"Pulp Friction"
Written by James Berg and Stan Zimmerman; directed by Michael Zinberg

Kirk has stationed himself at the diner to collect the townies’ pink and blue ribbons, now that Luke and Lorelai are back together (see “So…Good Talk”). He spots Lulu outside, still wearing her pink ribbon, and chases after her to get it back. Lorelai arrives and Luke is unhappy to see her with a coffee cup from Weston’s. She promises it’s just a fling. Kirk returns with Lulu’s ribbon-adorned sweater, having had to run pretty fast to catch up with her. Logan and Rory head back to Yale after going to the theater and discuss Tony Kushner, whom Logan’s mother knows. They sneak into the cafeteria for ice cream, though Rory gets Cocoa Puffs, too, because she never gets there early enough for them at breakfast. She also wants to swipe her meal card to pay for the food. At the inn, Lorelai and Sookie prepare for the arrival of a photographer from American Travel magazine, as they’ve been named one of the top ten inns in Connecticut. They realize that they’ve been “airplane booked” - their good books have disappeared and been replaced by Clifford the Big Red Dog and five copies of He’s Just Not That Into You. Michel returns from a trip to California, giving Lorelai a smog globe and Sookie He’s Just Not That Into You. He is excited because he was a contestant on The Price is Right and won a ton of stuff. Sookie and Lorelai note that for a rich guy, he gave them some pretty cheap gifts.

Lorelai heads to the diner for a quick dinner, telling Luke that she left him a voice mail message asking him to save her a slice of boysenberry pie. He never got the message because he doesn’t know how to use his voice mail. Lorelai puts her number on his speed dial but he reminds her that he doesn’t like cell phones in the diner. On her way out, Lorelai checks on the ribbon progress, learning that she had more supporters than Luke. She decides that the ribbon loser has to buy the ribbon winner dinner. Later, Lorelai calls Rory and makes shopping plans. Rory is on her way to Friday night dinner and Lorelai brags that she never has to go again. Luke tries to kick Kirk out of the diner so he can close up, but Kirk wants to talk about their mutual relationships. Apparently Kirk’s mother is allergic to Lulu, so he has difficulty being with her. Luke tells him he’s a grown man and needs to move out of his mother’s house. At the elder Gilmores’, Emily tries to hide her surprise that Lorelai isn’t coming to dinner. After dinner, she complains to Richard, who guesses that Lorelai just had other plans. He wonders if Luke and Lorelai didn’t get back together; Emily assumes that they must not have, which makes Luke an idiot. Lorelai and Rory go shopping, though Lorelai can’t find anything she wants. Rory spots Logan in a café with a girl and Lorelai starts threatening to hit him with a rock. Rory explains that they’re keeping things casual, so he’s allowed to see other people.

The photographer sets up at the inn as Michel yells at someone over the phone. Logan finds Rory at the Yale newspaper office and notes that he saw her when he was out at the café. She assures him that she’s still sticking with their “no strings attached” deal, so he invites her to get coffee. Just as the shoot is about to begin at the inn, a motor home drives up. Michel admits that it’s what he won on The Price is Right (as well as Rice-a-Roni) and it has arrived a couple of days early. He wanted the cash, not the prize, but was told he would only get half the money. He tried to sell the motor home on the Internet but didn’t have enough time. Lorelai tries to get the delivery guy to drive the motor home around for a while until the shoot is over; of course, she’s out of luck and the exterior shots are called off. Lorelai blasts Michel for believing the world revolves around him (and not her, apparently). At Yale, Logan’s friend Robert (see “Say Something”) approaches Rory and asks her to go to Finn’s Quentin Tarantino-themed birthday party with him the next night. Back at the inn, Sookie tells Lorelai that Michel might be a little scared of her; he likes to yell at people but is sensitive when he gets yelled out. She’s sure he’ll get over it soon. Outside, Michel gives people a tour of the motor home and Lorelai steps in to try to help him sell it. She apologizes for yelling at him, then pushes him to get as much money for the motor home as he can.

