code. Like I’m his rocket, right? Like I’m his rock, E.T. I’m his rock in the eastern time zone.”
Lorelai: “That’s dumb.”
Rory: “Yeah, like rocket gum is sweeping the nation.”
Lorelai: “When I have made one zillion dollars from my rocket-gum invention, you will eat those words. Or more likely, chew those words and blow a bubble with them, ‘cause did I mention that rocket gum is bubble gum?”

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