"Lost and Found"
Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino; directed by Gail Mancuso

Lorelai and Rory are on their way to Luke’s and Lorelai is complaining that an injury she sustained recently still hurts. Rory asks her if she needs to see a doctor, but Lorelai doesn’t want to. Rory asks her what she was doing standing on a ladder. Lorelai says that their rain gutters need to be cleaned. Rory suggests hiring someone to do that, since it’s better than Lorelai killing herself. Lorelai declines to tell her that she was hoping to win some help in “A-Tisket, A-Tasket.” Rory wonders if she’s going to make a huge deal out of the situation like she did with the “Vanity Fair paper cut incident.” Lorelai thinks that her wound is glowing and that in the morning she’ll have superpowers. At the diner, the girls can’t find Luke and complain that Cesar is cooking; they don’t like his pancakes. Lorelai heads up to Luke’s apartment, where he yells at furniture. Lorelai is surprised by the messy state of the apartment, which looks the way she always pictured the inside of her head to look. Luke explains that Liz has sent over the rest of Jess’ things, but there isn’t enough room for everything. Lorelai begs Luke to come downstairs and make pancakes, since she just had a near-death experience. Jess emerges from the bathroom and Luke chastises him for taking too long. He then tries to get Lorelai to wait for him downstairs, but she’s desperate to know how long she’ll have to wait for her breakfast. She finds the supply ledger he was looking for and holds it hostage in return for pancakes.

That night, Lorelai tells Rory that she’s finally going to get the tattoo she’s been talking about getting for the past five years. She claims that she’s going to get Mel Brooks’ face tattooed on her butt. The girls pass Luke’s and see him sitting at a table inside. Rory goes off to get ice cream while Lorelai goes into the diner and discovers that Luke is watching TV on a small set. “Is this the first time it’s been away from its mother?” Lorelai asks. He tells her that Jess is upstairs, so he came down for some privacy. Lorelai suggests that he get a bigger apartment, since the one upstairs used to be an office and was never meant to be lived in. He doesn’t like this idea. Rory arrives and Luke tells her to get her mother out of there. He asks Lorelai if she ever got someone to clean her gutters and offers up Jess to do the job. Lorelai pretends that she has some other possibilities lined up but promises to keep him in mind. Outside, Rory reminds Lorelai that she was going to give Jess a chance and asks her to hire him. Lorelai isn’t comfortable with him yet. Rory points out that Lorelai didn’t like Luke very much when she first met him; she called him Duke for two years just to make him mad. Rory asks Lorelai to give Jess another chance. Lorelai says that just because Rory likes him doesn’t mean that she has to. She relents but would like to call him Tess for a while. She tries to make sure that Rory wants her to like Jess for non-personal reasons. Rory promises that they’re “friend-ish” and nothing more. Nearby, Miss Patty instructs a group of walkers from a golf cart.

Luke heads upstairs, where Jess is sleeping while music blares. He knocks over his little TV and starts swearing, which wakes Jess up. Luke announces that they’re moving and will start looking for a new apartment first thing in the morning. The next day, Jess vetoes one of their choices because the walls were pink and he doesn’t want to have to paint it with Luke. The two can’t agree on a place they both like, so Jess tells Luke to just pick one by himself. He says that he’s fine with the place they live now and Luke is the one with the problem. Jess leaves to go to the Gilmores’ and Luke continues his apartment-hunting. Rory arrives home and Lorelai excitedly has her sit down and wait for something. It turns out to be a new alarm clock, which makes the sounds of different barnyard animals. Rory and Lorelai agree that this is the closest they ever want to get to a farm. Jess arrives, loaning Rory a CD, and informs Rory that he and Luke are trying to find a new apartment. He randomly changes the subject by wondering if Rory has done something different with her hair. Lorelai advises them to look on any street named after a fruit. She puts Jess to work and Rory notes that Lorelai is trying a little too hard to be nice to Jess. Outside, Rory wonders why Jess doesn’t talk as much when Lorelai is around. She asks him to be nicer to Lorelai, since she’s been trying to get Lorelai to be nicer to him. She says that if Jess cares about her, he’ll make an effort with Lorelai. Jess wants to know what makes her think he cares about her.

Rory and Dean attend a book sale at the library, where Rory stocks up on tons of books and notes that Dean looks bored. She decides that she’s been there long enough and tells him she wants to hang out with him. He suggests seeing Lord of the Rings again, and she agrees, even though she’s not completely thrilled about it. Kirk tries to get a bargain on an already marked-down book, even though Gypsy points out that the money goes to charity. He winds up not getting the book, even though it’s a nickel more than what he’s offered. Dean encourages Rory to look at the astronomy section, though she claims she doesn’t want to. He suddenly notices that her bracelet is missing (see “A-Tisket, A-Tasket”), which she hadn’t realized until just then. She lies that she took it off because she had a rash on her wrist, and as soon as it’s gone, she’ll put the bracelet back on. Dean tells Rory to go to the astronomy section before they go. Kirk returns and offers two more pennies for the book; Gypsy kicks him out. At home, Lorelai offers Jess leftover Chinese food. He accepts just to be nice. Inside, they discuss the gutters, Lorelai’s eating habits, and school. Rory arrives and starts a frantic search for her bracelet. Lorelai tries to help her remember the last time she knew she was wearing it and where it might have ended up. Rory thinks that Dean will be mad, but Lorelai thinks that Rory has a good enough track record that he’ll be understanding.

