"So…Good Talk"
Written by Lisa Randolph; directed by Jamie Babbit

Lorelai calls Rory at Yale to complain that almost all of the mail she just got belongs to Rory. One of the exceptions is a postcard from Emily, who’s still on her second honeymoon (see “Wedding Bell Blues”) and doesn’t seem to get how upset Lorelai is with her. Rory mentions that her postcards from Emily all mention how she’s expected at Friday night dinner when she and Richard return. At the diner, Luke is in a bad mood so Lane warns Zach not to do anything to make him madder. She also tries to get a customer to quiet down while complaining, but he doesn’t heed her warning and gets thrown out. Zach is unable to pay for his food (which ordinarily Lane would give him for free) and notes that Luke’s eyes are “red like the fires of Mordor.” Kirk, however, is very happy with all of the ruined food he’s been served. At the inn, Sookie panics because she’ll have to have everything in order in the kitchen so she can take time off for the baby. Lorelai is having issues with their insurance company. Emily calls and Lorelai immediately hangs up on her twice in a row. She tries to trick Lorelai by having Richard call, but Lorelai hangs up again as soon as Emily gets on the phone. Lorelai asks Sookie for some fun food since she doesn’t plan on ever going to Friday night dinner again. She’s planning to watch all three versions of A Star is Born. Sookie is worried because everyone Lorelai cares about is basically out of her life now. Lorelai notes that she’s behaving the same way she always has. Sookie suggests a girls’ night out that evening and Lorelai accepts.

At Yale, Rory tries to conserve her money but is saved when Logan pays for her coffee. He pulls her aside to make out, telling her that he has a few minutes before he has to turn in an ethics paper. Rory wants to see said paper to learn what his take is on ethics. They banter about whether or not Hemingway’s wife lost one of his manuscripts. Rory heads home with a ton of laundry and is disheartened to learn that Lorelai is using the washing machine. Actually, she’s only washing two socks, which Lorelai thinks is eccentric. She gives Rory some money, having noted that she’s broke, and tells her that she may be able to get a part-time job at the bookstore. Rory heads to Friday night dinner, obviously not happy with Emily, who doesn’t seem to catch on. She’s much more receptive to Richard. Sookie and Lorelai head out for their fun evening but quickly realize that there’s not much they can do since Sookie is pregnant. Lorelai suggests a pizza/A Star is Born night instead. At dinner, Emily tries to get Richard to do something about the ice between her and Rory. He tries to draw her out but Rory says that nothing is wrong. Emily finally confronts her and Rory asks if she really doesn’t know why she’s upset. Emily tells her that she has to keep fulfilling her part of the Friday night dinner bargain because she and Richard pay for Yale. Rory replies that she just has to come to dinner, not engage in conversation. She blasts Emily for breaking up Luke and Lorelai, then leaves.

Lorelai and Sookie go to Weston’s and Sookie realizes that Lorelai goes there a lot. She tells her that as soon as the baby’s born, she and Lorelai will go away for the weekend. Rory arrives and fills Lorelai in on dinner; Sookie falls asleep. Rory tells Lorelai that she wants to start talking to her about everything again, then brings up Logan. Lorelai says she’s fine with the relationship as long as Rory is happy and being treated well. She suggests meeting him again, under different circumstances (see “Wedding Bell Blues”). Later, Richard calls Lorelai and tells her that Rory was very rude to Emily at dinner. He wants Lorelai to talk to Rory about her behavior, but Lorelai says it’s Rory’s business. She continues that she and Luke broke up because of Emily and Rory is unhappy. She chose to stick to the Friday night dinner deal, but she didn’t have to be pleasant. She admits that she’s not sure she’ll ever go to the house again. Lorelai then starts to ask Richard about insurance but stops when he sees a cop giving a ticket to Luke’s boat. She manages to argue the ticket away. At the diner, Luke continues his rampage. Lane takes a break to bring Rory food at the bookstore, where she’s compiled a list of books she wants. Lane notes that her job might wind up costing her a fortune. Rory isn’t impressed with the food and Lane tells her that Luke has been off lately. Rory wants to make plans for the two of them but Lane has plans with Zach already. Rory tells her how great it is that she has a boyfriend.

At the inn, Sookie tells Lorelai that she’s set aside time for them to hang out in about six months. Richard and an associate check out the property and Richard promises to get Lorelai a better deal on her insurance. He compliments the great job Lorelai has done with the inn and suggests that she sell it to a chain. Lorelai isn’t interested. Lane and Zach have a picnic in their apartment and start to get intimate. Lane suddenly realizes where things are headed and announces that she has to wait until she’s married to have sex. This is news to both of them. At the elder Gilmores’ house, Emily complains about Rory’s behavior and the fact that Lorelai won’t talk to her but will ask Richard for help. She thinks that he’s enjoying being the favorite and doesn’t understand why he’s not on her side. Richard criticizes that she thought she was doing what was right, but her plan backfired and they have to deal with the reality that Lorelai doesn’t want to have anything to do with Emily. He notes that if they cut her off completely, they’ll have a hard time getting her to come back. He promises that he has everything under control. At the bookstore, Lane tells Rory that, despite her attempts to be normal, her morals aren’t. She asks Rory about sex, but Rory doesn’t want to talk about it in front of the books. On her way out, Lane runs into her mother and exclaims, “Are you happy? You are in my head!” Rory calls Logan and learns that he’s back from break already, so she decides to go back to school. Emily goes to the diner and chats with Kirk a little while trying to get Luke to speak with her. She finally tells Luke that Lorelai wants him and he should go back to her. “You’ve won,” she tells him, promising to stay out of their relationship. Luke heads to Lorelai’s house and, as Judy Garland sings about the man that got away, kisses her.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Sookie: “Hey, we’ve got vegetarians in April! What, were you hiding them?”
Lorelai: “Yes, I’m evil that way.”

Sookie: “I am coming to your house tonight, at 7 o’clock sharp, and I am taking you out, and you better look hot! You hear me?”
Lorelai: “Yes, I do.”
Sookie: “Good.”
Lorelai: “But remember, I don’t put out unless I get dinner.”
Sookie: “I know. I saw your bumper sticker.”

Zach: “What are you doing?”
Lane: “Cleaning up.”
Zach: “I’ll do it.”
Lane: “No, Zach. You’re not getting any tonight, the least I can do is clean up.”

Rory: “You’ll get married, you’ll have sex.”
Lane: “That’s easy for you to say. You’ve already had sex with two different guys, all within a one-year period.
Rory: “Okay, you’re making me sound a little slutty.”
Lane: “Well, why shouldn’t you be slutty? You have absolutely no mother-taught morals standing in the way of you and your sluttiness.”
Rory: “Oh. Well, when you put it that way.”
Lane: “Is it great?”
Rory: “Is what great?”
Lane: “Sex! Is it great?”
Rory: “Not in front of the books, Lane.”

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