At home, Lorelai tries to get dressed for her reconciliation date with Luke but doesn’t like the dress she picked out. She calls Rory, who tells her that she has a date with Robert; Lorelai asks if she knows what his last name is. (She doesn’t.) The reconciliation date starts off a little awkwardly but picks up when Lorelai starts making fun of the reggae CD Luke has in his car. They express their happiness about being back together. Rory and Robert head to the party, Rory dressed as Gogo from Kill Bill (in her Chilton uniform) and Robert as “dead extra number two.” He wishes Finn (dressed as Vincent from Pulp Fiction) a happy birthday, then asks for the money Finn owes him. Finn doesn’t remember ever meeting Rory before, though he’s met her on many occasions. Robert and Rory encounter Colin, who’s dressed as Bill and complains that he couldn’t bring his date because she dressed as Mira Sorvino. Logan dressed as Butch from Pulp Fiction, and his date Whitney, dressed as the Bride from Kill Bill, join them and Rory tries to act cool around Logan. After she and Robert walk off, she asks Robert what his last name is. Luke and Lorelai head back to Lorelai’s house and hear something in the garage. They encounter a half-naked Kirk asleep in Luke’s boat and Lorelai comments, “I probably should be more surprised than I am, right?” He explains that he left home, thanks to Luke’s nudge, but had no place to go. Lorelai agrees to let him sleep in Rory’s room, telling Luke that he’s their responsibility now.

Back at the party, Colin has a hard time finding an available woman, complaining that their group of friends is incestuous. Logan approaches Rory and tells her that Robert is kind of a jerk. He kisses her, then tries to get her to leave the party with him. Rory notes that they’re both their with dates, but Logan admits that he’s bothered by the fact that she’s there with Robert. She refuses to ditch her date and walks off as Finn finds a Mia to dance with. At home, Lorelai checks her messages and discusses Rory’s dating life with Luke. She’s a little bothered that Rory is suddenly a dating girl and Lorelai doesn’t have as much say in her life now that she’s on her own - it’s hard for her to play “the mom card” now. Luke heads back to the diner, where Emily confronts him for supposedly not getting back together with Lorelai as she’d instructed him to. Unable to get a word in, Luke presses his speed dial and calls Lorelai. She hears the fight and runs over to the diner, where she tries to kick Emily out. She tells her that she and Luke did get back together, but it was because they wanted to, not because Emily meddled. Emily wonders why Lorelai won’t come to Friday night dinner. Lorelai replies that she ruined their relationship, though Emily argues that she did it out of concern because Lorelai was taken her life down the wrong path. Lorelai snaps at her to stay out of her life and shut up. Shocked, Emily leaves silently. The next day, Lorelai and Rory talk on the phone about Kirk’s temporary residence in Rory’s room. (He apparently called her and asked if he could stay in her dorm.) Lorelai says that her date went well and Rory says that she liked blowing Logan off, but now they have plans to get together again. Outside, Michel deals with the guy who bought his motor home but finds Kirk sleeping in it.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “You know, if someone opened a store in this town selling giant butterfly nets, they’d make a fortune.” - Luke

“You know, Lulu’s my first real girlfriend. I had an imaginary girlfriend for a while when I was young, but she left me.” - Kirk

Luke: “You bring an enemy coffee cup in here on the day of our reconciliation.”
Lorelai: “At least I didn’t ask you for a favor on this, the day of your daughter’s wedding.”

“Fun. Sure. I get it. Friends with benefits. No problem, I watch Oprah.” - Lorelai

“I insist you do something about this before I go out and find a stick and make it pointy and come and find your cubicle and poke you very hard!” - Michel

Robert: “Business or pleasure? Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy: Lord and Peasant and the Making of the Modern World. Oh. Pleasure.”
Rory: “Have you read it?”
Robert: “I’m waiting for the film to come out.”
Rory: “Yeah, I heard Renee Zellweger is gaining a ton of weight to play the peasant.”

Rory: “The party’s a Quentin Tarantino-themed party, and you have to wear a costume, so I’m going as Gogo.”
Lorelai: “‘Cause you have the skirt.”
Rory: “And no other ideas.”
Lorelai: “Cluelessness is the mother of invention.”

Lorelai: “Oh, this dress is too slutty.”
Rory: “The dress is fine. The person in it, however….”
Lorelai: “You’re breaking up, the, the house is going through a tunnel.”

Robert: “My entire goal in life is to outlive my brother, inherit the family fortune, put all my sisters out on the street and live as frivolously as possible, have numerous wives, thousands of illegitimate children and die completely alone and leave every cent to a parrot named Polly.”
Rory: “That’s your entire goal in life.”
Robert: “Except for the name of the parrot, I stick to everything I just said.”
Rory: “You’re a fascinating specimen, Robert.”

Finn: “Who’s as drunk as I am?”
Colin: “No one since Spencer Tracy died.”

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