"Like Mother, Like Daughter"
Written by Joan Binder Weiss; directed by Dennis Erdman

Lorelai and Rory head to Luke’s, which is busier than normal. They decide that if they want to always be able to get a table, they should spread bad rumors about the place. Lorelai notes that Luke is being friendly with customers, which isn’t like him. She adds that Luke never flirts with any of the women in the diner. Rory replies that he flirts with Lorelai, then encourages her to flirt with him so they can get some coffee. Rory asks Lorelai if she misplaced a CD, since she found a Bay City Rollers CD under the front seat of the car. Lorelai denies that it’s there and Rory agrees that she trapped her - it’s actually a Barry Manilow CD. Lorelai admits this and brings up the fact that Rory liked Bryan Adams when she was younger. The girls ask Luke if he has any guilty pleasures or likes music; he only replies in monosyllables. Lorelai and Rory wonder if he’s dated anyone since Rachel left (see “Love, Daisies, and Troubadours”). Lorelai thinks that he has a secret life they don’t know about, then decides that he’ll be a bachelor for ever. Rory teases her about Barry Manilow again and they start throwing bad music choices in each other’s faces. Back at home, Lorelai complains that the car won’t start. Rory thinks that something is wrong with the battery, since Lorelai is always horrible to it. She decides to call Michel for a ride instead of walking. Rory complains that her backpack is too small, but Lorelai says that she just has too many books in it. Rory explains her reasoning (she has two bus books and two lunch books). Lorelai convinces Michel to come pick her up as Lorelai mocks Rory for having so many books in her bag.

At lunch, Rory is approached by the guidance counselor, Mrs. Verdinas, who wants to talk to her after she’s finished eating but won’t tell her what it’s about. At the meeting, Mrs. Verdinas tells Rory that she and Headmaster Charleston have noticed Rory’s lack of a social life at Chilton. Rory thinks that it’s enough that she gets good grades, but Mrs. Verdinas says that a student’s social skills come into play when the school recommends him or her to a college. Rory argues that she’s not a loner, as Mrs. Verdinas thinks she is. Mrs. Verdinas encourages her to reach out to some of her classmates, starting by sitting with someone else at lunch. Back at home, Kirk fixes Lorelai’s Jeep as Rory tells Lorelai about her meeting with Mrs. Verdinas. Lorelai calls Chilton a cult. Kirk holds up a bunch of wires and asks Lorelai if she knows what they are; he’s not happy that she doesn’t. Rory worries that there’s something wrong with her and she really is a loner. Lorelai wants to call Headmaster Charleston to tell him to leave Rory alone; she thinks that schools like Chilton try to take away kids’ individuality. Kirk finishes fixing the car and promises not to charge Lorelai for the time he was stuck underneath it. He adds that he overheard their conversation and wants them to know that he carried a weird duffel bag and ate alone at school, but he turned out all right. Lorelai heads to Chilton and meets with Headmaster Charleston to try to convince him that Rory is doing fine socially. He reveals that he looked at Lorelai’s file and, like Rory, she hasn’t done much interacting with the other parents. He encourages her to take part in some sort of activity in order to help out Rory. Back at home, Lorelai tells Rory that Headmaster Charleston yelled at her and wants her to get more involved. She suggests just going along with it to help secure Rory a spot at Harvard.

At lunch the next day, Rory spontaneously decides to ask a group of girls, led by one named Francie Jarvis (Emily Bergl) if she can sit with them. They let her join them and she finds herself discussion Homecoming. Paris passes by and is shocked to see who Rory is eating with. The girls discuss Rory’s strange name (even though there’s a girl at the table named Lemon), then head to class. Paris corners Rory and informs her that she was sitting with the Chilton Puffs. The Puffs are the school’s most influential sorority, and you have to be invited to sit with them. Paris’ mother and aunt were both Puffs, as was Sandra Day O’Connor. Paris wants to know what Rory said about her to the Puffs; Rory says that they didn’t discuss her. Paris has been trying to kiss up to “Francine” forever and is shocked that Rory got to call her Francie. She begs Rory not to tell the Puffs that she hates her. Rory says that she’s not part of the group, so they won’t care what she has to say. Paris tells her that if she got to sit with them through the end of lunch, she’s in. Lorelai and Rory head to Friday night dinner, discussing how strange it is that Rory randomly chose the table where the secret society sits. The girls are told to go to the back patio, since they’re barbequing, something they didn’t think Emily did. On the patio, Emily tries to get the girls to come inside to eat, which they say defeats the purpose of a barbeque. In the dining room, Emily expresses her displeasure with Lorelai for confronting Headmaster Charleston (his wife told her about it). Lorelai tries to get her to shut up by announcing that she’s planning to join the Booster Club. Emily is happy with this decision, since they do a lot of good things for the school. “And the matching sweatshirts they wear are just darling,” she adds.