Lorelai looks for the bracelet around the front desk of the inn, even though Michel claimed that he already looked there. Luke calls and tells Lorelai that he’s going crazy with all of the options available in the apartment-hunting and still hasn’t found a place he likes. He admits that he found one place that was okay but needs a second opinion on it. Lorelai agrees to go look at it with him. The place is on 62-1/2 B Street, so Lorelai says she’ll meet him in 20-1/2 minutes. Luke and Lorelai head to the apartment with a real estate agent who thinks that they’re married. Luke tries to correct her but Lorelai decides to play along. The real estate agent leaves the room so they can discuss the place and Lorelai gleefully notes that Luke has turned 13 shades of red. Luke lists a few of his concerns about the apartment and Lorelai says that she thinks it’s perfect. Luke is reluctant to move because he’s not sure how long Jess will be living with him. Lorelai tells him that he might not necessarily be alone forever. She says that he’ll probably find a great woman and he wouldn’t be able to take her to his current place, especially since his single bed means that he’s afraid of commitment. Lorelai encourages him to take the chance, so Luke decides to fill out an application. Back at home, Lorelai finds Jess looking through Rory’s books; he claims that he wants to see if she has Franny and Zoey.

At Doose’s Market, Taylor corners Luke and says that he has some questions about his apartment application. It turns out that he owns the building that Luke wants to move into. Luke is dumbfounded that, of all of the apartments he looked at, the one he chose is owned by Taylor. Taylor talks about how the grass looks perfect outside that building, which is one of ten that he owns. Luke freaks out over Taylor’s fascism and leaves the store, but Taylor follows him. Luke tells him to tear up his application. Taylor informs him that he’s thinking of buying the flower shop next to the diner, and he wants Luke to take down his father’s William’s Hardware sign, since the hardware store is now a diner. Luke refuses. Taylor says that he doesn’t want to confuse people who come to his collectable plates store. Luke freaks out again. Taylor tells him that he would have rejected his application anyway. Rory returns home and tells Jess that she lost her bracelet. He thinks that she’s making too big a deal out of it and that Dean will understand. He suggests that she check the house again, saying that the bracelet is probably somewhere in her room. She heads inside and finds the bracelet under her bed. She celebrates, then heads to Lane’s house to tell her to stop praying. Outside, Lorelai pays Jess and asks him if he took the bracelet. He pretends that he didn’t and she notes that he was in Rory’s room just before the bracelet was found. Jess says that if the bracelet is so special to Rory, it shouldn’t have taken her two weeks to realize that it was gone.

Later, Luke comes over and blasts Lorelai for the fact that he spent $100,000. He tells her about Taylor’s business activities and worries that Taylor will take over the town - “he’s gonna turn it into Taylorville where everyone’ll wear cardigans and have the same grass height.” Luke was so upset that he bought a Belgian waffle with ice cream dipped in chocolate. (He didn’t eat it, though, because he wasn’t suicidal.) All he could think of was Lorelai telling him to move and take a chance, so he went to the bank, got a cashier’s check, and bought the building Taylor wanted to buy. Lorelai tries to calm him down, telling him that he can explain to the bank that he lost his mind or sell the building to Taylor. Of course, his other options are expanding the diner or renting the building to someone else who might drive Taylor crazy. Luke decides to sleep on the decision. Lorelai asks if Jess ever talks to Luke about Rory; Luke doesn’t know anything about their situation. Luke thinks that Rory would be good for Jess and actually hopes that something is going on with them. Lorelai doesn’t. Luke heads back to his apartment, grabs a sledgehammer, and puts it through a wall. He hands it to Jess and tells him that’ll be his room.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: “It looks like a white trash Hearst Castle in here.” - Lorelai, re: Luke’s apartment

Luke: “I just needed a little privacy.”
Lorelai: “So you came downstairs.”
Luke: “Yes.”
Lorelai: “To sit on an uncomfortable chair in an empty diner that smells like onion rings.”
Luke: “Yes.”
Lorelai: “Calgon, take me away.”

Luke: “We can paint it together.”
Jess: “Great, then we can hold hands and skip afterwards.”

Rory: “We just got a new alarm clock.”
Jess: “Huh. Bet I know what the lead story in the Stars Hollow Gazette’s gonna be tomorrow.”

Jess: “Many parts of a pine tree are edible.”
Lorelai: “That’s right. …I wonder what the research process was like to get that information.”
Jess: “I’d say fairly painful.”

“Oh, this isn’t about the fascists – who, by the way, had their faults, but their parks were spotless.” - Taylor

Luke: “I knew I just had to do something, and I had your voice going round and round in my head.”
Lorelai: “Yeah, it’s kinda like the ‘Small World’ song.”

(after swinging a sledgehammer through a wall) “That’s your room. Finish up. We’ll hold hands and skip afterwards.” - Luke to Jess

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