"Concert Interruptus"
Written by Elaine Arata; directed by Bruce Seth Green

Lorelai looks for clothes in her closet and complains to Rory that there’s nothing there to give up. Rory tells her that she has to find something to give away for a charity rummage sale, which she herself is organizing and running. Lorelai tries to say that the room was hot and she could have been convinced of anything, but Rory reminds her that the sale was actually her idea. Rory moves her out of the way and grabs a bunch of clothes to force Lorelai’s hand. Downstairs, Rory and Lane work on organizing clothes for the sale. Luke brings over some things and surprised Lorelai in the kitchen. She tells Rory that there is so much stuff in the house, they’ll be sleeping on the lawn in a couple of days. Taylor arrives with dishes and has to write down a bunch of things about what he’s brought. Lorelai looks through the bags of clothes already there and finds a rhinestone-studded sweatshirt she likes. Rory tries to talk her out of taking it, then realizes that they can just get rid of it at the next year’s sale. Sookie arrives and announces that she has four tickets to a Bangles concert for herself, Lorelai, Rory, and Lane. Lorelai tries to celebrate by grabbing a dress from one of the bags of clothes. At Chilton, a teacher catches Tristan staring at Rory. She then assigns Rory, Paris, Madeline, and Louise to the same team for a debate. After class, the girls try to find a place to get together to prepare for the debate; Rory’s house is the only one available. Tristan tells Paris that he’d hoped they would be in the same group. After he leaves, Louise says that Tristan likes Paris, but Paris thinks he’s just being nice.

Rory tells Lane about the assignment as they head to Lane’s house to figure out what to tell Mrs. Kim about the concert. Lane plans to tell her mother that they’re going to a play, since it’s far enough from the truth to work but not enough of a lie to get her in a lot of trouble. They arrive just as Mrs. Kim is making a sale, which Lane says is good. However, she gets flustered while asking permission and Mrs. Kim winds up asking her for more information before she’ll say that Lane can go. Rory goes to Luke’s, noticing that there’s a sign for the rummage sale in his window. He tells her that Lorelai asked him to put it up and he didn’t exactly have the option of refusing. Lorelai arrives and Rory asks why she’s wearing a polka dot cowboy hat, as well as the rhinestone sweatshirt. “The money goes to charity. I look cute. Case closed,” Lorelai replies. As soon as Luke sees her, he tells her to take off the sweatshirt because it’s not hers. She wonders why he’s making such a big deal out of it, since she paid for it, and he tries to pretend that nothing’s wrong. At the Gilmores’, Lorelai and Sookie note the growing amount of junk in the living room. Lorelai remembers that Rory’s classmates are coming over for the debate preparations, but Rory says that it doesn’t matter how the house looks, since they’ll be snotty anyway. Miss Patty brings over some big drums, which she danced on at the Copacabana in 1969. Inside, Rory receives a call from Lane and tells Lorelai that she wound up telling Mrs. Kim that they were going to a concert, so she’s not allowed to go.

Miss Patty spots the rhinestone sweatshirt and notes that it looks familiar. Lorelai says that Luke brought it in for the sale, but he wasn’t happy to see Lorelai wearing it. Miss Patty and Sookie wonder if it belonged to Rachel, Luke’s ex-girlfriend. Miss Patty explains that Rachel and Luke dated five or six years ago and she broke his heart. Lorelai wonders why she didn’t know about this and Sookie explains that she had a kid then and Rachel, a photographer, was traveling a lot. (Actually, Miss Patty thinks she was either an archeologist or a flight attendant.) Sookie says that Luke never talks about her and no one else does either because they’re afraid of him killing them with his coffee pot. Miss Patty suggests that Lorelai not wear the sweatshirt anymore. Paris, Madeline, and Louise arrive and Lorelai tries to keep Rory’s spirits up by reminding her that after she puts up with them, she’ll get to go to the concert. The group settles in the living room, where Paris gets the job of doing the actual debate; Madeline and Louise tell Rory that she won’t let them down. The girls look through the clothes for the sale, then start talking about Tristan and Dean. Paris tries to get them to focus on the debate, but she’s not very successful. In Lorelai’s room, she asks Sookie for more information on Rachel, since everyone else in town knows about her. Sookie tells her that Rachel was very adventurous and she thought she and Luke would get married. The story goes that she didn’t like small town life and wanted to go somewhere more exciting, but Luke didn’t.