Lorelai attends her first Booster Club meeting, happy to see that the other members aren’t wearing matching sweatshirts. One of the mothers knows Emily and mentions that they weren’t sure Lorelai was going to actually show up to the meeting. The group discusses their fall fundraiser; they’ve decided to hold a fashion show but aren’t sure where to have it. Lorelai offers up the Independence Inn. Everyone is thrilled with this idea. During a break, Ava, one of the other Chilton moms, tells Lorelai that the members of the Booster Club will be the models at the fashion show. She’s not thrilled. Back in Stars Hollow, Rory laughs that Lorelai’s activity is worse than hers. Lorelai calls Emily to tell her about the fashion show and adds that, since she was so gung-ho about getting involved in Chilton, Emily is going to be one of the models. Emily first tells her that the idea is ridiculous, then lets Lorelai guilt her into accepting. At lunch, Rory is invited to sit with the Puffs again; they tell her that they find her fascinating. Francie tells her that she can sit with them any time she wants to. Rory tries to ask them about their sorority but they pretend that they don’t know what she’s talking about. Paris eavesdrops nearby and Francie spots her, asking Rory if Paris is a friend of hers. The girls think that Paris is too intense, even though she’s from a long line of Puffs. Rory starts talking her up and lies that Paris is considering joining another “non-existent” group. Francie is shocked that she would voluntarily defect and immediately invites her to sit down.

The day of the fashion show, Lorelai directs everyone at the inn, managing to have an entire conversation with Michel without having to finish one sentence. Sookie runs into lettuce problems and winds up deciding to make soup instead. Luke shows up to fix a problem with the runway; Lorelai thinks that the world “toolbox” is dirty. She tries to convince him that he’ll be able to fix the tilt and he tells her to stop hovering over him. Ava arrives and takes an interest in Luke, asking Lorelai a few questions about him. Emily shows up, worried about the way the room looks and the outfit she might have to wear. Luke fixes the runway but decides to stick around to make sure there are no more problems. Lorelai seems a little worried about him possibly encountering Ava again. In the dressing room, Emily and Lorelai are shocked to learn that they’re the show’s mother-daughter team. The show starts and, at the end, Emily and Lorelai have to come onto the runway in matching outfits. They try to make the best of it. After the show, the Boosters celebrate the fact that everything went well. (They also think Lorelai was smart to hire an actor to play “a horrible, rude, annoying Frenchman.” One of the mothers says that if they let Lorelai plan all of their events, they won’t have to have any more meetings. Lorelai asks why Emily has a funny look on her face. Emily tells her that it’s interesting that she’s now fitting into a world that she tried to run away from years ago. After Emily leaves, Lorelai is saddened to see Luke and Ava talking.

Back at home, Rory asks for details about the show but Lorelai won’t share them. Rory realizes that she’s hiding pictures in her purse and finally gets them from her. She thinks that Lorelai looks like Nancy Reagan. Lorelai advises that she put on some nice pajamas and do a little primping because she’s going to be kidnapped tonight. Francie called to let her know that the Puffs would be coming to get her in the middle of the night and take her to breakfast. Rory doesn’t like this idea and can’t believe that Lorelai would go along with it. Lorelai tells her to bring a donut back and Rory grabs her pictures, threatening to use them for Christmas cards. That night, Rory hears the Puffs arrive and pretends that she’s been sleeping. Paris, unfortunately, didn’t have a heads-up. The girls wind up at Chilton, where Paris thinks they’re going to be initiated as Puffs. They go to the headmaster’s office while Rory tells Paris that she doesn’t need to make friends this way. Paris is still desperate to be a Puff and tells her to get out of her way. In the office, the potential Puffs are told to participate in a ritual that involves ringing a bell and reciting a pledge. In the middle of her turn, Rory gets busted by Headmaster Charleston. Later, the girls are lectured by the headmaster, who wants to enforce a strict punishment on them. Rory speaks up that she didn’t even want to be there; she was there because of him and because she randomly sat down at a lunch table. After the other girls leave, Headmaster Charleston tells Rory that he may have pushed her too much; he thinks that she’s very smart and deserves to go to Harvard. Lorelai arrives to get Rory, who can’t believe that she got in trouble for ringing a bell. At Luke’s, Lorelai talks to him about Ava and how she’d like to keep her Stars Hollow life separate from her Chilton life. He argues that she can’t tell him who to date, then reveals that he just gave Ava directions. Lorelai pretends to turn that into a big deal. At Chilton, Rory spends lunch reading at the same table as another reading girl.


MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “Hey, flirt with him now, we need coffee.”
Lorelai: “Oh, Luke, we’re just dying for some refreshments.”
Luke: “Keep your pants on.”
Lorelai: “Hmm. He can turn it off and turn it on so fast.”

Paris: “I have helped her with her homework, secured her a prime spot in the parking lot, organized her locker, scrunched up the plastic strands on her pom-poms to make them fluffy. I have done everything except give her a manicure, and by God, if I had any talent with an orange stick, I would’ve done that, too.”
Rory: “I know I’m not the first one to say it to you, but you’re insane.”

Rory: “It’s just so weird that the one table I sit down at is home to the secret society.”
Lorelai: “I know. It’s like waking up one day and realizing that everyone else in your family can pull their face off.”
Rory: “Yes, it’s exactly like that.”

Emily: “If you want to eat outside, go hunt down a gazelle. Make your decision, I’ll be inside.”
Lorelai: “What are the odds of finding a gazelle around here?”
Rory: “Slim to none.”
Lorelai: “Okay, let’s go.”

Aubrey: “You know, my stepdaughter Kimberly--.”
Ava: “Sarah.”
Aubrey: “Right, Sarah.”

Rory: “You know, Paris, while, yes, a little intense, is also very smart.”
Francie: “So, I drop a box of matches on the floor, she can tell me how many there are?”

Sookie: “How attached are you to salad?”
Lorelai: “It’s free to see anyone it wants.”

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