"How Many Kropogs to Cape Cod?"
Written by Bill Prady and Rebecca Rand Kirshner; directed by Jamie Babbit

Lorelai is Roomba-ing her kitchen as Rory Roombas her dorm room. They decide that it’s more fun than watching the same TV show at the same time. Later, Paris, happy about her relationship with Doyle, sings “Walking on Sunshine” until Rory threatens to tie her to a chair and make her watch Hotel Rwanda. However, she has to admit that she’s just as happy about her relationship with Logan (see “But I’m a Gilmore”). Logan comes over and he and Rory head to her room, where Logan wonders if she’s ever woken up with Paris standing over her, holding a knife. “Not recently,” Rory replies. She tries to make sure she looks okay for the first day of her internship (see “But I’m a Gilmore”), since she doesn’t want to look too much like a college student. She admits that she Googled Mitchum to learn more about him, which freaks Logan out a little. Rory asks for more information but all Logan can come up with is that Mitchum doesn’t like peas. He admits that she’s learned more about Mitchum in one night than he’s learned in years. Later, Lorelai calls Rory to see if she’s returned a sweater she wanted her to return. Lorelai wants it back now, but Rory says that every store in New Haven thinks she’s scamming them because she keeps returning things Lorelai has bought. She tells Lorelai about her internship, which Lorelai is proud of her for landing. At Twickham’s house (see “To Live and Let Diorama”), Luke rescues Taylor from a mannequin attack and tells him that the museum is a bust. Taylor tells him that he’s finally ready to sell the house.

Rory goes to Friday night dinner and discusses her internship with Richard and Emily. They’re impressed that Mitchum offered it to her in person. They weren’t aware that Rory went to dinner at the Huntzbergers’ and panic over the fact that they haven’t invited Logan over in turn. Rory calls him to warn him, and he says that if he can’t get out of it, he’ll deal with it. Lorelai eats dinner at the diner, waiting for Rory, who’s in town to hear Hep Alien play in the middle of the night. Luke tells her that the museum is being closed, which saddens her. Rory arrives with Lorelai’s sweater, which she decides she doesn’t like that much after all. Rory tells her about Emily and Richard’s planned dinner with Logan and promises to take pictures and notes for her. In the middle of the night, Lorelai wakes Rory up and tells her that she wants to go to the dinner and meet Logan (well, properly - see “Wedding Bell Blues”). Rory says she’d like Lorelai to come, but Lorelai wants her to be the one to call Emily and let her know. Lorelai, in fact, refuses to talk to Emily at dinner; Rory tells her she can’t do that and will have to call Emily herself if she wants to go. Rory heads to the Stanford Eagle Gazette for her internship and gets a quick tour of the offices. One of the writers is impressed that she actually knows Mitchum. Rory is supposed to shadow Mitchum but loses him soon after she’s supposed to start. At the inn, Lorelai finally makes herself call Emily but then can’t say anything to her. She finally tells her that she’s coming to dinner the same night Logan is coming, something Emily considers interesting. Emily thinks that Lorelai is going to pick and choose which nights she’ll come, so she says she can only come this week if she agrees to come every week.

Rory has trouble keeping up with Mitchum, so she takes her shoes off in order to run after him. After losing him again, she calls Logan to lament how badly things are going. She begs him for information that will come in handy, so he helps her out a little bit. Richard calls Lorelai, who’s at Luke’s apartment, and tells her that a client of his at a company that owns boutique inns asked if he was related to Lorelai. The article she was interviewed for (see “To Live and Let Diorama”) is coming out and Richard thinks that his client, Mike, might offer Lorelai a job, possibly in business travel. After she gets off the phone, Lorelai tells Luke that they’re running the article she wanted pulled. Luke points out that it’s not like things between her and Emily can get any worse. She adds that she might wind up with a job offer, which Luke obviously doesn’t want her to take if it means she’ll have to travel a lot. She assures him that she’s happy with what she has. Luke then changes his mind and tells her that she should meet with Mike in an effort to network. At the elder Gilmores’, Emily tries to make sure everything is perfect for dinner as she and Richard discuss buying a place on Cape Cod, as many of their friends have done. Lorelai arrives and tells Richard that she’s meeting with Mike the next day. Rory and Logan follow soon after and Rory is happy to see that Logan has brought presents for her grandparents. She’s confused, however, as to why he’s brought “Mrs. Eleanor Shubick’s silver lighter” as well. Logan hands out his gifts and officially meets Lorelai, who finds herself a little disrespected when Emily doesn’t know what kind of drink she likes.

The group starts talking about Kropogs, a unit of measurement based on the height of a Yalie and still used by students. Rory notices that Lorelai seems a little left out and suggests that they talk about something other than Yale. Later, on the way to the dining room, Logan holds Rory back and tells her that he needs to engage in a little LDB business. Every time they go to a rich person’s house, they bring a knickknack taken from the last rich person’s house and swap it for a new one. Logan swaps the lighter he brought for a box, not realizing that Lorelai sees him from the next room. Rory isn’t too upset about the situation. Not long afterwards, Emily notices that the box is missing and blames a maid for its disappearance. Lorelai glares at Logan until he hands over the box and she announces that she found it. After dinner, the group discusses Rory’s internship and Logan’s family’s house on Martha’s Vineyard. Emily segues into talking about a potential wedding, which doesn’t make Lorelai happy. After Rory and Logan leave, Lorelai tells Emily that she should lay off them, since they’re young and haven’t been dating for long. Emily thinks that Lorelai is uncomfortable around Logan because he’s not her type. Lorelai sees this as a dig at Luke. She tells Emily that she should stop trying to marry Rory off to a family that doesn’t like her. Emily doesn’t think that’s true, since Mitchum offered her the internship; Lorelai says that he was buying her off. Emily isn’t convinced, so Lorelai tells her that she caught Logan and Rory making out at the vow renewal and saw Logan steal the box. Back at her internship, Rory makes great strides, thanks in part to Logan’s help. At Sookie’s, Lorelai tells her that if Mike bought the inn, they could travel and teach people how to run inns. Sookie realizes that her life is in Stars Hollow, but tells Lorelai that she should go for it.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “Hey, Luke. You’re the only one I like around here at the moment.”
Luke: “Right back at you.”

“I didn’t even know if I was supposed to go to lunch when everybody went to lunch, so I just stood in the break room for, like, 45 minutes! And then I ate an Altoid.” - Rory

Emily: “So you like Cape Cod?”
Logan: “Yes.”
Emily: “We like Cape Cod.”
Richard: “Mm.”
Logan: “Great.”
Emily: “And I know Rory would like Cape Cod.”
Rory: “I like what I’ve seen in pictures.”
Emily: “You two would look awfully cute in Cape Cod.”
Lorelai: “Mom, did you get a job at the Cape Cod chamber of commerce?”

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