Rory tells the others about the Bangles concert; they’re impressed that she’s going somewhere with her mother. Rory tells them that Lorelai is 32 and they realize that that means she had Rory when she was 16. Louise and Madeline are stunned because they’re 16 and can’t imagine having a baby at that age. Madeline asks if Rory thinks that Lorelai is sorry she got pregnant so young. Paris says that she obviously is, but Rory corrects that Lorelai doesn’t endorse the situation but is happy with the way things turned out. Louise tells Rory that she’s fascinated by Lorelai, noting that their relationship is more like being sisters than mother and daughter. Rory tells her that Lorelai is her best friend. Lorelai calls her into the kitchen, where Rory says that they’re not getting anything done and Paris is having a meltdown, so Rory is enjoying herself. Lorelai thinks that she’s starting to make friends and Rory recognizes that she’s at least getting closer to Madeline and Louise. Lorelai gives her Pop Tarts as appetizers before they get pizza, then suggests that Rory take the Bangles tickets and give them to the other girls. She and Sookie can get cheap tickets when they arrive so that Rory can bond with the other girls. She proceeds to offer the tickets to the girls. Madeline and Louise accept but Paris says that she can’t go because she has homework. Madeline says that she’ll be there.

At the theater, Rory shows Madeline and Louise the bracelet Dean made for her (see “Rory’s Birthday Parties”). Lorelai says that the Bangles were her favorite band in high school and she almost named Rory Susanna. She was sad when she learned that Rory possesses no musical talent. Lorelai and Sookie split from the others and head to their bad seats while the girls head to the ninth row. Louise and Madeline are happy about the proximity of cute boys. Lorelai and Sookie finally reach their seats and laugh about how bad they are. Later in the concert, Rory and Paris enjoy the music while Madeline and Louise flirt with their new friends. Lorelai asks Sookie if Rachel was pretty; Sookie says she was “an Elle MacPherson kind of pretty.” Lorelai says that she’s never pictured Luke with a girl like that. Sookie asks if she pictures him with a girl like her. She accuses Lorelai of being jealous of Rachel, but Lorelai says that she can’t be, since she’s not interested in Luke and he and Rachel broke up years ago. Louise tells Rory that there’s a party going on down the street and the guys have invited them to go. Rory tells her they can’t go, but, after an argument, Louise and Madeline leave with the guys, promising to be back before the concert is over. After they go, Paris tells Rory that she really likes the band.

After the concert, Rory and Paris are unable to find Lorelai and Sookie, so they decide to wait for them. Paris says that this isn’t the first time Louise and Madeline have pulled a stunt like this. Rory asks Paris what she sees in Tristan; Paris says that she wouldn’t understand. She says that she’s known him a long time and that his family situation is difficult, so they have that in common. She confides that he kissed her once in the sixth grade, on a dare. Rory thinks that Paris could do better. Paris knows that Tristan is flirting with her to get to Rory, but at least he’s flirting with her. Lorelai and Sookie arrive with shirts for the girls and Rory has to admit that Madeline and Louise split. The four head to the building where the party is taking place and Lorelai vows to knock on every door until they find Louise and Madeline. Paris wonders if her mother would come looking for her if she were missing. The four finally find the party and Lorelai tells the guys that Louise and Madeline are 16, so they shouldn’t be drinking. She blasts the girls for being dumb and tells them that if they do something like this again, they’ll never be allowed to spend time with Rory again. As the six head home, Paris says that this is the best night she’s ever had. At the rummage sale, Rory fills Lane in on everything that happened. Lorelai arrives and wonders if Chilton will be abuzz with stories of her yelling at boys and knocking on apartment doors. She thought that getting Madeline and Louise to spend time with Rory would make things easier. Rory announces that things worked out - Paris is letting her split the debate with her. Lorelai runs into Luke and he apologizes for the sweatshirt fiasco. She tries to give it back to him; he says that there are some things he should let go, but she says that it’s something he can remember. She understands that he’s not pining, he’s just keeping it as a memento.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: Rory: “You should call the cops about this. I mean, we all know how you feel about public displays of town affection.”
Luke: “Your mom asked me to put it there, okay?”
Rory: “And you said yes?”
Luke: “She’s not real good with ‘no.’”

Louise: “I find your mother completely fascinating.”
Rory: “Funny, so does she.”

“I don’t talk to anyone. People annoy me.” - woman

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